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electro magnet questions

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  • electro magnet questions

    Hi everyone

    I have been studying the various alternative energy methods and am very intrigued. I feel I have come to my limit of "book knowledge" without practical experience. I have put in a great deal of time reading and am now getting started on a couple of projects (ssg and Stanley meyers cell). I have various parts and pieces ordered. I look forward to being able to contribute a bit here finally. Anyways my purpose in this thread is dealing with other experiments. I am tying to learn how to make electro magnets for moving wieghts up a fixed track by repulsion. At this point I'm not looking for a linear motor just two magents to repel hard off each other and lift a weight 20 to 50 lbs a foot or two up. the configureation I have in mind is two horse shoes with poles turned opposite to each other. I'm looking to find a good method to get the strongest, largest field with the least current draw. Do any of you know any good websites that explain this, or have practical experience? Do I want small gauge or large gauge wire, lots of wraps or a few? What kind of core would be best: solid iron. iron filings, magnetite, etc. Is there a better way to maximize repulsion than horse shoes? If this isn't specific enough just say so. Any information or experience you could give would be of great worth to me. Thanks for all the time and effort you all give

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    Magnetite cores make a weak electromagnet, they should rather be used as a generator pickup coil cores. I would suggest silicon steel for the cores and as thin sheets as you can get. Maybe you can use an old microwave oven transformer cores for this, that should work well. Also, there is not much difference in the magnetic field strength if you have only one winding around the core and use 100 amps, or you have 100 windings around the core and use only 1amp. I would suggest to use a basic SSG circuit to pulse those electromagnets, because this way you can get most of the input energy back. Also, if you look up the ēlectric motor secrets" thread, you can find the circuit that allows to put all that recovered energy right back on the input side via a capacitor so you don't need any charging batteries. This will minimize your input power for the same amount of work done. As for your idea, I would make a rail system with electromagnets along each side. Also there would be a platform on that slides that could slide in either direction. Next we put some strong magnets on that slide so that they move as near the electromagnets as possible. All we have to do now is to give the platform a small push, the first set of electromagnets will push the platform further via the Bedini SSG circuit, then the next set of electromagnets will take over and so on. I hope you understood what I mean
    Thank you and good luck!
    It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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      Happy Birthday To You!!

      HI Jettis!!!!!!

      I hope you the best day of the year today!!!!

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        Thank you Peper10
        It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.