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    I'm creating this topic in the forums as a way to express some of my ideas/opinions/knowledge. I will do my best to keep these ideas within the "Renewable Energy" forums context. This isn't really a dedication or anything, I'll just post things here when I feel like it, so people can look at the ideas and think of it what they will. So don't expect this topic to have posts coming from me almost every day.

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    Nikola Tesla's Teleforce High Voltage Electrostatic Generator

    One of, if not possibly the most mysterious parts of Nikola Tesla's work is surrounding his "Teleforce" claims and technology. Around 1934, Tesla became inspired by the Van de Graaff generator to develop his own type of electrostatic generator for a new invention. This invention would project "an electrical beam of force" and the beam diameter less than a human hair. Such a device was gobbled by reporters as a "death-ray", although Tesla would prefer the term "anti-war device", as he believed such development and distribution would ensure peace due the overly destructive capabilities of this device that nobody would ever want to go to war. He termed this group of technologies as "Teleforce".

    The device described by Tesla has four distinct components/considerations:
    1. A device to nullify the impeding effect of the atmosphere on the particles.
    2. A method for setting up a high potential.
    3. A process for amplifying that potential to 50,000,000 volts.
    4. Creation of “a tremendous electrical repelling force."

    The above list is pulled from an article I will list in the references (at the bottom of this post). Now, in around July 10-11 of 1934, Tesla claims to have already accomplished "number 1 and 2" above. In the later years Tesla claims to have built functional devices that utilized the above principles in laboratories. Anyway, I would like to talk about "number 3" in the above list, as it's something I don't hear anyone talk about.

    Quite coincidentally, I started reading Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion (by Paul LaViolette) in mid October last month, around the same time I read Tesla's documents on his Teleforce concepts, I found that Thomas Townsend Brown's "flame-jet electrostatic generator" was using the same concept as Tesla's electrostatic generator. Tesla's generator used a stream of compressed air inside an elongated torus chamber, which was propelled using a trubo compressor. Appropriate "conductive" contacts were placed on each side of the chamber, one contact lead to a high voltage source, while the second contact lead to an electrical grounding point. Then, another set of contacts was placed at an interval between the path of compressed air, these contacts gradually accumulated the electrostatic charge of the flowing air, while the air circulated toward the electrical contact to ground which completed the circuit. This resulted in the potential on the "accumulating contacts" which intercepted the path of the compressed air, climbing to much higher values than the original source voltage. With a sufficient high voltage starting source, potentials of millions of volts can be developed on the accumulating contacts which may be attached to appropriate vacuum tubes that utilize the Teleforce concepts. Below is a diagram of Tesla's electrostatic generator.

    Tesla's Electrostatic Generator.jpg

    1. Spherical metallic frame.
    2. Vacuum tube attachments.
    3. Nuts to fasten and hold vacuum tubes.
    4. Internal platform to hold machinery/instruments/observers.
    5. Turbo compressor.
    6. Airtight enclosure.
    7. Intake/outtake conduit.
    8. Intake/outtake conduit.
    9. Special fitting (accumulation point/contact).
    10. Special fitting.
    11. Short pipe connection.
    12. High voltage direct current discharge points/contact.
    13. Electrical point/contact to ground.

    "The operation of the machine will be understood most readily by likening the moving column of air to a running belt. When the air, leaving the compressor, reaches the device 12, containing discharge points electrified by a direct current of high tension, it is ionized and the charge imparted to it is carried upward to the special fitting 9, where it is drawn off by sucking points and charges the terminal. On the return to the compressor the air passes through special fitting 10, where it receives electricity of the opposite sign conveying it to the device 13, and from there to the ground. These actions are repeated with great rapidity. The generator can be made self-exciting by suitable connections. For several reasons, I estimate that a machine as described will have an output of many times greater than a belt generator of the same size and, besides, it has several other important construction and operative advantages." (The New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media, Nikola Tesla, 1935).

    Here we see that Tesla describes the electrostatic generator can also be made to be "self-exciting", which is what Brown used in his proposal of his flame-jet electrostatic generator, where voltages of 50,000 could be amplified to 15 million through his generator. Brown's generator would utilize an exhaust stream of particles, which could also come from a jet engine or rocket engine.

    Page 56 Quote.PNG
    Page 57 Quote.PNG

    It may be important to consider the similarities between these two generators, when wanting to peruse one or the other...

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