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  • Originally posted by logos View Post
    i wonder what would happen if you placed a leedskalnin-type flywheel and spin it inside of a rodin coil.\?
    I suspect you would have a generator and if you could work out the frequency matching that leedskalnin used you would have an antigravity lift if you took the coil to a ley line focus on the earth grid and did the work at night.

    My suggestion for a generator is to take what UFOPolitics discusses in his great asymmetrical dc motor thread and basically reverse it as a generator is the opposite of the motor. The principle of correspondence applies. He explains the stators should be in a vortex pattern instead of perpendicular. Here is UFOPolitics drawing:

    So the magnetic in the middle should be a cylinder with corresponding quadrants.


    • Ken's coil generator

      Ken explains how the generator would work. Use larmor frequency of magnetic precession out of phase with the Rodin coil to induce current in the coil. What a great insight!

      The FUTURE: Gyromagnetic Precession Coil Induction generators that replace AC Generators - YouTube

      Presumably there is a magnet to place in the middle to create the effect. He says there is no moving parts so it does not spin. So with the experiment where the magnetic in the middle spins you simply stop the spin with resin and then instead of spinning the magnet in the middle will induce a current through the coil? The spinning magnet experiment require putting current through the coil so this is the reverse not simply freezing the magnet. But wouldn't you have to spin the magnet in the middle to create the reverse? Oh! The precession itself is the motion! What a great puzzle!


      • Not to bring a thread completely back from the dead, but I thought some here might be interested in this series of articles on Vortex-Based Mathematics (VBM)...

        The Universe: A Play In Four Acts
        Description: A condensed introduction to some fundamental patterns within Vortex-Based Mathematics

        It's Vortices! Vortices All The Way Down!
        Description: Developing the fundamental patterns with an eye for their application within science

        The Flux Thruster
        Description: Exploring the "proof of concept" for creating technologies based on Vortex-Based Mathematics

        The Machine Becomes A Ghost
        Description: Laying a foundation for "artificial intelligence" by mimicking Nature within the basics of computer hardware and software

        Happy Studies! ♥