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  • CloudSeeder's Gravity Wheel on Fire

    Gravity Wheel on Fire
    Golden Ratio Circular Escalator
    in Motion now Departing on Track #2012

    1. Gasoline is a fluid that moves when lit.
    2. To use its power an engine had to be wrapped around it.
    3. Gravity is a fluid that is already lit for us.
    4. We just haven't wrapped an engine around it yet.

    Not shown in the simple animation is that the rim of the Gravity Wheel is heavy enough to carry the momentum, enough to spin a sprocket-connected generator, none of which is shown. Also not shown is the other side of the "chute" that keeps the slingshot-accelerated ball on course to strike the "hammer", which I call a "smack plate"... so the device is unable to speed away from the balls.

    The smack plate~hammer is hinged and should be curved toward the end too but I left it flat since it is after all a very preliminary drawing. The spring behind the plate could have been a bit higher but I put it where it would show up better. After striking due to the action-reaction principle the ball is bounced back into the curve, bounced to throw it into the slingshot not just passively rolling (meandering)... so that the ball flips into a downward power plummet.

    That's about it but if you look real close you will see a lip at the end of the first curve. That little lip has an important job. Let's say you stopped it from spinning, so when you push it off again with your hand that lip holds the ball from dropping toward the slingshot til after it reaches enough height.

    Four gif files makes up the animation. They are
    each @19k and the animation itself is only 69k:





    I decided to stick with this Mechanical Engine topic because I like it here. All the links to Johann Bessler and John Collins are in the previous posts... and I wanted to EMPHASIZE that all I am doing is done. It will take a lot other dedicated people with years of Math and Calculus and orbital slingshot knowledge to make this Gravity Wheel a reality. Dedicated people like were here before I got here.

    It's out of my hands now. Your turn.

    Woodrow CloudSeeder Riley, March 06 2009



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    With thanks to the Admin for the KIND assist

    WELCOME to the new thread but, not only is this a new thread I come wearing new threads. Unlike some people I have no fear of NEW IDEAS and am not threatened by other people's ideas & thoughts. I come here with an unbelievable history I would like to spend this post sharing a fraction of it.

    Plus a few related thoughts.

    When I came to Energetic Forums barely a week or so ago, before joining I read their statements. I do not ever JOIN ANYBODY til I first make sure who I'm joining. Energetic seemed to be a place where HONEST INVESTIGATION IS APPRECIATED.

    Instead I ran into the wrong person, who I will hastily add is not alone in his feelings. I began inventing in 1989 when I was just come out of an accident where my body had been struck 4 times by a 1,000 pound bale of cardboard. Most men delivering scrap paper and taking the hit I received would have died, and in fact many men before me had died.

    I was first hit in the shoulder, which shot me forward at incredible rocket sled speed, but the bale was going even faster under the pull of GRAVITY. It hit behind the knees, piledriving both knees into hard asphalt which ANCHORED ME DOWN, bringing my chest into a new direction Vector Force into the ground. Months later all through my chest developed strands of material called endometriosis from all the heart lung organs and spine being slammed into each other so violently.

    My heartbeat grew faint as a bird, lungs began taking in less & less breath and my spine began being twisted into two opposite directions. I was unable to stand up straight. I would later come to realize YEARS LATER post-2000 that my insides were being pulled out of position by those strands. My insides were being subjected to forces worthy of a Medieval rack.

    No sense writing a lengthy essay detailing a 3-year blood pressure of 245/140, suffice it to say I have lived through a hell on earth only the Jews in concentration camps were subjected to, and I should be just as cold dead hands as they are. Most people who know my full story are convinced God Almighty has assigned angels to me. Last year my apartment heatpump cooling coils had many leaks and freon was pulled by the blower fan into the ductwork. So I got gassed in my own apartment over 4 & 5 months with repeated refills of industrial freon gas by our maintenance men... When it was all over, I sat down on my couch one nice sunny day and took a while to reflect on my life, all the attempts by Satan to extinguish me, when suddenly something SMACKED ME HARD IN THE CHEST DEAD CENTER.

    And yet it did not hurt! I then felt something pulled out of my lower heart chambers that felt like the size of a decent 1/2 inch bolt. The angel of God had done open heart surgery on me without cracking open my chest. I took a deep & wonderful large breath and felt like a MILLION DOLLAR MAN ON THE HOOF.

    So whenever someone tries to muzzle me, order me about or bully me around I don't take kindly to it, because I know God has decided I am worthy enough to see me through the darkest physical ailments of Modern Man. Not only did I survive, in surviving I learned LESSONS OF HEALING and how to ramp up the human body so much it begins growing its own Healing Stem Cells.

    should by now understand the
    Victory my Gravity Wheel engine represents
    of a man over the Gravity that has tried to kill him
    multiple times albeit it took me since 1989 to do it, I have
    stood over my enemy and laughed <> Gravity has fallen to the
    Will of God keeping me alive to do so and eat victory for breakfast.

    However, He gave me a precious Gift of being able to understand and explain things to people in common language not college-level gobbledy gook. And He saved me to HELP PEOPLE WITH THEIR MEDICAL PROBLEMS. It is the real Ministry I was given. So whether you ever agree with me on issues of Physics Law is not my main thrust in writing. I have instructed people how to stop their own cancers => That's a shortcut to a 6-Page pdf you really should read because I discovered a number of "self-hyperbaric" methods that helps us physical beings raise fat metabolism + contributes to helping obese children gain control of their runaway health =>

    thanks for reading, thanks for visiting, to you and your family's health, next post
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      300 Years of Energy Darkness Ended by a Spinning Pinball Machine

      almost 300 years of energy darkness upon the land

      Previous Comments now enhanced posted on the previous thread: I've read this paper => and it contains some flawed logic. In it I seemed to pick up such a high level of respect for Johann Bessler having been a "religious man" that he would never have misled anybody as if the man was PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW. For starters I would NEVER assume everything out of the mouth of a man who flips letters to hide his real name ("Ofyrreus or some such nonsense") to be Absolute Truth. I WOULD expect a lie to be used somewhere. Bessler's Big "Lie" was saying the balls had to be an Even Number. He said that to throw all you guys off. It was his way of exercising a form of Self Patenting to protect his ideas... and has so far protected his ideas for

      almost 300 YEARS of intellectual darkness upon the land.

      Johann Bessler wasn't just covering his tracks => he was laying a trail of false breadcrumbs to take people further away til such time in the future he would decide to tell people his secret (after he got paid). I've done such temporary tricks myself so using the term LYING was a bit overboard. To make a circular engine using gravity there has to be an inherent out-of-balance condition (Odd number) that never has a chance of achieving a balanced condition. It has to keep trying, to keep "falling forward" hoping this last jump will be its last.

      But another flaw -and the real reason that design can never work- has to do with it being a passive Weight-swinging design. Passive isn't enough to lift all those balls on the left side merely by swinging.

      Imagine every home and apartment having a 3-4 foot diameter spinning device off in a closet near the electrical box, its outer rim turning a generator. Sure isn't rocket science because the larger rim ratio (low rpm) to the generator axle is many times enough to turn the generator a higher rpm and crank out plenty enough electric current to run the entire household 24 hours a day.

      Wrap your head around this => the finished device
      is a spinning pinball machine.

      Every point on a wheel is a starting point. It isn't necessary to have one single force turn the wheel one complete revolution; it only has to move it to the next starting point. Any number of successive/repetitive bumps will keep the wheel moving. They do not have to be great grandiose bumps but correctly timed bumps.

      Any time an Action can accomplish two bumps then you have passed the next point on the wheel. It works for a Gravity Wheel and works for other circular engines as well as long as the total weight of the wheel is kept balanced... so that any time the balls go airborne there's no negative forces on the wheel, so if the ball has several positives and in the middle it is rather airborne, you have a nearly frictionless system. As long as the total positives outnumbers the total of the negatives, you have "effective" frictionless energy <> an Effective Frictionless Engine.

      It isn't rocket science; it's a pinball machine. I know it's scary opening the door but, somebody has to do it. I am that somebody. The previous gameplan is out of breath, wasted and waiting for the ambulance, time for a fresh man. Last year 2008 I had several unexpected insights into how a Gravity Wheel would work.

      I had never studied Johann Bessler's work and still have not, but I have looked at John Collins pictures enough to figure out what Bessler did. I won't spend everybody's valuable time going into Bessler's ideas, how they possibly worked, nor why they failed to join Thomas Newcomen's steam engine enhancement that succeeded in the very same year as Bessler's first engine => 1712, the beginning of the Industrial Age.

      Being of restricted funds as I have been on disability since 1989, as well as some other drawbacks, and after writing back and forth with Dr. Lindemann and John Collins and Scott Ellis and a few others versed in this issue, as well as much prayer to heaven, I will on March 8 6 PM Eastern Time open a new thread in this forum (which I later decided to change) and show exactly what tricks are needed to make a Gravity Wheel work.

      My solution is different from Johann Bessler's but although not built upon his work there is a bit of Principle overlap, neither of which is Perpetual Motion, neither of which ever was about Perpetual Motion. At ground level where we humans live Gravity is a straight line force. A "Gravity Wheel" is an Energy Conversion device. It takes linear energy and converts it into circular energy that can drive a simple electrical generator to power homes and apartments all over the world.

      Before 300 years <> before 2012.

      CloudSeeder, Bringing the Spring rain and not hiding discoveries for 300 Years.
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        Lifetime Experiences of Woodrow Riley Not Had by Most ngineers

        This post I made yesterday on another forum will explain a lot of my qualifications to address Physics Law matters => SignOnSanDiego Forums - View Single Post - 2012 3-Year Word =>

        Nuff said.


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          Unique Physics cominations the result of Quantum Thinking

          A few weeks ago there was a piece on the News, Paul Harvey maybe too, that had a conclusion that brain electrons/energy is now thought to be shared. This would account for our amazing intelligence. They called it Quantum Thinking.

          I've had encounters with both Physics and Gravity going back to when I was 6 months old. My Dad slid the car into a telephone pole. My forehead hit the sharp ash tray corner common to 1948 pre-Ralph Nader vehicles. When 3+ years of age I had a driving curiosity, wondering how these older people were able to set me in the back seat of the car and lock me up, so I suppose I was a bit claustrophobic. I disliked being so controlled and confined so I reached over and tried the door handle just as the car hit through a 90 degree turn of the road.

          I flipped through the air turning over to land on the back of my head. I don''t remember much from then til I was 5 years old. After a smashing head blow to the ground when I tripped in 8th Grade soccer, smashing the right side of my head into the hard dirt packed as it was, my head swelled out with fluid from the blow. Once again I should have died.

          God and Jesus have been keeping me around for a long time, 57 years so far. But the point of this post is to state that after these accidents, a drowniing when I was 12, and several more deadly since, plus poisoning for 12 years with meds doctors gave me that destroyed my Body Stamina by 2002... I would submit to you all that all the brain cells that have been destroyed were the WEAKER CELLS I COULD DO WITHOUT.

          What brain cells I was left with has contributed to my developing a Quantum Cross-Discipline Thinking ability few people on Earth have. So I have a decided edge in some areas but some lack of recalling promises I have perhaps made to someone 5 minutes ago, such as stating I would start a new thread. FEW COLLEGE PEOPLE have my history and consequent well-defined and dedicated focus. Most of them have never had a Measles Fever, chickenpox or two full bouts of the Mumps, ALL ATTACKING THE "PROTECTIVE" LINING OF THE BRAIN.

          This gives me an edge for figuring things out by ignoring irrelevant crap and at times seeing to the heart of matters. Such as my solutions to stopping cancer for instance, without doctors, hospitals, radiation or chemotherapy. point of fact is that my page about stopping cancer was put to the test a few months after surviving it in September 2006 when the Lyme's spirocheates came out of dormancy and attacked me for two straight months.

          It was an awesome battle. Those damn coiled-flagella bacteria got all through my brain cells, brain fluid, spinal cells and spinal fluid. I got so full of Lyme's attacking my entire Nervous System my jaw began to lock up and I could barely talk.

          By following the nutrition information and other insights I used to defeat cancer I beat back that Lyme's assault, albeit it took two full months. My being here today posting, after doctors largely ignored my health issues for 20 years... which took me through a 5 month attack of gout crystals filling my bloodstream, the sharp-edged crystals shredding the inside of all body and brain blood vessels that prompted cholesterol patching to save my life... but also caused full atherosclerotic and full arteriosclerotic diseases at the same time for years afterward.

          The proof of my genius solutions is in the pudding.
          I'm still here.

          Therefore my friends I do not need to be accepted or believed by anyone in the great medical societies of the world nor any need atall for my great wealth of findings to be further studied or verified by anyone.

          I do not require reams of "colleagues" to agree with me, which if memory serves is the reason I was driven off the other thread. My opponent (who decided to make himself my opponent) was throwing the same old saw at me I have heard before, that the bulk of Accepted Learning contradicted me on this or that. Well hell yeah it does, and because of that I'm alive instead of being 6 feet under flower fertilizer.

          So now I couldn't care less any more of his opinions because his opinions and book knowledge of all his colleagues has brought us into the current World Energy Crisis that is accompanied by an Obesity Crisis I have solved and an Energy Famine I have solved. My important findings links are included on this shortcut for anyone wanting to delve deeper:

          With proper design tweaking my Gravity Wheel works. I don't have the funding and other positions in life, being on a disability check as I am, to do the taunting suggestions I build it first then drag my sorry butt back here. So others bear the responsibility for either stopping the "Energy Crisis" or standing buck naked stupid in the rain.

          Now that I've said my peace I have no further need to post. I have done the job God kept me alive through a freon gassing in my own apartment last year to accomplish. So if you want it, here it is. As actor Ray Liotta shouted "You Want It, Come and Get It", and if you don't want it, that's just fine too. This forum is now OPEN and commenters are free to take it in any direction you please without my being their mother moderator. God bless you men who now have the tools in your hands to hammer a better life and a better living condition for yourselves, your wife and children and parents not due to me but to the Great God Creator who decided to use me 57 years ago if I was man enough to the task and would keep standing back up to the Devil's next assault.

          I walked into his sandblast machine
          and God blessed me to bless the rest of you.
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            I've been on a wide variety of forums over the years; political, religious, social, technical, etc, but I can't remember coming across a bigger drama queen than you Woodrow. You come in here with your idea, which is perfectly fine, but then you act like it's the final solution to the energy crisis without even testing it! What Gall!
            We tend to build things here, and then gather the data before proclaiming success. This is because ideas will always work in the brain, but seldom in real life. I can't tell you how many "sure fire" configurations I've dreamed up over the years (gravity wheels included), only to build and test them and find out that my reasoning was in error. This process is also known as learning.
            The road to "free" energy seems easy at first, but turns out to be long and hard for most people. You may have devised a perfectly workable gravity wheel, but nobody will know until you build it.
            I look forward to hearing all about the results of your first test.




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              Thanks Cloudseeker to make this new Thread.
              This is an Idea, what really not match into an other Thread, and i hope someone can figure something usefull out from it.
              Its allways good to share your own Ideas, when you expect something behind it,
              even when it looks like to something similar, it is not the same,
              this is something seperate and worth a own Thread, as to bury it into an other Thread.

              And well, yes its true, that there are not much Peoples, what just waiting here, that someone brings a Idea in,
              that they can spend her Time and work to rebuild something, what most Time dont works.
              Its almost complete -your- Thing
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              Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.


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                i can't seem to visualize how your gravity wheel works. How does the ball get back up and over the axis?


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                  Joit is correct when he says others are missing the finer points. People who glance at the Gravity Wheel and then burst from the starting gate to proclaim it can't work well, people like that have an agenda... and probably several layers of agenda that all adds up to MANKIND'S CONTINUING TO SUFFER UNDER THE WHIP.

                  My simple drawings leave a lot out. I kept them simple on purpose because the main principle I wanted to express is that #1 the device is a circular escalator and #2 everyone in Science is familiar with what the ancient Greeks called their "Golden Ratio" of Math. The curvature the ball follows up and over the hub is a golden ratio.

                  So while my device I admit screws with people's brains it is
                  very simple actually. It's multiple golden ratios in motion.

                  Which all means, Mark, is that I have designed a machine that has never been designed or built in all history of mankind ever. However, again as Joit correctly commented there's something else. The Gravity Wheel #1 does not have to have an axle all the way through and #2 if it does it can be VERY SMALL DIAMETER.

                  I used the large bearing to make the principles obvious; so since the axle doesn't even have to be there but two bearings one on each side, the Golden Ration can be lowered and will be lowered. I made it go high and loop over top the axle in order to make the Golden Ratio aspect clearly demonstrated. Point of fact is it won't go nearly that high. The orbital trajectory will still be used but it will not be required to loop that high over the center of the imaginary axle.

                  Good for you Joit and Mark! You both see the Science behind the Gravity Wheel is science used by NASA, the Japanese Ministry of Science and the Russians. I have not invented anything new, just a new application and combination of multiple principles
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                    I would further add that all of these many variables, the weight of the balls, diameter of the finished Gravity Wheel, height of the golden ratio, they are not obstacles! They give us the ability to regulate the speed and momentum of the wheel needed to turn the home generator.

                    The finished design is the setpoint speed of the accelerator to achieve and maintain the speed and torque for turning the generator... much as Johann Bessler had decided also if you read up on his ideas. He stated numbers are not what is needed but the Ratios of each part to the other.
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                      This fellow choosing to follow me around damning me for not building the engine when he knows full well I lack the monies to do it is a cheap shot. He knows science and math better than I do, and likely does have the monies.

                      What a waste of space. I've had people like him doing the same thing for years now, trying to shoot me out of their cannon so they can come around years later and file patents on stuff they got from me.
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                        The current "Energy Crisis" we are experiencing is an artificial condition that is being caused. Every day that goes by these people with the billions to build my engines instead choose to shoot off their mouth is just blocking the road for everybody else, the road to a much better life.


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                          The Gravity Wheel looks like perpetual motion but is not. Perp as they call it is defined as an independent motion lacking any outside help. The Gravity Wheel is using gravity for fuel.

                          Not Perpetual Motion; it's disqualified.


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                              post deleted
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