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    The double tuner acts as an amplifier when we tune for "Q".

    Raising the voltage in the transmitter through an extra coil to the antenna capacitor, raises the voltage on the receiver capacitors in resonance, instantaneously regardless, of distance.

    Dr. Dollard explains that the total value of the dielectric field is "Phi" and equal to one. He defines this as "Counterspace" because the dielectric field has no location.

    We can raise the voltage instantly raising capacitance in the resonant receivers, with no resistance, by tuning the amplifier up in the broadcast transmitter along with them. The inductive coupling would have to be tightened to increase the power.

    We need to tune for capacitance. A "Quantum entanglement" results.

    A crystal radio can illuminate LED's from Hertzian radio waves. Gotoluc's "Tinsel coil" does just that, and has nothing to do with Tesla's work. Hoodwinked?
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      Conjugate theory

      Dr. Dollard explains the entire Electromagnetic nature of the Universe as an LC tank resonance with a frequency based on the Planck constant harmonic. Two ways to store power, Capacitive electric and Inductive magnetic.

      Everything from Spiral Galaxy formation to DNA!


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          Looping diode

          Attaching a flyback diode to the end of a stack of Neo magnets and sparking reverse current through them back to the positive of the power source will measure gain. This is the Nazi UFO secret.

          Power has been curtailed to over half a million customers in Northern California while we this kind of suppressed technology remains on the shelf.
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            relative ground

            A grounded coil wth an antenna and capacitor in between will build a charge on the positive electrode. A negative charge will match it from the Earth on the negative electrode. This charge is proportional to the area and height of the antenna.

            When the positive electrode of the receiver capacitor is charged by the transmission wave, it has the same effect as raising or enlarging the antenna. The positive charge is elevated and is matched by a negative charge that is generated by the Earth's spinning molten iron core.

            The rise in voltage at frequency is a scaler or longitudinal wave that has no fixed location. The "Earth Ground" can be anywhere; The actual Ground is in "counter space".


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              The backspike exceeds the input when the magnet polarity's correct; The input is so minuscule, the flyback voltage is very close to the battery voltage. This one's earning money!

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                "The characteristics of the spark channel plasma formed in the external longitudinal magnetic field are studied experimentally. In experiment, the current-voltage, optical, and spectral characteristics of the discharge were measured and analyzed. Synchronization of the pulsed electric and magnetic fields was performed. The effect of the magnetic field on the radial expansion of the spark channel, the shock wave formation, as well as the changes in the balance of energy and temperature in the ionized plasma of the high-pressure gas discharge were analyzed. It was found out that, in the strong longitudinal magnetic field, the temperatures of electrons and ions in the spark channel become equal. The current density, the plasma channel conductivity of the spark channel, and the specific energy deposition into the discharge increased. The channel plasma parameters were analyzed as functions of the external magnetic field".

                A schematic of what a spark amplification looks like under secondary field amplification:
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