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  • "Trusted" Suppliers of STUFF

    This Yhread will be for us to share our Tried And Tested Suppliers of Various Goods That are used and may be of use by Members of the Forum....Try to keep it to this format so that a "search" will be able to easily single it out:

    Potassium Hydroxide [KOH] - Summer Bee Meadow handcrafted soaps , soapmaking supplies , how to make soap information and soap formula for beginners , soap making lye calculator , soap recipe resizer , SBM soap starter system , complete soapmaking kit , 3 oils mix

    Goto "Soap Making Supplies" then "Hydroxide Alkalis" Button.

    This is a very good company that I have used many, many times and if you join their mailing list, they send out awesome discount codes occasionally.

    Plastic Supplies Liquid/Gas Check Valves - US Plastic Corporation

    I use this company for just about everything I need that is made of plastic.

    Notice the link is to something that everyone who deals with HHO Needs?
    Also just look around their site, they have all kinds of tubing and connectors too.

    Electronic Odds and Ends All Electronics | Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Parts and Supplies at Discount Prices

    This is by far one of my favorite companies. The sell surplus and salvaged electronics and Electronic components....CHEAP! About the only thing I dont buy from them are IC's and Capacitors and such. Not because I dont trust them, just because their inventory is usually buy out stuff and you really dont know the history of the component. And when you have built an entire circuit and it fails because of a faulty component, it can ruin your day!

    A+++ People, Cool Stuff and at their prices you can take some risks!

    Well you guys got the idea, so feel free to add to this.....I will Also!

    (psst...Don't Tell Anyone, But I'm Really Not Mean!)

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    O2 Sensor Harness

    Casper's Electronics, Inc.: Honda

    This would be used to make an EFIE plug and play without cutting any of the Vehicles wiring. This is extremely useful on lease vehicles!

    Just get the extension, cut in half, wire it to the EFIE, and you have a clean very reliable install!

    The link I gave is to a Honda but just look in the column to the left. If your vehicle isn't listed, just look at your O2 sensor Plug (right before the sensor) and remember what it looks like. Then just browse through all the connectors on their site. Im sure you will find a match because there are pretty much only a few different types used by all Manufacturers for the Narrow Band O2!

    (psst...Don't Tell Anyone, But I'm Really Not Mean!)


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      Salt City Soapworks
      Another supplier of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) & Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)
      Very reasonable with shipping charges. I have used this company and was pleased with the transaction.

      Look on the left hand navigation pane for "Soapmaking & Biodiesel Caustics: Potassium & Sodium Hydroxides". You need one of the above chemicals to add to the water in order to make your electrolyte.
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        A very good Neodymium magnet store:
        Emovendo Magnets & Elements

        I buy all my magnets there. The price is reasonable and lots of different magnet shapes and sizes are available
        It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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          Here is a good link for a nice temp controlled soldering station. for $40. I have it and I love it. The cool thing is that they give free gifts if you order over $50, so just add some other supplies (solder, boards, IC's, etc) and get a pretty decent Digital Multimeter (with temp probe. major bonus there) for free. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I also like the fact that I can add a tweezer attachment down the road if you want. You can also just order it with the tweezer already and save $10. Just don't forget to add the promo code for the free DMM.


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            SS wall plates

            Gruber - US Mfg of Network Products - Stainless Steel Wallplates

            I get my wall plates from here. I used the 2 Port Round Hole Stainless Wall Plates and price is great. They are 304 SS, but thick enough to last awhile.



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              Hey Red

              Casper's Electronics, Inc.: A/F Pigtail Ford

              Would this A/F Pigtail Adapter work on my Ford with your EFIE? Also, do you know if the Ford Focus 2005 has one or two O2 sensors? I looked around but wasn't able to find it, thought maybe someone on here might now. Even if the 2nd O2 sensor is before the exhaust, do you still need to put an EFIE on both?


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                Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)

                Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

                Cheap prices and good service.