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    Have a look here:

    I always had great respect for what the EU movement was doing, including the Safire project.
    At first glance, the linked video looks very good and promising, but after letting it sink in for a day or so, questions and doubts start bubbling up.
    I will not immediately vent them here, have a look for yourself first and tell me what you think.


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    Sounds very promising. The fact that they are in talks with big names like Lockheed Martin and others seems to give it good credibility if all that is true. 20 million to develop seems like spare change to some of our billionaire businessmen. I can only think what might hold this back is that it could be a disruptive technology to the existing energy cartels. Plasma research as a promising tech is not new but it seems this group has taken it to a new and higher level. It is certainly what the world needs now and if adopted not too rapidly it could be a real godsend.
    There is no important work, there are only a series of moments to demonstrate your mastery and impeccability. Quote from Almine


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      Not very many responses. Ok, let me vent my doubts then.
      In the last report from the Safire project, they have shown that new elements were formed on the inner electrode. Elements that were not present in the initial set-up. This proves that nuclear processes take place even though, according to our current understanding, the conditions would not allow it. The quantities were extremely small but could be seen with a electron-microscope and identified with spectroscopy. That was, if I remember correctly, last year.
      So within less than a year from the initial discovery, they claim to have made this into a commercially viable product. Not only that, but they also claim to be able to do this in a controlled manner so to reduce radioactive waste into safe-to-handle materials for example.
      So within 1 year, they go from "hey, we have some sulfur atoms" to "give us your plutonium and we'll change it into aluminium".
      Also, the reactor that they are proposing does not use the heat generated on the inner electrode (where the energy gets concentrated) but on the outside walls. If so much heat would be available there, why isn't that a problem in their current experiments?
      So, in short, they are taking a huge step in a very short time. I don't see how that is credible, even if they did not report on all their findings.
      I hope this is not another Texas tower...



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        hope all is well
        here member JimBoot did share an update

        If you want to Change the world
        BE that change !!


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          Yes, I just received this email:
          To our Aureon Community,

          I’m pleased to announce that during the months of May and June the SAFIRE reactor was being prepared for demonstration. But with CV-19 it was apparent travel would be extremely difficult if not impossible for potential investors to come to Canada and see SAFIRE for them selves.

          So, what we decided to do instead was to prepare SAFIRE to do full experiments and take SAFIRE even further than what we did last year. We would film the experiments, gather data and like we always do; do both real time and post experimental analysis.

          Both the short film and results are in and we will be using this short film to promote Aureon to obtain the investment we need. We have updated the SAFIRE video on the home page with new footage to emphasize the commercial application of the SAFIRE experiment as a nuclear plasma reactor.

          Links to the Vimeo version of the video is here –

          YouTube version of the video is here –

          Be free to embed the video and share.

          The results went far beyond our expectations, we knew we could repeat the results we got before, and we did. SAFIRE is transmuting elements, lots of elements.

          But even more astonishing is that the nuclear reactions are not only occurring on the surface and in the atmosphere, they are occurring all throughout the metal alloy core. Give that some thought for a moment and the implications when it comes to remediation of nuclear waste and what it means when we discuss optimising the fuel.

          Really important –

          Recently the European Commission (EC) has validated the value and application of Hydrogen Metal Energy (HME) and have stated “First experiments have shown that the total heat energy produced exceeds by many orders of magnitude the chemical…”

          Link -

          NASA has been working on a Lattice Confinement Fusion (LCF) method by which nuclear fusion will occur. “In the new method, conditions sufficient for fusion are created in the confines of the metal lattice that is held at ambient temperature.”

          Link -

          HME and LCF are resulting in elemental transmutations also observed in the SAFIRE reactor.

          The framing of the language around these new reactions is evolving as science learns more and why you will discover there are a number of theories and names given for these nuclear reactions.

          There is a lot of theoretical language and math being used but when you dig into the details – the theoretical modelling has not matured by anyone yet to accurately predict the results being observed. This should not alarm anyone, since this has been the case for science for millennia. The math in almost all of science has to catch up to what is observed.

          But, as many of you already know – Aureon has the team, the technology and the methodology to repeat and quantify.

          Aureon will be focusing our resources on refining the inputs and control systems to facilitate those reactions for commercial energy applications and Aureon is on the cutting edge of this new frontier.

          Other news –

          We are happy to announce Aureon has oversubscribed on the SAFE investment. These funds are being used to get Aureon positioned properly for investment, wrap up contracts and other financial and legal affairs. This over subscription is what provided Aureon with the funds to do the work we did in June through August.

          We are finalizing an area on the Aureon website specifically for shareholders. This area is where you will be able to download secure documents, get the latest news and reports as we move forward. You will get an email that will walk you through your registration, login for you to have access to your personal investment documents, reports and other.

          The SAFE -

          We will keep the SAFE opportunity for investment open for the time being. But it will be closed when we obtain agreement for the first $5 million USD round investment. For more information on this opportunity visit –

          Security –

          Security is a whole topic in and of its self.

          We often get asked a lot of technical scientific questions.

          We work hard to identify what things we can release and what needs to be classified. This is for all of our protection as shareholders to assure this information does not get into the public domain. We have a secure Linux server that only qualified people on Aureon have access to and even then, only a few key people have access to documents classified as Top Secret.

          What you can expect as investors as we move forward are monthly reports which will be uploaded to the shareholders / investor secure section. This will include a variety of topics and of course SAFIRE results deemed safe to be in the public domain.

          Also, it is important we promote Aureon through videos, conferences and social media. It takes a lot of hard work to frame the narrative and develop even a short video that properly and accurately depicts Aureon in a good and honest way.

          We are using your hard-earned investment dollars frugally and work to stretch every dollar invested. And, we are honoured you have all decided to be a part of this endeavor.

          There is a lot of work to be done moving forward, but we are not afraid of hard work and perseverance; these are crucial ingredients to success.


          Montgomery Childs

          President and Founder
          Aureon Energy Ltd.

          Haven't had time to check all the links, though.



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            Hi Ernst,

            When I first looked at the SAFIRE project many years ago I thought, 'well that looks cool, probably BS, but they can do experiments, put it to rest one way or the other and its not my money.'

            My background is in physics and electrical engineering but I don't treat the theories or practices I learned as dogmas. I could go on about the pros and cons of the electric universe models but I figure most people would prefer to have a video.

            If you go to this guy (whilst he comes across as a dbag he is correct but he is also not a professor as his youtube name suggests)

            If you go to 17 minutes in the video he will talk about the plasma physicist who worked on SAFIRE and how he gave the rest of the team a pretty scathing review for fraudulent activity and basic lack of science.
            I would recommend checking out the entire video especially for the scientifically illiterate and to give you some pretty harsh reasons as to why the electric universe model doesn't really live up to the evidence.

            Whilst there could be an alternative 'tesla like' possible model, the electric universe model from Kip Thornhill and the rest is utter disproven scam sh**. (Like 98% of the stuff on energetic forum lol)


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              Thanks for the video. I watched the whole thing. I'd seen some of his video's before and am not too impressed. Also, when someone calls himself "professor" while he isn't (which I'd also found that out because I noticed him making mistakes than a pro wouldn't make), that gives me the impression of a narcissistic dbag desperately trying to boost his ego.
              I cannot comment on his Safire comments because I just don't have enough info, but I can comment on the way he talks about things that we "KNOW FOR CERTAIN". There just is no such thing and any REAL scientist would readily admit that.
              I too could talk for hours on this subject, but let's just not.
              I am happy though, that there is a Safire project but I wish they would publish much more of their findings. The project costs only a minute fraction of the money that is poured into fusion research (which after 40+ years still seems hopeless) or that is spent on the military (research into the destruction of people and property), and any research, however unscientific/unfounded it may seem, may always (unexpectedly) expand our understanding of the world we live in.
              I sincerely wish more money would be made available for this kind of research.



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                Hello Ernst,
                the SAFIRE Sun Project seems to make use of the Langmuir Welding process that author William R. Lyne is writing about in his book "Occult Ether Physics".

                (Expanding of the 2 s Orbit of a hydrogen molecule (H2) by pushing an electron onto the hydrogen molecule with the help of high-Voltage discharge across a tungsten electrode, then collapsing the 2 s Orbit again by removing the electron again (simple "discharging" the molecule again by offering a conductor. --> an extra amount of energy is gained from this process in the form of heat energy that can only be explained when assuming that ETHER came into play (according to the author).

                The author William R. Lyne is discussing this process as a PROOF for the existence of the ETHER as Nikola Tesla was discussing it.
                William Lyne is developping this Langmuir process further into his "Lyne Atomic Hydrogen furnace" in his book as a potential free energy process for interested readers.
                The book is very interesting - I can recommend the book(s) from William R. Lyne to anyone who is interested in the work of Nikola Tesla.


                sparky 53


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                  Thanks, Sparky. I'll see if I can find a copy of that book.
                  (In fact, before clicking "post reply" I googled it and found the 2nd edition - free download)



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                    Hello Ernst,

                    Do You agree after reading in the book of William R. Lyne, that this Langmuir Welding process probably is what "SAFIRE SUN" is trying to accomplish ?
                    And Would You agree, that the "EXCESS" of energy derived from electrcally charging and de-charging Hydrogen molecules can only be explained
                    if the influence of ETHER is taken into account ? Just as the author William R. Lyne is claiming ?

                    What is Your opinion ?



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                      Hi Sparky53,
                      Let me first say that I find Lyne's work difficult to read as there are many unproven (and IMO untrue) statements about Tesla's work, and also because of his use of imperial units instead of metric and in some cases wrong units. But I found some other material on Langmuir welding such as this and this video. I am not sure about his conclusions, nor of his interpretation of what he found. For example, if I read 103 and 109 in old books, I seriously consider reading it as 10 and 10⁹ resp. as that has proven to be right in many cases.
                      Having said that, I think is is definitely possible that larger atomic H, compress into the smaller H2 molecules and therefore release heat. That heat must then have been absorbed while the smaller diatomic H expanded into atomic H. And it is thinkable that not all of that energy came from the electric arc. But I would have to see experimental proof of this before accepting this as a fact.

                      As for the Safire Sun, I do not have enough info to make a good guess at what they are doing.