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  • E3 Spark Plugs

    I'm not sure if I posted about this plug, but this might be the other plug I was thinking about...just another concept.

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    At least these are more tan twice cheaper than the pulstar plugs which I do not recommend and you know why
    It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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      I bought a set for my truck, and they are fine, but I have stock ignition. Went from old standard champion plugs. Hard to say if there is a difference or not.
      I want really want the ball type plug, powerful plasma arc, and steam injection. Working on the steam part now, waiting for somebody to simplify the plasma circuit and ball plugs to become available or a walkthrough on making a set.


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        Thanks for posting this Aaron. I like the way it projects the spark. I'll get one and see if it ejects my Puff Spark. I built some electrodes like the NASA plug, but it didn't eject the energy field. The key to optimizing ignition may be a combination of the proper plug with the proper circuit. And I'm still thinking about igniting water.


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          Aaron: You've given me two spark plugs so here's one I can give you: Pat.#4071800.

          It's also a 3 electrode plug. It's similar to the Water Sparkplug, except the capacitor has a separate electrode, and discharges into the inductive spark when the coil fires.


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            e3 Sparkplugs

            Hey Aaron,

            I remember a post of mine asking about spark plugs ..... I bought them as you suggested for my 82 GT Mustang w/ 5.0L hang on tight quite the performance increase !

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              Why don't we make our own ball shapped spark plug tip?

              Even with very limited tool, I can see the difference in spark size in ball shaped tip compare to ordinary one. I don't think three leg will make any difference if it only one that sparking at a time.

              I think making the spark plug tip round should be easy if you have torcher, preferable HHO torch.
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