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* NEW RELEASE * The Electrical Properties of Interfacial Water by Kurt Kung, PhD

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  • * NEW RELEASE * The Electrical Properties of Interfacial Water by Kurt Kung, PhD

    * NEW RELEASE * The Electrical Properties of Interfacial Water and the Possible Tools to Measure the Subtle Water Characteristics in Vitro by Kurt Kung, Ph.D.

    At the 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Dr. Gerald Pollack who is a professor at the University of Washington presented on the 4th Phase of Water. This is considered to be some of the most authoritative and advanced science in the world of subtle energy research dealing with water.

    Dr. Kurt Kung attended the University of Washington and worked closely with Dr. Pollack who was his adviser at the time and currently, they are partners in ongoing water research and technologies. So if you are looking for more authoritative information on methods to measure subtle energy changes in water, this is the presentation for you.



    Dr. Kung starts with an overview of some of his work with EZ water, which is the 4th Phase of Water known as "Exclusion Zone" water, which you would be familiar with if you studied Dr. Pollack's work. This is what Dr. Kung is referring to when he is discussing the properties of Interfacial Water and its net negative charge.

    The charge separation that happens when this EZ water is produced is very important because there are two very different types of water that are in close proximity to each other and they do not mix. Therefore, there is a high and low potential or dipole that is formed directly in the water.

    What that means is that you can literally create a battery using one source of water that is simply in contact with a hydrophilic surface, which in turn creates the EZ water separation - if you have two potential differences in that water, then you have a battery. That in fact is what Dr. Kung did - by stringing a bunch of those water cells in series, he was able to light an LED to prove the point. It is a ways off before this is something that can produce large amounts of power, but it is in its infancy and is a profound discovery.

    The Electrical Properties of Interfacial Water and the Possible Tools to Measure the Subtle Water Characteristics in Vitro
    Aaron Murakami

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    Is this thread for the discussion of the truthfullness of water or a sales thread?
    Best to ask before launching into why this is PURE fantasy, yes?


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      So I emailed Jerry Pollack the following....

      Lets see if he replies....

      Jerry Pollack
      After reading
      and It is appropriate you are keep up to date with what else is going on in the world.

      As the email suggests, I am an associate of Joe Booker of JoeCells fame in Australia.
      For the last 27 years, Joe has experimented with Water in literally 1000's of experiments. Joe has built many Cells and no 2 are the same. some barely fit in a pickup, others in the palm of your hand.
      Many of these experiments were for parties who had purpose to see certain water experiments relating to their industry. Some are on video, some have water test reports.

      You can make an appointment, to see any experiment with water I make reference to, as in reality, no video, no report, no eye-witness testimony will suffice other than to be present and see it done yourself for what I am about reveal.

      Lets get straight to the point... the videos here.... using the password wizzzard777 records again, as this isnt the first time it has been done, Shows that 240VAC filtered and rectified to 48 VDC applied to a Antenna known as a JoeCell, restructures water into OIL and there are 2 camera views that day showing the fire/explosion from alighting it with a Match.

      This same JoeCell when the DC electrodes are reversed, will take ocean or 'sea water' and turn it into fresh potable water. Many Videos exist of this demo. In fact, once we poured runny concrete into the cell and with about 16 seconds of DC current, I drank the potable water. With this same 'water into oil' JoeCell, one can also take Sea water and make it drinkable with yet another placement of the DC Electrodes, in fact make it a food and water for irrigation of plants as explained here...

      You might be interested to know that there are 4 electrode placements that give 4 completely different results with Water.

      What the 'problem' is with all water science... It starts off assuming Water is H2O. This is based upon the experiment of 2 differing metal electrodes in a caustic solution. This firmly places one's Mind inside a Box after this Every School student wins a prize of entrapment lesson.

      What is different about JoeCells, is they have Neutral Plates inbetween the active plates and some even have more than 2 active plates. There is a simple 'equation; for building these devices of JoeCells and its publicly available on pdf.

      With Neutral Plates the Water results CHANGE when a Magnetic Field Generation Device is placed in the water and powered with DC.

      To exemplify this point, Here is a product that I pioneered back in 1996, based upon that energises the water for advanced healing, anti-aging, rejuvenation and all round better health. And thats only a small part of what it does. Here's the video comparing the Aqua Chi Antenna Array to the IonCleanse where ours have 6 electrodes and one Neutral Plate whereas the Ioncleanse duplicates "electrolysis" with just 2 electrodes and electrocutes the tomato, killing it very quickly. The problem here is that Bob Moroney thought his HHO water science could duplicate our Magnetic Water Science and so he took our fantastic Healing device and gave 'footbaths' a bad name for everyone. see my other items too

      If you want an independent verification of these types of experiments, Contact XXX at XXXXXXX Georgia, USA email above.

      Attached is another independent report of both the Electric DC JoeCell and the In-Line Magnetic Cell as anything Joe can do with a Car Battery for DC he can do with Ring Magnets just to further add more real science to Water. Dan Winter's first "Imploder" was a copy of an inline magnetic JoeCell. Again, this is so impressive when seen in person, many try to duplicate the designs but use the wrong atomic theories for reverse engineering. Another example of attempted reverse engineering was by Robert Gourlay after an ALL DAY demo of JoeCells (I was present) and in particular one where Ocean Water was pumped through a Ring Magnet and exited as Pure Fresh Water with NO By-Products. Charlie Spiers the former Director of Earth Resources for the Victorian Gov't had to come back a second time to understand the true nature of Water and Electricity. I was present that day too.

      Would you like to know the real Atomic Structure of Water and why a car battery will transmute it into oil and why rocks can be drank as water with the SAME Cell by reversing the electrodes? Or as I like to say it.... Duplicating the Earths Magnetic Fields upon the Underground Waters. Perhaps science is essentially or intentionally confusing?




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        Cold transmutation SYN-Tech

        Shawberger vortex

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          Secrets of water from the 1600's to 1930's


          [VIDEO] gMUVU5e_j&index=12[/VIDEO]


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            So some 16 minutes later Jerry Pollack replies;

            Dear Lynn,

            Thanks for you long, informative, and fascinating piece. Tantalizing!

            Iím not clear why, exactly, you sent it to me.

            Is it merely for information? Or, did you have some other purpose in mind?

            All good wishes

            One can deduct many things from this quick short response.

            1... He has an open mind and wants to know where I am coming from first.
            2... He never had time to click on any link and read it.
            3... He has reserved his 'opinion' as more information is required.
            4... or he has a closed mind and waits to see if any 'point' can be capitalized upon.... time will tell.

            It is going to be difficult for him to grasp the fact that most everything he believes to be true is a Lie.... Having done these water experiments for 23 years, we are not making this up... getting the world to take a fresh look at the 2 electrodes verses Multi electrodes, correcting the Atomic Structure isnt going to be easy.... How does a PhD admit all he's wrote is false? He lives and breathes by the rule "Publish or be Damned". So he must publish anything he can about water in order to get accolades regardless of the truthfulness.

            I will give him another day before responding to see if he actually did his homework before engaging in more discourse.


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              I forwarded the email and Jerry's reply to

              Kurt Kung

              Lets see his response

              He's part of some Electrical BIO-Engineering group

              That is interesting given the Cross Germination of Seeds, where seeds germinating in the presence of each other share DNA. Its the Practical application of Luc Montagnier... DNA Teleportation Patent. Which TOO is based upon Water Has Memory. For which academia scorns him. I emailed him too back in 2007 or so... right after it was patented.. But he could reply as our experiments were done in 1999 so it predates his out of the box thinking. So he just HAD TO IGNORE it. to respond would give evidence of I did it first.

              The Aqua Chi Field Generator will cross germinate seeds (share DNA) of differing species. Our Field Frequency generator needed for the apparatus to teleport DNA is much better than Luc's.

              Stay tuned for the dismantling of Fake Science.

              Aaron.... was it Gandhi that said.... "First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they join you" ????