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Radiowaves + Saltwater = New energy source?

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  • Radiowaves + Saltwater = New energy source?

    Turning Water into Fuel - Popular Science
    YouTube - Water Fuel 1 of 4

    Hello Everyone,
    I just wanted to share this and see what all of the bright minds in this forum have to say about it ;]
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    very nice
    Unfortunately the do ot say how much energy is used for the RF generator.
    It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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      Ive seen this before....

      One interesting thing is that they do give his frequency he was using, and it appears that they were just running the frequency through the water....So maybe 14 MHz is a frequency to look into in our Projects.
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        well, as long as you have the RF frequency you could just keep increasing the amperage until it finally works! right? I wonder what the best method is for finding the MOST efficient frequency because I suspect there is a number of different harmonic frequencies that do just the same at different amplitudes. He did find this on accident so it probably isn't in it's most efficient form. You guys rock.