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Successsful Utilizing "free" / radiant energy

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  • Successsful Utilizing "free" / radiant energy

    Hello to all,

    since I still got no result on this question, I like to turn it over to you / the people within this forum:

    what is at present the easiest and evident way of achieving and utilizing radiant / "free" energy (in the meaning, to have an mechanical / electrical or chemical output) ?

    Until recent I thought, it might be the Bedini SG, but it is difficult to state defined results without advanced technical means, while showing no more transparency.
    What other devices do we have now, that are giving clearly "OU"-results, by replicating and without the need of complex setup and arrangement?

    thanx for replying and hints.


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    What kind of info are you looking for?

    Using radiant energy to charge batteries achieves a potential infinite COP. Basically it charges more batteries than it drains in the Bedini systems. I've seen the results posted here on this board and even asked about it. If you can charge 2 batteries for every 1 you drain you get one full charge for free out of every charging session. The Bedini website posts a test where he ran 12 batteries off just 1 battery. Thats a 12 to 1 ratio, imagine what you could do with each of those 12 batteries times 12?

    As far as practical application..

    Batteries can be used to power a home, car, or pretty much any electrical device. If you can charge basically for free then your powering everything for next to nothing, minus the cost of materials and maintenance.

    The systems have also been implicated in supper efficient electrolysis, which creates usable hydrogen to burn from water etc.

    With the use of Lindamen's efficient motor designs and other radical technology like that, the sky's the limit really. You're only limited by your ability to read and research and do the experiments for yourself. The problem with Radiant energy is that as of yet it cannot be measured, so there is no way to test it other than to do the experiments. As it is I'm preparing to run my first set of proof of concept runs on the bedini systems.
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      Patience is the key


      At first I was like you, inpatient for getting free energy. Bedini's systems are truly free energy systems in my opinion, and very valuable ones indeed, why? Because at the end we want to power our loads, and Batteries do exactly that. These machines really boost batteries, and lower their internal impedance, so, they will be able to give more current.

      Bedini's SSG is the most documented and proven device out there in the Internet, as far as I know. How much did you test your SSG? How many coils have you added?

      Radiant Technology is about pulsing coils and discharging capacitors abruptly, why don't you try replicating Gray's Tube or even build a Tesla Coil for lighting fluorescent lamps?

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        radiant energy production

        If you have an SG charging batteries, you will already be using radiant energy to charge batteries. Efficiency is another issue dealing with fine tuning, etc... So, the SG is probably one of the easiest ways to use radiant energy right now.
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          Electrolysis is another good simple method that has been well tested... Haven't tride it myself but Faraday's Law states exctly how much gas you should be able to produce with a certain amount of electricity so if you can produce more gas then this "law" states then it is clearly over unity. Bit more dangerous then the SSG since you will be dealing with explosive gases.
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            Even if you cant see a one to one charge from a bedini motor, name another motor on the market that has a recovery option capable of collecting at least 80% of wasted/unused energy and converting it into useable power. Think about this.

            If you design/scale your Bedini motor for shaft output and you're able run that motor from an appropriate c20 battery, WHILE collecting 80% plus depending on configuration on the backend, in a method that actually improves the batteries rather than slowly damages them, isnt this something to marvel at?

            Doesnt solar/wind power sound so much more promising if you only need to top up 20% to be back to square one?

            I think it all boils down to effeciencies... something that has been long absent in nearly all terms of consumerism.
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