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  • About Han Coler electricity generator


    I found out today about an electricity generator done around 1930 by a Coler.

    In this page they talk about 2 of his inventions.

    I would like your comments on the second one which they say can produce 6kwatts.


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    Rex Research

    Originally posted by bugler View Post

    I found out today about an electricity generator done around 1930 by a Coler.

    In this page they talk about 2 of his inventions.

    I would like your comments on the second one which they say can produce 6kwatts.


    Here is a link to a slightly more complete file on Coler's work.

    Hans Coler's "Magnetstromapparat" & "Stromzeuger" (British Intelligence Objectives SubCommittee Report #1043

    Notice in the Appendix 5 at the end of the file that an energy gain anomaly is documented in a circuit with an inductive collapse produced by a mechanical contacter. This is the same theme we have been looking at in so many of these other threads!

    Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.

    Open System Thermodynamics Perpetual Motion Reality Electric Motor Secrets
    Battery Secrets Magnet Secrets Tesla's Radiant Energy Real Rain Making
    Bedini SG: The Complete Handbook Series Magnetic Energy Secrets


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      Interesting History

      Some of the Nazi saucers were supposed to have been powered by Hans Coler's generators...this was after they moved away from BMW powered engines based on pure vertical thrust.
      Aaron Murakami

      Books & Videos
      RPX & MWO


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        Stromzeuger Query

        Has anyone attempted to replicate the Stromzeuger? I am very interested in this device. I have been studying all I could find about it but there seems to be missing details. I feel deep in my heart that this invention of Hans Coler has real merit. I have all the Rex Research data and so I am looking for any data I can find from other sources to shore up what details might be missing from the Rex data. I have found some information in German and I'll be getting it translated soon for further study. With this machine, we only have limited diagrams accompanying the intel.
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          Info from geocities query

          Originally posted by bugler View Post

          I found out today about an electricity generator done around 1930 by a Coler.

          In this page they talk about 2 of his inventions.

          I would like your comments on the second one which they say can produce 6kwatts.

          Hi Bugler,

          Do you have the information you referred to in the geocities link? The link is now down and I'd like to have a look at that info if you still have it available. Thanks!!

          Best Regards,


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            Another Good Hans Coler Site

            The invention of Hans Coler


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              Stromzeuger Replication Query

              Hi Fellow Experimenters,

              I would like to build the Stromzeuger Generator and therefore I would like to find out if there are any of you interested in building this device also, so that we can build it as a joint venture? I think several heads would work better than one on this device, since some of the instructions are not that easy to follow. Anyway, if you are interested, let me know and we will figure a way to set up our own site so we can communicate more freely about the setup. I have an acquaintance in UK who I know I can get to help also and he is an electrical engineer.

              Best Regards,


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                Originally posted by Slovenia View Post
                Has anyone attempted to replicate the Stromzeuger?
                It appears the answer is yes:
                Coler Converter

                The Geocities links can still be accessed trough

                Hans Coler invention part 1/3
                Hans Coler invention part 2/3
                Hans Coler invention part 3/3


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                  Thank You


                  Thanks for your response to my post and also for the working links to the old geocities files. The replication pic you attached was for the other invention of Hans Coler, (i.e.: The Magnetstromapparat). I do appreciate your taking the time to respond to my response though. I know that Professor Schumann and a few other German experimenters from the WWII era did replicate the Stromerzeuger apparatus, but no pictures have surfaced of those replications. The information provided by Hans Coler and Professor Schumann on the Stromerzeuger is very hard to follow precisely. When you try to break all the individual aspects down for replication it becomes very hard to really know how they actually did certain things. It's like a big secret or something. Operation Paper Clip probably made sure that all that type of information was buried properly.

                  From what I have read concerning Nazi saucer technologies, it does appear that a device similar in concept to the magnetstromapparat was used for powering some of the later saucers. It was better known as a Coler Tachyon Converter, and I can't find any useful information on the device at all. All I find are just references to the Tachyon Converter but no descriptions of its operational scenario.

                  Anyway, thanks again for your response!!

                  Best Regards,


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                    Magnetstromapparat Saucer Info

                    I've been reading whatever I could find about Hans Coler devices and the 3rd Reich. The Germans didn't waste a lot of time with things that didn't work, and it seems that they utilized a version of the Coler Magnetstromapparat in combination with multiple large van der graf generators and a magnetic motor in their later saucers. The Tachyon Converter was the designation given to the upgraded Magnetstromapparat utilized in the saucers. I'm trying to locate specific information on the later Tachyon Converter, but so far have been unable to do so. I feel that like the Stromzeuger they must have also utilized a battery input, since the saucers with the Tachyon Converter had a max of 55 hours in the air at their disposal. This meant that power of some sort was required to be input into the device.

                    Anyway, if any of you know something more about these devices, please share what you know with us. Thanks!!


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                      Just ran into the following info about a.o. the Coler device:


                      Hans Coler, in 1933 in Germany, constructed a circuit using magnets, coils, and capacitors, with a resonance which would tap an unknown source to light lamps.
                      He stated that his research into the nature of magnetism had lead him to conclude that ferro-magnetism was an oscillating phenomena with a frequency of about 180 KHz. This oscillation took place in the magnetic circuit of the apparatus and induced in the electrical circuit oscillations, the frequency of which of course depends on the values of the components used. These two phenomena interact and gradually build up a tension.


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                        Here's another quote from the last link of lamare's

                        A final quote from Nikola Tesla: “Throughout space there is energy, it is a mere
                        question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very
                        wheelwork of Nature….The knowledge that there is throbbing through the Earth,
                        energy available everywhere, would exert a strong stimulus on students,
                        mechanics and inventors of all countries. This would be productive of infinite
                        good. Conditions such as never existed before would be brought about. It would
                        enable Man to dispense with the necessity of mining, pumping, transporting and
                        burning of fuels, and so do away with innumerable causes of waste! New
                        frontiers might be opened, unlimited power for all the world, inexpensive power
                        for the farmer to light and heat his home, to drive his tractor, to harvest his grain,
                        to increase his food output, electric power for millions of homes, so economical
                        that every appliance could be operated electrically. The real beginning of a
                        ‘Golden Age of Civilization.”
                        Hehe Thanks Nikola I hear ya.


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                          German Replication of Coler Stromerzeuger Device

                          This gentleman, Alf, is an electrical engineer and a mechanical engineer. This is the device he built. I'm trying to get more information on the device from him.

                          Coler-Energie-Konverter – expliki


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                            Run dmc - chc & el

                            Research and some successful replications of scaled down Leedskalnin PMH and scaled down Daniel McFarland Cook Electromagnetic Battery have lead me to read all I can about German Naval Captain Hans Coler and "his" two devices, the Magnetstromapparat (Magnetic Current Apparatus) and the Stromzeuger (Power Generator.) A version of the latter reputed to have powered Coler's home with 6 KW out from 3 small dry batteries input. This was said to have been destroyed by an Allied bomb along with his home.

                            I plan to write up my experiences with replications of Leedskalnin's PMH and DMC coils in another thread, but wanted to pass along my latest (if dated) find on Coler:


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                              video of back emf amplification

                              Gotoluc's 1st video; He increases output by sparking back EMF through a Neo magnet:

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