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    Hello All,
    I am starting this thread to let people see the different things I am trying and for anyone to offer suggestions.

    I have two alternators hook up to a .5 horsepower electric motor. I am only using one, but have learned it is wise for me to buy and build two of everything because I always end up destroying one.
    Setting the power supply to 3 volts and less than .5 amp I get 25-26 volts going into wfc. This produces quite a bit of gas and it is fine white foam, witch I have never observed using (DC) PWM or batteries. After I stop the power from entering the wfc it retains a voltage of 2.5 and sits there until I short it out. This is also the first time I have observed this. My cell is well conditions with a fine white coating on inner tubes.

    Here is a pic of my alternator. The top wire is grounded to alternator housing and goes to inner tube. The second is power coming out of alternator going to outer tube. The other cables are coming from power supply, they are hooked up to the alternator brushes witch are labeled FLD on this brand of alternator.

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    ignition coil

    I am trying this circuit for triggering an ignition coil. My first attempt failed and nothing but smoke came from the temp board I built. This circuit is for an electric fence. I hopefully will get it to work in the next few days and start hitting the cell with higher voltage.


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      I just saw this...

      If you haven't already figured this out, the electric fence and the stun gun approach won't work effectively. Been there tried that, even modified some areas I thought would make it work.
      The best way to go about what you are wanting to do is to use a Pulse Width Modulator (Modifier) also goes by PWM. You will be able to do what you want allot easier, safer and more efficiently.
      The PWM is user adjustable to whatever Frequency and Pulse Width you want, and the ones I use Closes the Ground side of the circuit. So you could run your positives for your cell off of your Alternator and Grounds to the PWM. The PWM will simply pulse the circuit open and closed at your pre-set target range.

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        thankyou for the reply Red.

        I have built three pwm's (they all work) and have two altenaters that I am using for power. one has the rectifier taken out and I connect to the stator wires and the other i left the rectifier in it. I only have a .5 horsepower motor and am looking for 1-2 horse for more rpm's.
        I got a little side tracked and built a micro tourch, and have been playing with it.
        Currently I am working on building a "VIC" and getting a lot of info from


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            Are those little CO2 Canisters Stainless or Aluminum?

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              A magnet sticks to them.
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