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  • switch reluctant motors

    I was watching one of Peter Lindemann's video's and he said his attraction motor is almost the same as a switch reluctant motor. I did some reading on this and it seems reluctant motors are used in very limited ways because of problems, which wasn't clear to me.

    If reluctant (attraction) motors are as good as normal electric motors minus the Back EMF why aren't they used in scooters or wheelchairs etc....? (maybe they are I donít know)

    I understand the novelty of Lindemannís circuitry is the recycled (recovery of ) energy (50%-80%) but my question has to do with why arenít switch reluctant (attraction) motors used more in transportation vehicles such as motorcycles, autos etc....

    Except for the recovery of energy, I can find nothing really novel in the Bob Teal patents. It looks like he built a big solenoid motor and recovered the energy. If this is true then all I have to work on is the recovery circuit and just buy a simple solenoid motor or a reluctant motor.

    Iím open to explanations if Iím some how missing something because Iím trying to learn, but please donít flame me for asking questions, (which sometimes I feel Iíve gotten on this forum for asking probing questions)

    thanks for the help !

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    Piston Operated

    My personal opinion is that Bob Teal's motor was piston-operated, thus was able to utilize the powerful pull force of the electromagnet more effectively. But this is only an opinion.
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