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    I found this website that has a weekly radio show regarding free energy.

    "The purpose of the show is to explore cutting-edge, clean energy technologies in more depth, talking about how the technology works, what the potential ramifications are for the world energy needs, how it compares to other renewable energy solutions, and where the company presently is in the process of implementing the technology."

    Here is the website: Free Energy Now -- Weekly Radio Show by PES Network, Inc.

    And on the left is information about various topics.
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    RE: website.

    I have downloaded all of them

    The best one of them was the one about the guy who was using waves like a microwave to extract gas from shell, and also abandon oil drills. He was able to extract oil and gas from even plastic. He would take the plastic from cars that were recycled and turn it into energy. Amazing stuff.

    There are several other ideas I liked that Sterling had run into. But well worth checking out.
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