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Standing scalar waves

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  • Standing scalar waves

    What is the difference between a standing scalar wave and a standing reflected wave?

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    I am no expert in the field but "standing scalar wave" sounds redundant to me because both "standing" and "scalar" represent the same terminology.

    It is created either by wave propagating in the opposite direction of the medium, or by interference of two waves travelling in opposite directions in a stationary medium.

    Perhaps the author who wrote "standing scalar wave" wanted to imply that specific wave as being created through interference method of two travelling waves.

    When a wave had bounced off of the other end (of a conductor for example, or a mirror material) and now travelling in the opposite direction, it is superimposing over the original wave and is forming a "standing reflected wave".
    Again the author is using terminology to imply that a standing wave is formed through reflection method within a static medium.

    This is my understanding, perhaps others would have a better explanation.
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      Thank you for your reply.

      My question arises from a post at :: View topic - energy discovery circuits

      It's the fourth post down, by Lightwave.

      You may need to read some other parts of the thread to understand what is being discussed.

      I'm still trying to get a grasp on all these different terms.

      Dude, you're curving my space-time.