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    Military LOOKING GLASS TECH must see plz comment N. Tesla Tech

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    Hello BroMikey,

    in my opinion the Youtube-video that You put here above titled "Through the looking glass" is a humongous piece of dis-information.
    Just my opinion.




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      Thanks Sparky for your opinion. If I can ask, which part do you consider fake? Most of the information is declassified doc's.


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        BroMikey you want us to comment in Tesla Tech? Where is that? Link please, I'm trying to find it, or comment here?
        "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


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          Originally posted by Gambeir View Post
          BroMikey you want us to comment in Tesla Tech? Where is that? Link please, I'm trying to find it, or comment here?
          I heard him say it in the video, trying to think of the phrase he used. When digging out Tesla troves they came across "Energetic something" Can't think what he called the document. I know it sounds odd to say it was an energetic array. Anyway when he dropped a penny through it the 1950 penny landed in 1958 Maybe my recollection
          of the dates are off, but something like that. Listen to the video
          at min 14:00 - 22:00
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            This stuff is real. I know people who are on the inside. Military is at least 50 years ahead of the dumbed down drones with crusty cognitive. BTW this is the old news part of the idea. Try to think harder guys.

            Let us start here, the real Tesla TECH


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              Since 1970 time travel has been practical. Time to get caught up.


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                UFO con 2012



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                  I believe that Andrew, like Bob, believe what they say; however that alone does not make what they believe true. I am deeply suspicious of the portrait painted by Andrew of his own life. I honestly believe that he fully believes this was his life. However there are some deeply disturbing revelations which he says that this project involved children and while his memory of what took place is what he believes is true, the actual truth maybe significantly different. I seriously doubt that what he thinks happened is what happened.

                  Nevertheless, this is not a dismissal, far from it, I'm only stating what my intuition says.

                  Realistically both subjects would have to agree to a critical analysis by select outside sources to see if there is any evidence of multiple personalities or other latent artifacts of known mind control techniques. For me there are many red flags which would have to be given analysis before I could sign off on a conviction that time travel or any alternate realities are possible, and the reasons for this are extensive going far beyond what this is about.

                  Having said that, and at the same time, I would have to devote a good deal more energy in to attempting to find a rational explanation for how such claims might be physically possible using a hypervelocity dielelctric energy field because that is the true nature of the Universe.

                  An Einstein Rosen bridge is yet another falsification of reality because it is not possible to warp space. We know this, we know that there is nothing in space that it is a vacuum, and which means there is also no Alcubierre warp drive. These purported explanations of how the Universe works are way off in the weeds and are clever fabrications in some instances, retelling the truth in a twisted form quite literally, and in other cases merely the cruel joke that's been played on the minds of countless thousands of otherwise brilliant minds that might have availed our species and our planet great things had they not all been lied to.

                  There is no teleportation, no worm holes, no warp drive They cannot exist as we understand them according the theory of relativity. The truth is that the dielectric field of countespace is a hyperspatial field whose velocity is the speed of thought. So you see, these people are victims coming forward with good intentions and explaining what they know, and as they know and understand their experiences, and in a form they themselves along with most others have been indoctrinated to accept. Namely Einsteinian Physics, but there is no teleportation. The velocity of counter space is simply that fast, so to them it seems like teleportation, but no; it's merely a velocity of travel which creates the illusion of teleportation.

                  What these guy say is what they believe because they are vicitims of a mind control project. At least part of the reason for this complexity is to prop up the existing pardigm and so that control can be maintained over what people believe is really real, such as Einsteins Physics and it's extension, Quantum Physics, or Einstein the continuum nightmare continues.

                  Most all theoretical ideas about time travel involve Einsteinian Physics. That does not mean however that another true explanation might exist, but like everything the system does they are gaming the widespread acceptance of so-called conventional physics (which is manifestly corrupt) and was turned over to a core group to re-invent so as to obscure the real physics of the Aether, and that physics was obviously put under the thumb of national security.

                  The truth seems to be that we are at a new dawn. We are going to have to completely re-evaluate the conclusions of Einstein. Gravity does not exist and does not bend space. Gravity is as Ken Wheeler has said: That is an induction of counterspatial energy. If space seems bent or warped then it's not because gravity is warping space as Einstein conjectured, and for which Tesla called him an idiot for claiming.

                  This means that the explanations given in these images are fodder fed to the unknowing using accepted ideologies of physics which are known to be incorrect. So something like teleportation may exist, but it isn't working as they have explained it> Understand?

                  What I do know is that the machines depicted by Michael Schratt are really real and they don't work on Einstien's theory of relativity. They work on the Aether Theory or Wheeler's Dielectric Simplex Theory. A theory one can prove for themselves without needing a PHD in mathematics, and which shows that mathematics is apparently not so much proof as previously claimed, not that any local flatfoot from your surrounding PD wouldn't have know that in the first five minutes to begin with or do I need to mention the name Madoff to make my point?

                  In all these cases, including Michael, whom is evidently lucky enough to have been useful, all this information is information which is allowed. Otherwise these people would be dead by now. That's my conviction, but that doesn't mean that what they have offered is a fraud or something to be dismissed. Far from it.

                  Collected these while slumming on the net. Might as well get em while they is hot.



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                  "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


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                    Thx Gam always open mind.

                    Here is someone reading a paper.


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                      OK,, well please don't misunderstand BroMikey. I'm not saying the way cool stuff is impossible. I'm not saying that at all.

                      I'm saying that if it is true then there is a huge problem, and so the way they are explaining how it is possible has to be controlled so that it remains a mystery just like UFO's have remained a mystery.. There in lies the difference.

                      There are several agenda's going on with this whole entire sideshow and boy are they ever deep down the psyop rabbit hole and here's one reason why.
                      Suppose that time travel is possible? What then huh? Suppose people figure out how to do this cronovisor? Who murdered JFK? See the problem?
                      What if it is possible and now you've got ordinary people who can create their own devices?

                      Isn't it interesting that there is a growing trend in young people who believe their elders are responsible for climate change and that the answer to inequity is socialism?
                      Carefully listen to the narrative. Terrorists could pop up here, there, in your underwear.

                      Voltaire — 'Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.'

                      The solution is a return to a totalitarian police state. That's where they are taking our nation & the rest of the world. This is part of the narrative as to why such a future must be created and there are many that will believe it is necessary.

                      "The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."


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                        I sure don't think you can warp space, and even if you could, modeling things that way in the math just makes everything all messy and hard.
                        I am also convinced that time is a field force, and nothing I have ever seen points to time requiring a direction.
                        pretty sure that time travel is possible,
                        and looking at the mandela effect, there appears to be a time war going on.


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                          The looking Glass- THE SHIFT

                          Nothing can stop what is coming


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                            Verified conspiracy PROJECT TIME TRAVEL? Yup. Not a 3D game. Mandela parallel timelines.
                            All shutdown? Wrong.


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                              AL Bielek born in 1920's talks about Telsa