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Natural Tesla Coil!

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  • Natural Tesla Coil!

    Hi everyone,

    These pictures are my Christmas present for you all, hope you love nature's beauties, and how these are designed by a universal mind. Interesting to know that these shells have spirals which grow by the Golden Mean Ratio scale.

    The first picture really amazed me as it was very similar to a small Tesla coil!
    I wonder how can we apply the golden mean to designing motors and coils?

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    Humility, an important property for a COP>1 system.

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    Elias I have recently been reading alot of stuff regarding teslas works. I think he truely understood nature and interactions within nature. Most interesting to me at the moment was the information about what actually occurs in the bifilar coil and how the energies (plural) flow.

    I am beginning to see that all matter around us is in a sea of energy, and if we are able to understand it and tap into it then anything is possible. We search for inspiration in so many places, yet as seen here perhaps we just need to go for a walk along the beach and LOOK at what we often dismiss.
    "Once you've come to the conclusion that what what you know already is all you need to know, then you have a degree in disinterest." - John Dobson


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      Viktor Schauberger

      Yes Ren,

      I have to put some time on reading Schauberger's Ideas, as I think that he understood the flow of energies in spirals.

      Nature is showing us how she operates, but we are too blind to see.
      Humility, an important property for a COP>1 system.