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Interesting Observation in Magnetic Forces

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  • Interesting Observation in Magnetic Forces

    Hello everyone,

    I recently came across a web page on Naudin's website ( which demonstrates the fact that the push pull force of a magnet is about 200% greater than the force exerted by it when sliding them over each other and proposes a method for building a self running magnet motor.

    So this fact can also be used in electric motor design, because an electromagnet behaves so much like a normal magnet when current passes through it. To maximize torque we must use the most of the forces that the stator electromagnet on the rotor (attraction or repulsion makes no difference).

    I have pointed out how to apply this phenomenon to attraction motors here:

    The main trick is to use the most out of the magnetic field produced to maximize the mechanical output. Bob Teal's magnetic attraction motor was piston operated thus it was able to use all of the pull force of the electromagnet, which is more more than double the sliding force of it (according the Naudin's experiments), but rotary motors can utilize both the pulling force and the sliding force of it but both of them partially. That means it utilizes the both forces of the electromagnet but not all of the both forces some of the forces are wasted while exerting force on the crank shaft, I was wondering:
    1- Does the torque produced in piston operated engines outweigh rotary motors?
    2- How to increase the utilization of most of both magnetic forces to produce even more torque?

    Any comments?

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    Interesting stuff Elias. Thanks for the post, I have a friend in another forum who is building a horizontally opposed electromagnetic piston motor who Im sure will find this information applicable.
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      Originally posted by elias View Post
      2- How to increase the utilization of most of both magnetic forces to produce even more torque?
      Not sure about #1, but here's a thought on #2.

      Picture a 3 spoked wheel without the rim.
      On the end of each spoke would be 2 neo magnets, on the left side of the spoke the neo would be facing north out, on the right side it would be facing south out.
      The coils would be arched so that both ends would interact with the rotor. This way when the coil fired one end would attract while the other would repel.

      I know...a lot of flaws there, but it's just a thought.