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In memoriam: Patrick Kelly

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  • In memoriam: Patrick Kelly

    I received word from his daughter that Edward Dickson Williams, also known as Patrick Kelly, unexpectedly passed away on Saturday, July 11th, 2020.

    Patrick was the author of the "Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices" on which he continued to work until very recently. Just a week ago, he released a video on his YouTube channel. His book inspired many people to research free energy devices and provides an extensive overview of the subject. He will certainly be missed by many researchers.

    At this moment, his websites are still available, but will almost certainly dissappear at some point in the future.

    I will do my best to restore&preserve his work at , but it will take some time to do so.

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    its good to see you again
    very sad the circumstance..
    I shared your topic here ....

    ..big shoes to fill ...please share much love and respect to his family [I am sure many feel this way]

    with Gratitude
    Chet K
    If you want to Change the world
    BE that change !!


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      Bless Patrick (Edward) as he was awesome and amazing in his research and sharing of all that info in a concise manner and shared freely. RIP Edward Dickson Williams.
      There is no important work, there are only a series of moments to demonstrate your mastery and impeccability. Quote from Almine


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        Patrick's You tube Channel
        , ,

        If you want to Change the world
        BE that change !!


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          your links don't seem to work now in NE USA

          also there is some news on a PK open source Tribute "Build" coming soon.

          with gratitude

          If you want to Change the world
          BE that change !!


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            OH NO
            We wwre talking with him for a few years over e-mail and phone.
            I was doing translation work for him. Translating his book chapters to Russian
            I am going to miss him very much
            Who is now going to run his website?

            If no one then here is no one to publish our research now