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The Pyrazo circuit.

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    Originally posted by Macchendra View Post
    Dude, you contribute nothing, go away.

    Sound would not disperse over 5 miles. The sound energy would follow the path of least resistance which is toward pairing with the cancellation wave: just as the electromagnetic energy follows paths that resemble magnetic lines of force.
    There was no broadcasting antenna at the railroad station, so how is the sound from the "station master's" voice going to propagate 5 miles through the air without being dispersed so the receiver antenna can generate a canceling wave that matches the incoming sound waves of a person (if there is no sound being picked up at the receiving end to begin with, then there can be no cancellation waves generated to match this silence to provide for a path of least resistance)? It's better to contribute nothing, than to have other people chase the wind with your nonsense.

    Originally posted by Macchendra View Post
    There is no more "progress" needed on the design of the device. Anyone who wants can build it right now from the information I have provided. If you have your own theories of device, then please go ahead and start your own thread and get off of mine.
    This thread was started by Broli. If Broli wants me to stop posting, then I will.

    Originally posted by Macchendra View Post
    You have not stated one word on how the polarization would alter the path of the photons or phonons. How would it? Unless the path of these "particles" would be altered, the device would not receive more energy than what would normally intersect the antenna and that would then be proportional to the inverse of the distance squared.
    I have stated how the polarization or causing two light beams to become out of phase with each other will repel each other. I even provided an image showing this effect. I have also provided references to creating an optical diode where light is passed in one direction only, while light going in the opposite direction through the optical diode will be extinguished or canceled.

    Originally posted by Macchendra View Post
    And then you go mentioning some completely unrelated device and unrelated theory of something else. You have a completely unrelated side note? Put it on your own damn thread.
    Again, this isn't your thread.

    Originally posted by Macchendra View Post
    On a side note, gravityblock, I curse you. And I do this publicly so the scandal feedback loop will do the rest for me. You can join the dozens of others who have witnessed that whole other space-time effect that follows me around, including Moray and Tesla. I'm glad for it and regret it not one little bit with you.
    You're cursing me for not believing or thinking as you do, for stating my own opinions, ideas, or thoughts. I have a mind of my own, and it's like heaping hot coals onto you. That is really sad. I'll pray for you.

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