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  • Marko Rodin

    His request.

    YouTube - Inventor of Rodin coil ~Rodin Group seeks funding now

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    DAMN.,hes got a monopole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy crap


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      Succinct and kept it technical, I like it very much. Thank you for posting this!
      Many ways these coils need to be tested.. and the hardest part is winding them!


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        Might this be the radiant energy antenna I've been looking for?


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          Winding the Rodin Coil - Very Important

          Without the empty space around the coil, it is a waste of time winding one.
          The first coil seen in the video is BS... that's disinformation,
          it does not have an empty space around the coil.

          Please see notes about winding the Rodin coil at this link:

          I can't do this experimentation because I am without knowledge.

          Good Luck and please follow up on this.

          Also see links:
          YouTube - theUMMCorg's Channel
          THE United.Multi.Media.Consortium
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          Remember to be kind to your mind ...
          Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."


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            Men and women with much lesser inventions have accepted the first 7-figure contract to get the technology suppressed. This guy rocks, in dedicating his life to document (too much there for one man, obviously), and teach (for) to spread the word. I don't care for the religic part for now, even if it's his source for the knowledge. I know a couple of people, followers of the Bahai faith, and they're pretty good people, with focus and understanding.

            I don't understand why he wants to start using his funding for a spaceship. Maybe he's a trekkie like so many of us. I'm sure his number ranges will eventually benifit space travel, but there seem to be more urgent projects, such as he does mentions, providing cities of energy from a new source.

            Bummer that it's all no real OU, but at least it's a wind that also blows on a silent, dark night. But who need a machine gun, when they have a bat the size of the Eiffel Tower, and someone to swing it?

            Some near Richard Branson should really try to get him to make it through one of Rodin's video lectures. I know what I'd be doing when I'd have his kinds of resources. Branson got off a ad start, for things green, but he seems to be actively looking for the lighter path, in his way.
            Rich folks are rarely the one interested in the better of mankind. Warren Buffett is cool, but he doesn't spend him money until his will is carried out, and all goes to Bill Gates' charities.
            A Microsoft engineer was putting himself out there to endorse Rodin's work...perhaps a link is there?

            Marko Rodin took up the responsibility of an inventor. I've lately been flaming others who failed to even face their responsibility.
            Anyone with any skill that can be used to get him the funding he seeks, free gift, now has the responsibility to do what they can.
            I am trying to think what I can do. My bank account allows me to buy a 7-year old used family car, when I get around to it, but nothing more.

            For what Marko Rodin is seeing, I think millions will be needed. The list of people who have the heart AND the resources to contribute significantly, must be quite short. If you know someone, do what you have to (in a friendly, compassionate way).


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              I think Marko should start with something small a toy (working prototype) before spending millions, he definately has something but if he had a working model the money would come.

              I wonder if they make a mercury vapor lite in the shape of a donut and a rodin coil could be wound around one.
              Mercury is diamagnetic its repulsed when in contact with an electrical field, also potentially fatal in the vapor form one whiff can cause death.
              It seems the rodin coil needs a median to interact with mercury may not be the answer but all the folklore around ufo's and mercury is intriguing.

              Warning I would not advise anyone to use mercury it is very dangerous, just thinking outloud.
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                Originally posted by Vortex View Post
                Without the empty space around the coil, it is a waste of time winding one. The first coil seen in the video is BS... that's disinformation, it does not have an empty space around the coil.
                You did not watch the video closely - it is a matter of scale. There is an exactly equal amount of empty space! It appears between each pair of wire. The other style could be claimed as inaccurate, because they have all of wire one wound tight, then all of wire two wound tight, the a large gap - which is not what Marko's toroid map describes. It's all experimental phase - there is no official method of making the coils, so long as you have 1/3 wire one, 1/3 wire two, and 1/3 empty space.


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                  In regards to the Coil Winding topic - there are no official specs on how to wind a Rodin Coil yet, and even Marko stated in his earlier videos that the first versions we saw - those with large gap spaces between whole windings of a single wire - were not actually wired correctly. Neither Marko nor anyone closely following this work has stated one way or another which winding method is correct or most effective.

                  Marko's statements and diagrams all focus around the fact there are three "lines" wound around the toroid - wire number one, wire number two, and then the empty space in between pairs. The first interpretations of this resulted in the first type of Rodin Coils we saw - those with large gap spaces. The second interpretation of this results in the newer Rodin Coil you have seen - those with the wires wound as pairs together with the gap space left between each winding.

                  Either way - the end result is to have 1/3 the coil covered in wire one, 1/3 in wire two, and 1/3 in empty space. Both winding methods accomplish this, AND both winding methods have similar test results! Look closely at the construction video (at the end) and you will see the gap spacing.

                  It is my belief that the second winding method (though harder to accomplish!) is what more accurately conforms to Marko's vision (seeing as how I'm the author of those vids, that may be predictable). On the other hand - since his toroid map is fractal and scales to anything, perhaps it doesn't matter either way as long as we have 1/3, 1/3, 1/3!!


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                    Why not, in stead of empty space, a 3rd non-conductive wire, or even hollow hose? Should be more specific a spacer.

                    If Marko or anyone shows a coil with overly non-earthy properties, money will still only come attached to a contract. A wealthy donor, I suppose, will need to:

                    A- Have intensions whicha re only the better of mankind, no second agenda.
                    B- Have full trust that Marko will spend the money wisely


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                      geminitric, I wish only to explain it as I understand it.

                      There's two wires: "A" & "B"
                      3 sets of pins, 12 in each set for a total of 36 pins can be used to lay out the winding of wires "A" and "B".
                      Each wire is wound separately.
                      Wire "A" is wound around the 1st set of 12 pins.
                      Wire "B" is wound around the 2nd set of 12 pins.
                      Wire "C" does not exist, the 3rd set of 12 pins is Empty space.

                      Visually, moving across the toroid, one should see:
                      1/3 wire "A", 1/3 wire "B" and 1/3 empty space.
                      If you can't seen a 1/3 empty space, it does not follow Rodin design specs.

                      Wires "A" and "B" are not wound together.

                      The Rodin coil design requires the EMPTY space of the 3rd set that
                      creates a space for the flux fields to interact.
                      IF you can not SEE the empty space or must rationalized where the empty
                      space is, then there must be TOO many windings using up what should
                      have been the empty space.
                      Without "A" & "B" wound separately and without the empty space, it is not a Rodin Coil.
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                      Remember to be kind to your mind ...
                      Tesla quoting Buddha: "Ignorance is the greatest evil in the world."


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                        my first question who is winding a rodin coil to play with?
                        wouild the dia of the torrid be a place to start as in 3 to 1, 6 to 1 or 9 to 1 ratio
                        using the outer dia. ?
                        cir. dia of 3 inches with the torrid being 1 inch.. 3 to 1??
                        just something I was thinking about after watching his videos.
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                          Originally posted by wwdotme View Post
                          my first question who is winding a rodin coil to play with?
                          wouild the dia of the torrid be a place to start as in 3 to 1, 6 to 1 or 9 to 1 ratio
                          using the outer dia. ?
                          cir. dia of 3 inches with the torrid being 1 inch.. 3 to 1??
                          just something I was thinking about after watching his videos.
                          I've been thinking the same.
                          So far, the Rcoils I've seen were all quite similar to the dimension of the kind of doughnut one should never eat, but may well end up eating in multiples of five.

                          With a 9 to 1 ratio donut, I suppose the whole thing would become flatter. Not sure the hole would end up all that much bigger though, but someone with drawing skills could predict that nicely. A larger hole, I suppose, would make the experience of winding an Rcoil that much nicer a job?

                          With the end shape of the Rcoil ending up a non-round, inner pointy kind of shape, I wonder...
                          Is round even the optimal shape? Might it not be intensionally wound around triagular doughnut shape?
                          Or, use a purposely designed shape, which AFTER adding of all the windings, will end un exactly round or triangular, at least on the surface?
                          So much to try, and I'm sure Rodin himself is getting near crazy from all the untested ideas and theories. No wonder he now decided to openly ask for funding.

                          If you ask me, there is no better inventor alive to fund, if you want to witness some great stuff still this life. We're all too late to offer Tesla what he needed. We are only beginning to understand how right he was, and how he just had to keep his concepts simple to let folks get an idea.

                          Rodin's ideas seem to have rendered that huge particle accelerator in Switzerland (cost: billions) pretty much obsolete. It's the wrong shape to get a particle to really go quick! The right shape...may not be conveniently 2-dimensioned to dig a trench for...
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                            Bedini Ssg with Rodin Coil Gives 250% Boost (maybe?) - Video


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                              coil winding, spacing, etc.

                              @Vortex - hey buddy, I understand where you're coming from. I put a little thought into the making of the coil before I devoted the time to it. First - I watched all of Marko's videos, twice through. Noted the multiple times he states outright that the coil he had at the time, the one you have included the picture of, was NOT correctly wound. So I thought very hard about what he was saying regarding the paths of the two wires and the space in between... and I believe that my winding style is at least as 'right' as the previous ones. I also believe that the fractal nature of his number patterns means that the scale of the toroid, and the windings, *may* not matter overly much - so long as the lines are parallel and the surface is divided into three sections: wire A, wire B, and Empty.

                              Finally, while Marko has said that the previous coil was not wound according to his specs, we have never seen a technical description of the *proper* winding method. Ergo, all of this is theoretical until then.

                              Thank you Vortex for calling attention to the absolutely necessity for the empty space - it IS absolutely where 'the magic happens'. I hope you understand what I am meaning and how I believe my winding style to be accurate according to what we know today.
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