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    Here I'm lighting 11 LEDs with 2 AA batteries in series with BEMF I'm passing through a large Neo sphere magnet with a loose wire oscillation.
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        the interruption is a random spark. loosen a connection for a sympathetic oscillation.
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          Negative resistance

          Amplification of backspike power through a magnet must have an inverse corollary to Ohm's law. Coler is credited with elongating the magnet into a sliver wire.

          Length of the magnet conductor would have an inverse Ohm negative resistance ratio for BEMF!

          Quote from Gotoluc:

          "Another thing is electricity travels in a circular motion or polarity around the wire, so if the wire sticks to the magnet then you need to try it on the other side".

          a voltage from outside the circuit when the current is interrupted!
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            Would a second Neo magnet sphere elongate the high voltage spark further? A negative Ohm would result if so!



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              3x magnets:

              Gotoluc triples his magnets and generates additional power: Proof of the "Negative Ohm":

              "By pulsing the coil I can raise the voltage up to about 80 volts which is nothing new, however in the next experiment I add 3 pcs. of 1/4" cylinder neo magnets and pulse the top of the magnets and the voltage shoots up in less then a 1/4 of the time and can now raise up to 180v".
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                  Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points. The distance between two points equals length!

                  Not the strength of the magnet field, but the distance between the beginning and end of the magnet conductor!
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                    Negative Ohms

                    For any given magnet strength material, the negative resistance is directly proportional to the distance between the electrodes.


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                      Here is the streamlined converter. This long magnet conductor can shuttle an amified back spike.
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                        Reed switch.

                        here's a very simple flyback generator that improves coler's loose connection approach by enclosing the spark in a vacuum tube;


                        Running the reverse current from the switch interruption through a line of axial magnets will amplify the power.

                        The current is polarized and accelerates toward the attracting pole inside the field of the magnet conductor. The output is a function of the acceleration time and distance of the current inside the nested power field of the magnet conductor. The current will increase velocity toward infinite voltage with sufficient distance.

                        There appears to be a "Radiant attribute" of the flyback current that interfaces with the magnet field that does not accompany ordinary current.
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                          linear track

                          Each 1" axial magnet can be compared to a segment in a linear magnet track. The magnets are accelerating an electrical charge rather then an object. The description of "Thin (silver) magnet rods" connected to Hans Coler's generator is accompanied by a schematics of what appears to be an interlocking maze of magnet rods packed inside a box. Perhaps hundreds of axial magnets can be arranged in series and packaged neatly this way.
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                            cook battery

                            Wrapping the coil around the magnet cylinders would copy Daniel Mcfarland Cook's patent.

                            I believe the Cook battery may have used the magnet core as a hi voltage secondary for the interrupted backspike.
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                              Gadgetmall went over unity with a piggyback output coil that collected the BEMF from a primary pulse coil that shared the same ferrite core.

                              The magnetized core amplified the backspike.

                              A neutralization pulse on a GAP motor coil would recover amplified backspike if the magnet was extended and wrapped with a piggyback backspike recovery coil like Gadgetmall, that worked wirelessly through induction.


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                                I liked the look of the output from the automotive coil. I wonder it it would be worth trying to step it down with an identical auto coil?

                                Another fun one that might be worth trying is, taking a length of insulated Nickel wire and winding it into quite a chunky air coil, then using said air coil as a magnetizable toroid core for a toroid transformer or inducter for a buck booster. The Nickel and the primary of the transformer, or inducter, all depending, could be connected in series. Then start pulsing by whatever means and see what comes out.

                                After thinking about it for a while, in hindsight the idea concerning the Nickel has a few problems with it. A few too many to mention them all. But the idea of sending current or BEMF'S down a magnetized conducter sounds very interesting.

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