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  • The Science of Tesla's Magic

    After showing, in Tesla’s own words, what a Magnifying Transmitter is in
    “Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter – recreating Tesla’s dream”

    And, again in Tesla’s own words, showing the history of the Wardenclyffe project in
    “The Battle for Wardenclyffe – a story in letters”

    I showed how to interpret Tesla’s most famous article in
    “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy – explained: The Tesla Code”

    And now it is time for the final instalment:
    “The Science of Tesla’s Magic”

    This book connects magic to science to religion, all based on Tesla’s legacy and my work over the last decades. It goes from the smallest scale, the structure of the ether, to the largest, the structure of the universe.
    It explains theories, provides you with the math, shows and explains my experiments and some of Tesla’s.
    It is a full-colour print with many pictures and diagrams to support the text.

    This book is one of its kind.

    It will be available on Amazon, by the end of this month (if all goes as planned)
    Once available, I will send Aaron a copy for review and hopefully, you will then read about it in his newsletter.

    I think that if you liked my first book and/or you are interested in Tesla's work and theories, you will LOVE this book. I genuinely believe that.

    Here is a sneak-peek:

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    I am happy to announce that the book is now available on Amazon:

    Have a look and tell me what you think.



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      No kindle edition?


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        Sorry, no.
        Maybe after I sell a thousand copies or so.



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          Some more sneak peeks for those who might be interested.
          As you can see it is a full-colour print with many pictures and graphs to clarify and support the text.

          Because it is a full-colour print, the price comes out a bit higher than I would like it to be.
          But there is something I can do about that.
          IF you trust me enough to send me the money in advance in crypto, I can order it for you at a 10 USD discount. As that involves a bit of work for me too, I cannot do that for 100's of people. But, as I do want this info to get in the hands of as many as possible I will do what I can.
          If you want to take this offer, send me a PM.

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            Hi Ernst,

            I’m really looking forward to buying your new book as the last one I read was amazing!

            I am working on the mechanical magnifying transmitter and you are working on the electrical version.

            Tesla’s Thermodynamic Transformer consisting of transmitter and receiver including turbine and pump / compressor are mechanical analogies of what Tesla was doing with his coils.

            Added bonus with electrical version is ability to send standing waves through the earth and increase the voltage of the ground and make it like hairpin circuit?

            The mechanical version can do things the electrical version cannot which is why it was Tesla’s final works.

            The possibility of enhancing the natural earth voltage would be amazing and also having the ability to send and receive internet with no delay.

            This is something to focus on for sure!


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              Thank you for your kind comment!
              I believe I saw you in one of Aaron's recent video uploads. Am I right?
              You're doing great and fascinating work . It aligns with how I describe in this book scientific research should be conducted; more of an art.
              I'm looking forward to seeing the (final) results.



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                “For those skilled in the art”

                As you well know, to become skilled in the art you have to build the machines to understand exactly what Tesla means.

                The patents are written like a riddle to only make sense to those who build and become skilled in the art.

                That is Jeremiah and Dr Guy Wilson who are my research partners based in Idaho.

                I am based in Plymouth, England.

                The most recent discovery has got to be the most significant of all!

                When the Tesla pump rim reaches Mach 0.7 it becomes a four stroke engine.

                The four stroke happening is one direction along the spiral path.

                Suck at the inlet

                Compression along the spiral path

                Power at the periphery as the air phase changes into cloud and the viscosity jumps 85 times

                Exhaust out of the volute casing

                The simplest heat engine that could ever exist.

                No pistons, vanes, blades, buckets, valves, oil, filters, seals, cams, gaskets, coolant, breather, servicing and soon the bearings will be omitted when I figure out Tesla’s air bearing design!

                Adding the turbine is mechanical alchemy as the turbine is a condenser (capacitor).

                Then we can pump air to water! Gallons a minute!

                Also the two shafts rotating at different speeds become Tesla’s 1889 dynamo!


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                  I made it on the Amazon HOT NEW Releases page, and.... as #1!

                  Had to share that with you guys!
                  for those who bought!

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                    How would "the Science of Tesla's Magic" explain a DC power source transmuting water into oil?

                    Or pumping sea water through a ring magnet and its coming out fresh potable with ALL the ppm's transmuted into water....

                    Theory first and then the independent report of this process and its practical applications.

                    Surly Tesla science can explain water into oil yes? The Earths Magnetic Fields do it all the time to underground water..... unless one's fossil brain has been propagandaized..... then you believe NON Tesla Science..... and that aint magic

                    use the password wizzzard777 to see the video's..........


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                      With all due respect, MerLynn, I don't think your question belongs in this thread as it has nothing to do with Tesla's work, nor with the book that is being discussed here. If you want to promote your work, please start your own thread. It is just as easy.




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                        With all due respect Ernst, If you are going to write a book on Tesla's magic then would you not consider what has been discovered since his death about his magic pertinent to the subject?

                        If your book of a "Magnifying Transmitter" was 100% correct than this forum would cease to exist and the new energy source would be available as a pdf or similar.

                        I do not agree with the general consensus of opinion on the role of the Wardenclyffe Tower. I say its a Neutral Center device between heaven and earth based on harmonics. I further state that the Snow Job on Tesla was so complete that the crumbs left purposely keeps the Truth about the True nature of what Energy actually is remaining buried.. Stay tuned....

                        There is NO problem increasing human energy which implies there is more than one problem... The Human body's energy problem has already been fixed with the invention of the Q2 Spa/Aqua Chi based upon Tesla's Radiant Energy and Keely's Neutral Center. But they BOTH use the Science of Walter Russell. The Device for unlimited personal energy production has already been achieved. It comes in the form of the Tesla designed fisher and paykel motor. But more on that later. To do ANYTHING other than make this Universal Energy available as a personal 'generator' will only perpetuate a METER being placed on your usage... Your desire to build a Magnifying transmitter, is in my opinion, counter productive. They know how to build it already... What does that tell you? If I know then DARPA also knows. Privately I can tell you how I know but not publicly.

                        You are fully aware that Magic is but one level of Technology above that which one understands. To learn the Technology of Water being Liquid Electricity, demystifies Tesla and gains one an understanding of the True nature of the Universe that Tesla used. Tesla needed to SPIN Magnets to create a Neutral Center. We use the energy of magnets to do the work, or generate the energy without spinning them as 'in situ'. Its an upgrade to Tesla's Magic. AC Electricity can be best understood as a device that uses wires to do the work of the Magnets at distance. One doesnt need to spin them. Were there spinning magnets in the Wardenclyffe Tower?

                        Then, in promoting a literary work on a public forum invites ALL comments about the subject matter. What I am doing is giving you MORE information and the results of 27 years of experiments with literally hundreds of working prototypes (that you can see but NOT buy) so you can fully understand what a magnet is and what happens when you spin it and ALL the things it does.

                        It is also my opinion, that you probably use conventional theories about electrons being energy and that can TAINT the subject matter with falsities. Would it not be better to know the atomic structure that a SPINNING Earth Magnet has upon water within its Field? Would it not help to learn how Electricity is best considered the PUREST water one can make? It would be sad to think you believe you know it already and are closed to new ideas EVEN at the expense of book sales...

                        So. If Tesla's Magic of spinning magnets past coils creates an energy wave form flow that can be filtered and rectified to near flat-line DC and this is then applied to an Antenna device and immersed into Water and the water turns into oil... would that not be an extension of Tesla Magic? Would it not benefit readers to know this tooo? The water into oil vid is here....
                        password wizzzard777

                        Is it more important to be presented with olde news of Tesla's work? Or newer discoveries of his magic Science, where it comes from and why its been hidden and the many designs that have never seen the light of day and when they are released, like the Fisher and Paykel Motor/Generator in one, they just aren't understood because all these Tesla Magic books never really understood any of his magic?

                        What would you give to see a Solid State Generator of Tesla design with NO moving parts? This doesnt allow for its schematics to be understood though as one needs to properly understand Tesla's magic for this to happen... We have 3 of them already built.... Pick you up at the Brisbane Airport? Donations apply. Video rights extra. Better than any MIT Lab or Area 51 guided tour.

                        Still you are right... you can have back your thread now.


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                          It's simple MerLynn. I want to stay close to Tesla's work, that is why I call it "Tesla's Magic". Also, I want to go back in time and look at the theories of that time, before it all completely derailed. But I don't go back empty-handed (empty-headed?), I bring with me the "modern" knowledge to find the points where science went wrong and see where we could go if we didn't. That gives the book its name "The Science of Tesla's Magic".
                          But the starting point is always Tesla's legacy.

                          Now, why don't I welcome your water to oil contribution?
                          The #1 reason is Tesla never talked about changing water into oil. Nor did he talk about making seawater drinkable through transmutation. It may be true that you started studying Tesla and ended up here, but that is so far from Tesla's own work, that it would raise the question why do you even call it Tesla's? You should be proud to call it your own.
                          The second reason is that I get the impression that you are hijacking my thread to promote your own work. I wonder if you have read the book that this thread is about. I think you haven't. If you have, then I'll be more than happy to discuss its contents with you. If you have not, I suggest you start your own thread, which I am happy to see, you already did.



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                            Please check out my latest video.