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Tesla's ether theories and longitudinal waves explained in "Wardenclyffe"

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    I found a nice overview article on mosfet ringing:
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      For those interested in the "ether density detector" (EDD) described on page 4 in this thread:
      Here are the KiCAD generated production files for the PCB. (see attached zip file) The PCB should be cut in 3 pieces:
      - the right side is for use as a ATMega328 programmer (1)
      - the left side is the EDD (2) with
      - below it a JTAG to ISP converter (3)
      Parts 1 and 3 are just added because I don't have those and they may come in handy at some point.
      The EDD is very basic, just a proof of concept kind of thing. Much more functionality can be added later if it produces interesting results. It is for use with a Nokia 5110 LCD display and a 9V battery.
      I also just completed a first draft of the program. It does compile clean but I have not ran any tests with it. But if you want to see its code, please refer to the attached file.

      Questions and suggestions are all welcome


      EDIT: I just found some errors in the EDD program, so don't use it as-is. Once I have fully debugged it I will post a working version. This one is a good example of what it takes....
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