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    Here is a patent to Johann Grander's reluctance motor. He has several variations I think. I've known about it for about about 8 years when I was first introduced to Grander technologies for water revitalization. I used the Penergizer for years with great results. Definite difference in the water!

    The reluctance motor goes 100,000 rpm and charges water in a "water battery" and the water retains the frequency and can transmit it to other water through the stainless steel "containers."

    It is one of the most documented water revitalization technologies in the world with real science.

    Johann Grander EP0074957a1

    It is in German so if anyone wants to translate the gist of it, that would be great!
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    i read in a book that he is working in the hundreds of thousands of hertz's to vitalize the water. i've had some of the water from his austrian water source and its quite staggeringly, well, clear.
    its a shame that there just isnt that much knowledge on this stuff.
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      Shame is that information is not shared because it is commercialized, I see these Penergizers go for $150 each.

      Perhaps one day another kind of human beings will inhabit this planet and they will care more about each other...beyond the point of amassing material wealth.
      Are the ravings of a lunatic signs of a genius?


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        Grander Water

        I agree about the commercialization but have to say without it Grander water would probably not be available. Since I work in water almost everyday somewhere in the world, when I come across a pool with Grander water I get very excited. It is the best water I have ever worked in and I have been in many pools!

        For Grander!!
        for gratitude, Inika