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  • Vibrating wire coil?

    I like what the guy is showing but I am not familliar with the driver. is that simply a battery charger of an A/C signal?
    I am geally going to do some of this testing myself because Much can be learned but some explanation may help.


    Originally posted by a.king21
    электромеханический резонанс соленоида - YouTube

    This is the most important video you will ever see in OU research.
    You can see the massive energy increase in resonance.
    Tesla did it with his earthquake machine. Don Smith did it with magnetic resonance. Kapanadze did it with L1 to L2 resonance.
    This guy is something else.

    Please ponder and learn from this video.
    Really ponder and think.
    All the answers to OU are looking straight at you.
    Imagine if that device was as big as a house.
    THINK. Ponder. Imagine.


    • Originally posted by JohnStone View Post
      I just remember to have measured multiple resonant points today (graph with shape like a saddle). .....
      rgds John
      - I can not confirm to have pi/2 distance of the resonance pooints. The ratio changes between 1.4 and 2.1.
      - Nevertheless I observed a strange behavior.
      If I measure primary with inserted secondary (cw/ccw one shorted) the natural resonance of the primary shifts as expected a bit to lower frequency. If I add the 400pf on primary (determined before in order to get the secondary frequency) I get a second lower resonance peak on secondary only. This is not related to the frequency of the secondary.
      - I know that the pulse behavior might be very different but I tried to understand this setup being in resonance before.
      - Do you think that primary and secondary need to be in resonance? Why did Don use the capacitor on primary? Perhaps it is intended to get the primary far enough off the sec. resonance in order to not disturbe sec. resonance!

      Next I will apply 1KV HV pulsed through surge arrestors. This I can measure with 4KV probe. Later on I will try my FB and severe HV.

      Question: Will silicone oil be suitable for wet spark gap - liquid quenched? We can get this as DOT5 brake fluid (it's silicon based while DOT4 is alcohol based). I assume that silicone oil is far more temperature resistent compared to transformer oil or other fluids.
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      Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


      • Abbalubi Correct!

        Brevity please the engine says...
        I am happy you have cited this position.

        Originally posted by a.king21
        OK One more time.
        YOU CHOOSE.
        I am not going to get into an intellectual debate.
        There is NO DUALITY in resonance with respect to an external input. It is not a closed system. It is an open system. The known laws of physics relating to energy only apply to closed systems.Find out how to get magnetic or electric resonance. And OU is staring you in the face.
        электромеханический резонанс соленоида - YouTube
        Please learn and think deeply.


        • Prezi doc.

          Hello wonderful people, I am very happy with this forum.
          I made a Prezi document: Don Zilano device 01 , in which you can navigate quite easily ( it takes quite some time to load ... 2 minutes )( but then you can click the play button or go to the right: to "more" and click autoplay and full screen and you can zoom, drag and click links in the prezi-doc.)(and watch realy interesting movies . . . which you probably have watched a couple of times allready . . if you done your home work .
          The document should be updated and it might need better structure.
          I just used it as backup for info . .
          Possibly It can inspire you to make your own Prezi.doc and share it with us soon .

          I myself am still figuring out how the device will work.

          I would be happy with info of Cinan
          I will take care of developing of proper driver circuit with full control over sine signal. with flexible firing angle and phase shift, etc.
          Will post some info soon. I have feeling that this part of puzzle is quite critical
          I think wonderful things are happening on the Earth soon and there are many more people coming with there Hart in the right place.
          What we are busy with will be one of the Normal things in the near future ... read the 2nd alinea. I am thankfull and also thankfull of everybody here on the forum, because we all inspire each other.

          The Future is Now
          Utopia Now


          • I added the winding directions for the coils
            Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


            • Folks its the electric field that transfer's energy not the magnetic field.
              Watch this vid, even though the coil is wound in only one direction it still puts out two electric fields one cw and the other ccw.
              Watch the top center of this coil you will notice it vibrates from the center out in both directions, the electric field is causing this.
              электромеханический резонанс соленоида - YouTube
              Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


              • Originally posted by Slovenia
                Hi Ostone,

                There is a variable gold mine with regard to the information in the older deleted posts of Zilano. PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you some stuff.

                There are fantastic references made to some missing circuits too which I haven't been able to run down yet. But, we'll find them, secret circuits and such.

                My mail is

                Thx for your doing man.


                • Here is Ingener99's coil and the fields, study the vid
                  Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


                  • The secret of the universe
                    magnetic flux does not transfer energy

                    The Electric field Transfer's Energy
                    Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


                    • Please have a look at this guy Dave

                      Originally posted by Dave45 View Post
                      Using this theory we can not only understand how to get free electricity but we can unravel the mysteries of the universe, it is far reaching.
                      Love it Dave youve had a hyper blast of Wisdom strange how the mind works .. as to understanding the workings of the universe from this effect I would ask you to take a look at the theories of this guy Raoul Hatem now a venerable old gent living in France, His story is rather the reverse of your trip, In that he made a mini universe and made it work! Having done that he used the information and magnetism to generate free energy. This is a rough outline of his tale... He was (and still is as far as I know) One of the finest clock and watchmakers in Europe, In the Early 1950s he was called upon to assist a professor
                      Professor Maurice Allais - a genius before his time - as are they all who had noticed an anomaly in the action of a pendulum during an eclipse he was asked to build very delicate test equipment...
                      Raoul on the basis of what he observed became interested in the possible workings and manufacture of the universe and decided to build his very own little one with gravity and wot not you can do anything when your young took him a bit longer than six days and six nights though I suspect!.
                      having built his own working universe with (Bi directional forces) demonstrating both magnetism and gravity Raoul used his knowledge to construct powerful free energy machines, Raoul has been quietly helping folks construct his machines for a many years, here is one powering a Hotel high in the Alps

                      Unfortunately after more than 50 years, faced with having his machine hi- jacked by foreign interests Raoul has been forced to patent it.. if you scan his theories Dave you will see that the Bi directional counter spin you talk of is accomplished mechanically, Raoul work is perhaps understandably very intertwined with his religious beliefs,and his dedicated belief in good and evil which is a little difficult for some pure scientists to deal with particularly as obtaining free power is obviously a long way from the top of Raouls priorities. However just for the pleasure reading about a powerful free energy system that is founded on a magnetic system and refreshingly one who's operation is described in every detail right or wrong this guy does it, His basic theory is outlined here LEON RAOUL HATEM DISCOVERIES. Beyond Quantum Physics, the birth of an atom.
                      and here's more detail on his machines and their operation Leon Raoul HATEM -- magnet motor regardless of how much of Leon's theories you agree
                      or disagree with his accomplishments and decision to be completely open with his inventions deserve a deal of respect. In short I would guess you could have one hell of a debate with this guy!!
                      strangely although I dont understand what you are trying to convey with your coil drawing I do see the same thing happening mechanically in those spinning wheels .
                      I suspect that this should really be over on your Magnetic effects thread and I'll quickly shift it if there's any objection, anyone wanting to duplicate Leon's work also research Free Energy Electric Power Generator Overunity Magnet Motor - YouTube and of course the Guru PJK ch2 page 42 . considering the number of working units and the copious amount of information I cant understand why the OU community isn't all over this machine. It is to Don Smiths machine as a pendulum is to a tuned tank circuit! IMHO
                      best wishes Duncan
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                      Whatever you can do,or dream you can,begin it.Boldness has genius,power and magic in it.Begin it now.


                      • Im in a hurry this morning have to go to work, but I wanted to get this visual representation of how energy is transferred from one coil to another, it is not magnetic flux that transfer's energy, the electric field does the transfer, and you can see where lenz comes into play because we are not collecting it with just two coils.

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                        Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


                        • Energy is bidirectional
                          Your coils have to be symmetrical
                          You can double your output right away, then when you hit resonance the energy will be unlimited
                          Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


                          • Thanks for the post and links Duncan
                            I will check the links later
                            I hope my last drawing clear's up some of what I am trying to convey
                            If you read my posts you will begin to see
                            I dont know how else to convey what Iv learned
                            This is the most important info you will ever read concerning free energy
                            It rings true
                            study it
                            Half of the Answer is knowing the right Question


                            • Raoul Hatem vs. Bedini / Adams

                              Seems that Bedini SSG conforms to same principle but semi active.
                              Magnets attracting first and repulsion as soon as the magnet passes the electromagnet. So far: the "mechanical" component. It needs to be tuned thoroughly in order to maintain this "stable instability" found by Raoul.
                              If that notion is ture it's very smart from Bedini to add to this first principle the generation of HV pulses in order to apply a second harvest process.

                              Think of Adams motor as well...........

                              How to apply this to Don's invention?
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                              Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.


                              • Hi Dave45,
                                where do you connect coil 3 and 4 in your picture of symmtrical coil system?
                                rgs John
                                Experts spend hours a day in order to question their doing while others stopped thinking feeling they were professionals.