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Transmission and reception of "Quanta Data Bit" by capacitive potential.

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  • Transmission and reception of "Quanta Data Bit" by capacitive potential.

    Tesla Power Transmitter range in adjacency is inversely proportional to distance. Suppose we place the receiver outside the reception range for power, and attach voltage measuring electrodes to the load; Then we raise the voltage alone in the transmitter and see if a rise in voltage registers in the receiver. Reception of this value shift outside the power range would be a Historical first of immense importance!

    The "Scaler Value" may choose to travel through a Quanta "Counter Space" side door, not through Physical Space. This Edison Marconi first would turn Tesla receivers into Interstellar Quanta Cell Phones with a Fiber Optic like Pathway of Infinite extent making instantaneous communication possible throughout the Universe.

    The Dielectric field of Counter Space is Cryogenic!

    The "Zen Fiber"!
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    It may be possible to make an "Instantaneous real time" call to Mars between Tesla coils, if the voltage travels in a Quanta Cavity.

    Tesla had his own "International Broadcasting Technology". Everything was based on this central feature!
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      Tesla was modulating his potential at Wardenclyff in the Macro range on Long Island. Placing a pico farad trimmer cap between the Base and Emitter of a Slayer SEC circuit would allow the modulation of voltage in the micro range.

      Receiving this kind of change in a resonant Tesla receiver circuit with micro circuity, outside the normal "Power Reception Range" would imply that the signal would reach the Planet Mars with the same power it's modulating the voltage in the resonant receiver circuit across the living room.