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Possible back emf reduction motor

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  • Possible back emf reduction motor

    Hello, i posted this also in Electric Motor Secrets. The adams motor odd-even geometry of which im not sure exactly how he had it wired other than series coils, i noticed a similarity between his and butch lafontes back emf cancelling idea. because when one magnet approaches opposite coil which is out of phase to other magnet, the other magnet is leaving the coil. Approaching magnet is wired attract mode, one leaving wired repel mode would also cancel or reduce much of the back emf. tests show with dmm & analog amp meter that little current gets through. the design im testing is 6 stator,7 rotor magnet w/ 2 rotors sandwiching axially the stator plate. Tests show good torque with only 1 phase so far and it leaps to full speed at 24v,1.5A no load. 2.2A full hand grip on shaft. I wonder if anyone has any experience with the odd-even geometry Adams type motor and any input would be welcomed.

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    Check out this patent:US 7,274,124 Fahy. Its not a motor but a generator just one way of doing away with back emf if you were to apply this to a motor. Its all in the geometry. Back emf is designed into most motors-I believe it is no accident. Its just a cheaper way of acheiving performance. One could sense the motor rpm and load and do timing/ voltage curves but a simple way to do this is with motor design.