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Spark Plugs....Firestorm Alternative?

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  • Spark Plugs....Firestorm Alternative?

    These plugs are some decent, reasonably priced spark plugs for those who can't afford $25 ea for Pulstars and can't wait for Firestorms.....These are very well constructed, sold by Big Name Companies that Honor the warranties and on average of $6 ea it's worth a shot....I will be using them in my Project car and will post my findings, or if someone wants to try them first feel free! (Aaron ).

    You can read about them here:
    E3 Spark Plugs

    They are available at alott of places just click on the "where to Buy" Tab...
    Places like Advance, Summit, even JcWhitney!

    (psst...Don't Tell Anyone, But I'm Really Not Mean!)

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    spark plugs

    Hi Red,

    These look great!

    I've seen these E3 plugs quite a while back but never tried them but glad to see they're in some mainstream stores to develop some documentation if they are or are not what they are cracked up to be.

    The "cut back" plug electrode modification the mention has been around for a long time and anyone can do it to their own plugs by simply snipping back a little bit of the ground electrode so the spark will not get as trapped by the ground electrode exposing more of the spark more openly to the fuel/air mixture. Maybe around 1mm cut more or less. They are utilizing this concept and taking it a bit further.

    I hope to see a lot of input from others here who can really get into specifics on this topic.

    As far as the sharp edges building up the "electrons" more, that would be valid too simply for the fact that any sharp edge closer to something than the rest of it is simply a concentrated point of a shorter distance (path of least resistance). But, I also think that there is also more chance for accelerated wear at those areas.

    On the tech page of their website, they say "The spark itself does not occur until there is an avalanche of electrons migrating from the two electrodes (anode to the cathode)."

    The electrons (not proven to exist but...) actually move from ground TOWARDS the positive anode. They're claim means negatively charged electrons are moving towards negatively charged ground -- like charge moving to like charge. It is the high voltage positive potential that builds on the anode and when it can jump the gap, at that moment, the electron current moves in the opposite direction towards it. They missed it on this one I believe, but of course that has nothing to do with the plugs working or not.

    They're cheap enough to experiment with at least.

    Here is another plug that I think has more history to it. I haven't tried them either but do know people who have and they say they actually do get increased power and mileage.
    Extreme Spark.Com Torque masters. No ground electrode hiding the spark and to me it seems to be a little more on the plasma side than a simple spark.
    Here is a comparision between torquemaster and splitfire.
    Torque Master Spark Plugs - Videos

    Besides the firestorms, the plugs I'm interested in are:

    Pulstar's - if it had different geometry, I think even more exciting.
    ??? one more I can't seem to find at the moment

    After I get through the tank I'm on for one car with the non-fouler o2 sensor mod and go thru 1 more tank after, I'll get some plugs. I'm thinking about the pulstars, but not sure yet.
    Aaron Murakami

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