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  • Mileva Einstein

    Interesting write-up about Einstein's wife :

    (Btw I've got some strange names on my birth certificate and Maleva - slightly different spelling - is one of them.)

    XO Jessica
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    I would strongly disagree that Mileva Maric was a co-author of Einstein's Theory of relativity but it's certain she did a number of complicated computations for him since she was an accomplished mathematician.

    You should really look at work of Henri Poincare who pointed and derived a great deal of Theory of relativity several years before Einstein. Of course Einstein didn't recognize Poincare in any way but it's rather obvious that he used some of his concepts. Or there is a great coincidence at work.


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      From what I could gather in my research on this subject, I must agree with lighty on Poincare having a lot of "similar/identical". I'm also a strong believer that nothing is ever a conicidence, therefore Einstein and Poincare having identical works, I think not. Poincare was a known name back then wasn't he, while Einstein was a patent clerk (which brings us to another issue - that one of having acesss to unpublished materials of other researchers/inventors).

      As for Mileva Maric, if she had not done all the computation for the theory (and the theory itself), she did a fundamental and substential work on it that Einstein could not have done himself.

      Let's not forget the status of women back in those days who were not considered equal to men in many areas of life (including science, with some exceptions but those are far and a few). That could also be the reason she had not been credited early on, and definitely not later on when Einstein became a household name of sorts.
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        It's good to know what you have found out.

        At least it seems that Mileva was a help to Einstein.

        "Everything that I achieved in my life, I must thank Mileva. She is my genius inspirer, my protector against the hardships of life and science. Without her, my work would have never have been started nor finished." -Albert Einstein quote for Mileva Maric, in 1905.

        Mileva Maric-Einstein

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