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  • BASIC Info Everyone Should Have....

    Everyone with any interest in this area should, download, save and MOST Important READ this PDF. It is full of Basic info and some decent projects for anyone interested in HHO in a Vehicle.

    Also If you want to download all of these great PDF's with all kinds of Knowledge on a bunch of Free Energy Topics, plus Patent Info, Goto their main page here:
    Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as fuel

    This is GREAT Info, and is where most of the Vets from this forum got their initial info for start in this field!

    Also you will find info on installation and calibration of an Efie device, which is what the Efie I have put up is based on. Only dont use the schematic for your build, use Chemelecs.

    (psst...Don't Tell Anyone, But I'm Really Not Mean!)