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High Voltage from Thin Air?

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  • Years ago, I got into a difference of opinion with somebody on this board. I claimed a much higher energy for lightning than is generally accepted.
    This is an update.
    “One lightning stroke even exceeded 3 terawatts of power – thousands of times stronger than ordinary lightning detected from space,” Peterson, who led both studies, said.

    The most powerful strikes detected emitted a whopping 350 gigawatts of power"


    • This year, I'm making a coil winder, need much better control over the inductance for a given parallel capacity of the coils.
      Atoms move for free. It's all about resonance and phase. Make the circuit open and build a generator.


      • I'm looking for continued this Dr Stiffler thread, has anyone archived the old Dr website?
        On wayback macine and all photos are not present or lost.
        Thank you for your help


        • According to the first test ones with 24 LEDs seems to work very well
          and with 48 it is even better without any increase in the input power of
          the DrStiffler circuit according to SEC 15-3
          see my first try on photo with 48 LEDs fully light with 330 miliwatts input power
          second photo on Spectrum analyser TinySA operating frequency at 10.21 Mhz at 26.1 dbm, great
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