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    I was watching this Stan Deyo video:
    Stan Deyo - Anti-Gravity, Free Energy and the Technology of the New World Order

    at: 41:15 and at: 100:29 He shows this device. I thought it would be fun to build. here is a pic

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    i c from what you doesnt work



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      The concept is good, the secret lies in the material to use both core and windings.
      On the core I can not help you, but the windings are not copper, it is iron (Fe-56)
      and some 6 thin wires twisted together, single layer on coil.

      What you did looks like mini Tesla's. Remember the energy flow in
      Tesla coils is from bottom to top, you want the reversed effect - top to bottom.

      Replace the bottom 'primary' with small metal caps (like a bit concave washers);
      to get ions flowing.

      No need to do all bobins, just make a single one; place it on a sensitive scale
      (not elecronic) and charge up with adjustments. You will not reach "anti-gravity'
      but if all is OK, you will see reduction in weight.
      From there on, you can go the 3-point way and reduce weight, increase energy flow.

      Good luck, and I will have to stay away from here. TOO tempting to tell too much
      on this stage; enought o say that Stan Deyo has given me plenty of very valid and
      interesting guidelines.
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      Therefore we need to find NEW ways, NEW experiments and NEW lines of thoughts.


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        my experiment


        as u can see on these picutres, i made the smaller model too.
        it is made of:
        core is a iron 5.6 washer with a peace missing
        rod is also made of 5.6 iron

        core has 63 windings in both directions sum = 126
        rod is also 63 windings in one direction ... sum = 126 windings per rod
        i used copper 0.8mm wire for both core and rod.
        I use pulsed DC from 1Hz to 1MHz .... current from 1A to 7A ... and voltage from 2V to 20V
        i have finished the construction a few days ago .... but i can't get it to lift off or to reduce weight.
        where is the catch ??? please help

        Pedja a.k.a Hinja
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          Nope, you will not get 'lift-off' there is much more into reaching that - I did not get it either.

          I would suggest you build a 'Lifter' first and study the ion phenomenon there. increase space, play with the wires and foil, play with resonance, power supply , etc. increase the distance between the three poles, That is the most easy and you can learn very much from that. Then come back to try this device.

          Weight is very critical.

          Coper windings are not ideal.

          No core.

          Good luck
          Therefore we need to find NEW ways, NEW experiments and NEW lines of thoughts.


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            my experiment


            Stan said that you need to have a toriodal soft metal core.Only thing that i can see now is that i was wrong for not separating pulses by phaze ... will do that



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              Newbie. [PART 1]

              Hi guys,

              New here. Rather than rehash things, I'll just introduce myself a bit with some snippets from a PM to a new pal here.

              Looking to pass some anti-gravity thoughts to an experimenter and others serious on playing with them. Tell me about your shop tooling available, past experiments, etc. Details would be pre-patent confidential and given under Non-Disclosure Agreement. Some things and lesser items can be talked about freely on the forums. Bottom line: Let's make stuff float!

              (Sorry to hog the thread. I'm a little long-winded!)

              [from a Private Mail rely of mine]

              Actually, I'm way out here in California -- home of the fruits and nuts! Cleared out of the SF Bay Area and moved to farm country after twit doctors tried to poison and kill me. Wound my way to Alternative Medicine hippies who gave me my life back. Built a little farm in 2004. Studied and experimented a lot in these crazy medical areas. Done some good there. Been actually fixing people and animals with cancer. Would like to keep it up in medical charity (Mother Teresa kinda stuff), but there's no money in it, frankly. All hatred of you when you step on the M.D. toes. Need to pawn off some engineering items in order to fund my interests in medical missions. Have lots of friends who tend to sick orphans in the third world and all that.

              Got sick of paying $400/mos for propane here in the winter, so designed the first X-GEN unit. X-GEN was an electrical generator capable of running your house (and EV cars or aircraft) at about 12 times less fuel consumption than these conventional generators you see on the market (Honda, Onan, etc.). Swapped over later to initial designs for zero fuel burn under RF excitation of salt water as John Kanzius discovered. But, all in all, though very efficient, it was all complicated hokus pokus and lots of mechanical engineering feat. Scrapped it. Wasn't over-unity.

              My alternative medicine pals introduced me to concepts in scalar energy and guided me toward taking a second look at Nikola Tesla. Many others. The more I studied, the more my eyes opened. The more it all makes sense and has amplified my nerd magic wand thousands fold. Tesla, T.T. Brown, Hutchison, Bedini, Kanzius, Bearden, DePalma, Leedskalnin, Keely..many others...they've sort of become my tutors. Steep learning curve. Still learning. I'm already at three thick white binders -- about 2 feet tall -- just absorbing this stuff.

              Electrical I'm fairly good at. Electronics a bit. Math and Physics pretty strong. Never been a conehead, though. Aerospace & mechanical engineering is my gig. Aviation was my first gig as a mechanic. Some spooky things are my background but this stuff has been much the eye opener. All stuff I never learned in school.

              Actually, the bulk of what I learned in engineering and physics is all crap compared to this stuff. Daily, I laugh and remain in awe at how much the world has evolved while really only knowing a fraction of real science. Our whole world is built on technical junk, and yet these "scientists" claim that "perpetual motion" does not exist; That they'll have to re-write the laws of science if so. Yup. Gotta re-write the laws cuz they're junk! As for perpetual motion, all you need do is look at the atoms. When ever do they and the electron stop?!

              You know, there's some pretty interesting free energy work in the USPTO database done by a Silicon Valley company...I'd have to dig it up in my notes. They're drawing energy from the vacuum by passing atoms through a nano mesh. Electrons jump to higher orbit while tapping the vacuum. As they drop, the quanta is emitted. All you really need do there is tap that photon output to electricity to further pump the fluid through the mesh, and you have over-unity again!

              It's the same ol' Tesla concept of perpetually replenishing the well. If you imagine the world all around us like an ocean with water pressure upon us. And you're holding this soda can of low pressure interior (like a submarine at depth -- inside air; outside high pressure water). Tesla's idea is that, when you poke a hole in that submarine, water leaks in. And it will always leak in until the u-boat is filled. So, all you need do is keep bailing out or using the water. If you could convert that incoming sea water leak to a gas and bubble it back out -- say through electrolysis and split of the Hydrogen and Oxygen -- then the submarine is perpetually kept from sinking. So, to make a "nuclear submarine" even better, you just drill a hole in the wall. You tap the jet to turn a turbine. The turbine generates electricity. The electricity you use to split the water molecule. You use the hydrogen and oxygen for additional rocket fuel. Your entire u-boat becomes powered by mostly hydroelectric waterwheel. Free energy as long as atmospheric pressure is high while you keep your low pressure bubble always away from equalizing. That, in a nutshell, is the basis of just about every over-unity device or scheme out there which draws energy from the vacuum.

              Anyhow, so I'm working on some product lines in electrical power production for Defense needs. The new version of X-GEN I'd like to release publicly, but cannot at this point. She's designed to output anywhere from 15kW to over 600kW. Zero fuel. Yes, over-unity. Free energy, etc. Of course, I need to downplay that in marketing it initially.

              Other issues that come up are that I'm stuck dealing with mostly defense circles initially due to export control matters. Been designing to mostly power electric UAV aircraft for global flight continuously. Pushing at the moment sort of a manned aircraft flight for at least 4 global circumnavigations using the X-GEN systems as also a demonstrator for future EV's. Talking about how we can make EV's to go from San Fran to D.C. and back, and back again, and back again, etc. Export control has authority over anything that upgrades UAV systems (also potential improvised cruise missiles made by terrorists). CIA and USAF presently can't fly their drones much past 24 hours and I'm proposing to do that for years on end; At least a month by manned tour around the globe 4 times.

              All that is possible technically, but, for over 100 years, it's the same story Tesla faced. Concurrently, I plan to make the X-GEN available in kit form for builders such as on this forum. Or, they can build as they like from the patent schematics and info later. Lotsa details, business, and political maneuvers to make.

              I'm trying to go a completely different course from the usual mistakes scientists have made over the years. Sort of a reverse psychology affair, actually. Thinking I'll probably just keep passing it around as general information and publicly with no key details. Patent filed {Note: That's confusing. Patent is being prepared for initial filing}, but no patent yet (so no details are given away). Given to the greenies (I'm not a greenie or lefty, by the way) but, again, with no details. Details (are) protected beyond government ability to suppress. My lab's preference for dealing with only defense contractors and keeping it secret....all stuff that'll tick off the greenies all the more. Then, on matters like Export Control and public disclosure, I'm just going to dump that into President Obama's lap. "Here, you deal with it. Merry Christmas. I could care less what you guys do! You wanted energy hope and change? There you go. Make it something other than politician talk. I leave 95% of the business and money open to even the evil energy and oil companies. The world knows about it. The greenies are going to be real, real pissed if you don't give them X-GEN and real change as you promised. I've even given you a whole new vision for a wild, future space program that can be accomplished in our lifetime. You can have a space program legacy greater than J.F.K. if you want it. Forget all this cheesy, multi-decade mission to Mars stuff. We can do far better when these energy matters are declassified. I don't care to do business with your greenie pals. Only Skunk Works. " Stuff like that.

              Rather than push free energy, I intend to dangle the carrot and lock it away until they're pissed enough to want it Snow Labs declassified and promoted! Let them do the marketing for us. No such thing as bad publicity, either. Stuff like that. Still figuring out the optimum course, but different, shocking, and radical is about all I can say is my preferred style always.

              So, then, what brought me back to this forum is to post a thread. Making things levitate is also a fun of mine...

              I'm not into the whole space alien thing. Don't know what's up there! Truly. But, I just love airplanes and spacecraft, and we can someday make birds just like in the sci-fi movies.

              I'm going to be too busy with this energy stuff and don't have the time right now to tinker with many of my ideas. Don't want to lock those ideas in secret, either. I figure it best to solicit experimentation and free use among this world of electrical tinkerers on this and other forums. They're into this sort of stuff, too. Capable of the electrical and electronics tinkering they are. It would compromise a few potential patents of mine, but oh well. I'd rather see the world making fun, new paper airplanes at least and getting school kids thinking about this sort of stuff.

              Gotta run. Nice to meet you.

              I'm "The Abominable Snowman" of Snow Labs.
     - SNOWMAN - 36 - Male - FREMONT, California -
              YouTube - SnowLabsRatedX's Channel
     (under construction)
     is the faster way to reach me.[/QUOTE]


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                Newbie. [PART 2]

                So that's it dudes. You wanna talk about making stuff fly or what?

                Some notes:

                Electrokinetic / Electrogravitic Lifters/ T.T. Brown stuff -- I see that more like a chicken trying to fly. Insufficient lift/ thrust per pound. Caveman stuff.

                Boyd Bushman's coil -- More like a turkey trying to get airborne. Greater lift per watt input, certainly, but still a turkey.

                John Hutchison's work -- More like a goose trying to fly. Better lift. Closer to the core. There are many other real anti-gravity means.

                Edward Leedskanlin's work -- Now this dude I believe was a true master at anti-gravity. I've followed his work on and off for almost two decades. Didn't pay much attention to it. Suspected maybe he did levitate those 5 ton stones, but didn't know how back then. Just kept an open mind. Still haven't figured it out, fully. Maybe to only about 85%. But, that whole place is just one big Tesla schematic. It's all one big magnetic current radio station! As with Hutchison's work (and the Stan Deyo/ SAC Nav coils you have in this thread), the secret to understanding it dwells in the slammed together magnetic waves.

                For those of you experimenting with the Deyo wedding cake there, I can tell you that my own initial tinkerings are inconclusive, but were interesting. I only studied one SAC NAV coil quickly, but it was very sloppy. Even the washer was loose. Just threw together one Sunday afternoon to play with. Just magnet wire about a nut & bolt. Took a washer and made a toroidal coil. Wired the whole thing in series. One end to the positive terminal of a car battery. The other end of the coil wrapped around a metal file. A ground wire from the battery I would stroke along the file to get a broad range of frequencies (Same design as in those old Radio Shack engineering notes for broad spectrum, low power, AM transmitters). That was my coil. Yes, a little dangerous but I wanted the short circuit factor in the picture, too. The whole issue of shorting is another vacuum matter.

                Anyhow, so I tied that coil to an old O-Huas Dial-O-Gram balance here. Below the coil I tied some weights. I forget at the moment. Didn't even measue, but it's a golfball-sized quartz rock with some additional brass weights tied on to compensate for having removed the hanging tray. Set everything to neutral zero on the balance and then began stroking the file. The uncertainty of the experiment comes from having done this outside in slight wind conditions which did deflect the scale a bit. The slightest nudge of the wires also deflects the scale. So, you have to eliminate that in future experiments. I just taped the wires down better and tried to stroke the file between wind conditions. Did it repeatedly to see if I could find any anomalies that were curious.

                Conclusion? I dunno. Bad experimental setup there. Needs more work, but I believe there were a few times of rapid needle deflection -- full scale and more powerful than wind or wire wobble could do, and longer in period. All that off just 12 Volts DC made into sloppy AC. Only thing that cut it short was that I melted my thin wires used. Fusing current I'd estimate for 20 gauge wire was about 58 Amps. At about 13 Volts, that was something like 754 Watts possibly making weightless about 155 grams with a broad range of frequencies input due to variance of speed to the file stroke. Nothing wild or dramatic there. Nothing even certain. When I have more time, I want to do it indoors, among a better setup, with controlled frequencies piped in, and with scale deflection measured on my DAQ gear.

                I have also been exploring some of Floyd Sweet's Vacuum Triode Amplifier energy designs at smaller scale and component level which are reported to have lost weight with increased over-unity. The magnetic sandwich he made there along with coils set up perpendicular to each other -- same as in these SAC NAV / Deyo wedding cake coils -- certainly bears interesting qualities related to magnetic current. For example, I pump in signal to a mini Sweet VTA assembly and watch that signal transform on DAQ. It's basically a transformer like that. Nothing too interesting found yet other than when I DAQ measure the radiant energy that flows from the ionosphere through my body, to my finger, and to the nicely amplifies that a little bit. It's basically a magnetic current detector which transforms into electrical signal like that.

                Last night, I was fiddling around with some scale measurements between identical neomagnet assemblies for fun. Trying to replicate in small scale the Boyd Bushman replication of Galileo's ball drop experiment. Just some neo ring magnets stacked together and separated by small diameter washers on a nut/ bolt. First trial with magnets all in attraction. Another trial with two of the three magnets in attraction; 1 in repulsion. Air gap. Other measurements with them all in attraction and no air gap. Other measures with them clamped together tight in repulsion. Conclusions? Nothing certain. Again, just sloppy and quick tinkering on the side. A little break time exploration of some concepts. I did notice a 0.4 gram weight difference between identical assemblies, but there's too much room for experimental error at this small scale and with an eyeballed balance. Also weight difference as you adjust the air gap between repulsive magnets, and that makes sense. Something is there, very probably, but nothing I can declare conclusive by these hokey means.

                This morning I have a funky new coil that I haven't tested yet. It's three neo magnets stacked in replusion form. Same as last night and with an air gap. Between the two, narrow air gaps, however, I have wound thin coils (old Tesla form). Two of those. One input and one output, though you could also play with them in series. Taped it up. Around the clamp assembly, I larger gauge magnet wire making a perpendicular coil assembly (A different version of the Deyo SAC Nav coil in your thread here. The twin toroids are Tesla coiled (unconventional solenoid coil wrap) and scrunched between the neo magnets. Those are on the inside. The solenoid coil you see around the bolts in the wedding cake style on this forum....that's on the outside of my neos. What's it do? Will it float? Will it go weightless? Oh, I dunno. I leave that for you all to play with if you like.

                In these small scale tinkerings, I have been less interested in the anti-gravity aspects and more in the power surge possibilities. If you remember the tale of the Sac nav coil (My father and godfather were both Strategic Air Command navigators and I was born on a SAC base, by the way. Pure coincidence, though. No, we didn't murder the missing SAC nav! )...Mr. Deyo says it hopped up into the air. The guy tried to shut it down, but it wouldn't. It arced over his knife switch. Then, he beat it down. It crashed. Upon return to gravity, the power surge is said to have blown out a neighborhood transformer. Now, if you think about that...that's a helluv a lot of electrical output for very little input. If you compare it to the Floyd Sweet VTA reports of trying to go weightless....the SAC nav coils are far more potent...if true.

                There are many other ways, but, anyhow, that's kinda what I fiddle with in regard to X-GEN future upgrades. Strong over-unity and strong anti-gravity go hand in hand, as does slight time and space shift. But, everyone thinks in terms of Time and Space being together in the same space-time metric. I think we need to break away from that perspective. You can warp both time and space separately when you do your coilings and assemblies right.

                The spooky part is that, one day, people will figure out how to make their own time machines from just Radio Shack parts! You'll have every teeniebopper girl with her cell phone time machine texting us into Armageddon! If not that, you can boost atomic weapons or build them from Radio Shack parts alone, but, fortunately, it's far easier to just build a conventional nuke. If I had just $100k free and more time to devote to it, the only hard part for me in building a conventional nuke would be acquisition and enrichment of Uranium. The rest is pretty straight forward engineering. Uranium you can mine covertly, so it's mostly just engineering enrichment methods. But, don't sweat it, I prefer to build more useful things -- generators and far flying aircraft . Stuff like this...

                Just wondering if any of you would like to tinker around and share some findings? Gave you some toys to play with there. You'll need a frequency generator, some spare PC's and frequency generator software, spectrogram software (even Ham gear is fine), and cheapie DAQ gear. We need to build a digital scale for DAQ analysis first. We don't need to have things flying through the air. First, you methodically measure lift versus wattage over various designs. Refine the model of flight. Once you have your optimum Lift per watt, then you build in larger scale.

                To date, none have done that better than Leedskalnin, I believe, but he's totally off the electrical map. Lots of overlapping principles, though. It all boils down to diamagnetic levitation, mostly. Leedskalnin was just the inverse of frogs in a Tesla coil. I have partially decoded a lot of his writings and work there at Coral Castle, as others have done. He seems to have known the magnetic spectra for coral and water. You can even see that declaration etched on his rock monuments. I believe he was taking the magnetic current of the earth, amplifying it, and modulating it, and also splitting it. Then, recombining it in interference form with the coral. Making those 5 ton stones basically enter into a fast kind of Hysteresis Effect. Pretty much the same thing as a frog levitated in a Tesla coil. Seems to have also shaved those rocks like butter -- same way Hutchison was fusing metals. Secret is also in the water, I believe. I think he knew the magnetic spectra there, too. Somehow measured it from the sun. That "AC generator" appears to have been designed to hold water. I think he used water inside there as sort of a crystal oscillator. Then, maybe just dumped water on his rocks while bombarding them with magnetic current radio waves, and that's your tuning in of the radio dial to a matched frequency. I dunno. Speculation, for now.


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                  Welcome to the forum.

                  I don't mean to hijack the thread, but you spark my interest when you mentioned exerience in alternative medicine.

                  I'll send a Private Message to you so we keep this thread on topic.
                  Are the ravings of a lunatic signs of a genius?


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                    Regarding Electrokinetic Lifters

                    ...Forget the Ion Wind Model. Forget anything of electricity. Forget particles. See only waves to our universe. Take it down to a wave perspective and consider Leedskalnin's view of two magnetic waves behind it all. All that with positive and negative electric current as just the peanut butter and jelly between the wave sandwich. Magnetics, not electricity, is where we need focus. Trying to create flight from high voltage and electricity is chicken winged stuff. In fact, if you look at the JNL experiments in lifters, stepping up the current while even lowering voltage gives more lift.

                    If you look at the Boyd Bushman coil (a flying turkey)...the secret dwells there! What's that about? 60 Hz AC current and around 15 amps at 120 volts. So, you have about 1800 Watts generating lift there. Compare that to 50,000 volts and milliamps of current. Total lift per watt depends on how much current and voltage you pump through the electrokinetic lifters. But, looking at the Bushman coil gives you a better clue as to what's going on with the toy lifters. That's not just a powerful electromagnet. If it is possible to gain lift on a coil like that while sitting on just a wood table (improving where metal is placed underneath, but just vibrating and trying to liftoff all the same in many experimenter cases)...that tells you the B vector isn't much of an issue. Something else is going on. But, what?

                    Okay, so go back to Hysteresis Effect. You have copper wire there. You're alternating about 15 amps of current polarity in that copper wire. Imagine being a dazed and confused atom and electron in that wire. The outlet is telling you to orient one way. Then, they tell you to orient another. It's indecisive to almost the point of weightlessness!!!

                    ..The key is in the magnetic propeller issue. Every atomic nucleus and every electron having magnetic moments. North/ South polarity. Positive and Negative charge. It's in the Leedskalnin view of matter really having no mass at all; Just being empty space or null points between waves and polarities. Matter is more like a tangled and condensed, symmetric ball of "string" that tries to hover and do strange things when you make it a bit asymmetric.

                    So, let's take that down to the electrokinetic lifter. Same Ion Wind Model, but, this time, focus on the what's going on with the magnetics of it all! As those ions flow, you have magnetic current loops around them! A propeller action and vortice generated from the wire to the plate. Those vortices are spinning in opposite directions and are fairly separate, but then collide again. Stan Deyo noted that effect in some of his videos. It's like spinning pools balls of opposite rotation striking each other.

                    ...That's all that's going on with the Electrokinetic Lifter issue, in my view. All I see are magnetic propellers in both the Bushman Coil and the lifter issue; Same for with Leedskalnin. Same in the Searle saucer. Loop the magnetic current and weird things always happen!

                    If you want to build a perpetual motion device and superconductor, just replicate the Leedskalnin perpetual holder (a looped transformer). It's also a kind of high temperature superconductor and magnetic current storage battery.

                    Emery Version - Leedskalnin Perpetual Motion Holder - KeelyNet 06/05/03

                    ...Okay, you guys have a great weekend and, when you've made my UFO...
                    ...we'll go test fly it to Mars. Got a little party waiting for us there!
                    Ample chicks and beer.

                    YouTube - I want to be Martianic-American!!!!!

                    You know, sometimes I wonder about all these UFO people and their talk. What is it now? Three to four supposed space alien crashes on earth? The Roswell one shot down by an Air Force pilot? I dunno. I dunno. Sounds to me like they just failed to bring my beer to Mars and opened a few kegs too early! Little twits can't fly or even party properly. I say we build our spaceships, venture forth to conquer the galaxies , and execute these little mother f'ers everywhere encountered!

                    Woo hoo!

                    Kirk out.


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                      Hi Amigo

                      Thanks for the welcome. Nice to meet you. I'll check my email.


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                        Hi SL3 and welcome to the forum!
                        Some great info in your posts!
                        Thank you!
                        It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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                          I am happy not to be the only crazy one around anymore.


                          In particular interested in your takes about COUNTER-gravity - which is the
                          better word to use since ANTI-gravity means to cancel/eliminate/destroy.
                          If you look into German research around 1930-1945 and Russian from 1944
                          to date you will find lots more info and results than American hidden info.

                          Oh yea, don't forget the wave transmission - how is that to be done?
                          Yes, I believe it was actually done on this earth many centuries ago, but how?

                          Copper wire are extremely limited; like candle compared to lazer beam.

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                          Therefore we need to find NEW ways, NEW experiments and NEW lines of thoughts.


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                            I figure out the secrect to anti-gravity

                            I do plenty of research on anti-gravity and design a coil from the information collected. The setup of an air coil show me use a bedini motor fan to charge a capacitor in several sec!!! really quick to 150v thank to zero point energy, but be carel with the capacitor. You can't see really will but it jumping the two set of coil are series. The design you can see similar setup of electromagnets from billy meier ufo, stan deyo, jeff cock coil, Tesla, EV Gray repulsor, Ralph Ring and Otis Carr, and many more the list seem endless. I know all anti-gravity propulsion must have duality aspect to create some kind of vortex the singularity, simple as that. All I need now to charge the cap fast to create the high frequency part.

                            My coil jumping

                            YouTube - Pulse Propulsion

                            Show the bedini motor quickly charge and fires cap you can hear the click noise when the capacitor fires
                            YouTube - Pulse motor, Capacitor , and Coil equal lift off.
                            Here some great link that made come up with the idea

                            Billy meier and Pleiadians propulsion

                            YouTube - The Pleiadian Mission - Billy Meier UFO Case - Pt. 5 of 12

                            Ralph Ring ufo ( this close to my design because it use large capacitor but is way more special than my because it control with consciousness, "cool")

                            YouTube - Project Camelot interviews Ralph Ring
                            (Plan of space ship)

                            EV Gray Propulsion ( Plastic Coil you can particular use anything next time going to fly a brick)
                            YouTube - EV GRAY Motor and Cold Energy lost Video
                            Suggest power supply you want to power your coil EV Gray motor
                            YouTube - EV GRAY Pulse Motor (Experiment #1)

                            Tesla Propulsion (Very detail)
                            Nikola Tesla, Man Ahead of His Time (or How to Build a UFO)
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                              Here is some more info Directory:Antigravity for Dummies -- Stan Deyo Lecture - PESWiki
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