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    Have a look here:

    I always had great respect for what the EU movement was doing, including the Safire project.
    At first glance, the linked video looks very good and promising, but after letting it sink in for a day or so, questions and doubts start bubbling up.
    I will not immediately vent them here, have a look for yourself first and tell me what you think.


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    Sounds very promising. The fact that they are in talks with big names like Lockheed Martin and others seems to give it good credibility if all that is true. 20 million to develop seems like spare change to some of our billionaire businessmen. I can only think what might hold this back is that it could be a disruptive technology to the existing energy cartels. Plasma research as a promising tech is not new but it seems this group has taken it to a new and higher level. It is certainly what the world needs now and if adopted not too rapidly it could be a real godsend.
    There is no important work, there are only a series of moments to demonstrate your mastery and impeccability. Quote from Almine


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      Not very many responses. Ok, let me vent my doubts then.
      In the last report from the Safire project, they have shown that new elements were formed on the inner electrode. Elements that were not present in the initial set-up. This proves that nuclear processes take place even though, according to our current understanding, the conditions would not allow it. The quantities were extremely small but could be seen with a electron-microscope and identified with spectroscopy. That was, if I remember correctly, last year.
      So within less than a year from the initial discovery, they claim to have made this into a commercially viable product. Not only that, but they also claim to be able to do this in a controlled manner so to reduce radioactive waste into safe-to-handle materials for example.
      So within 1 year, they go from "hey, we have some sulfur atoms" to "give us your plutonium and we'll change it into aluminium".
      Also, the reactor that they are proposing does not use the heat generated on the inner electrode (where the energy gets concentrated) but on the outside walls. If so much heat would be available there, why isn't that a problem in their current experiments?
      So, in short, they are taking a huge step in a very short time. I don't see how that is credible, even if they did not report on all their findings.
      I hope this is not another Texas tower...