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James DeMeo PhD - Cosmic Ether Exists & Orgone Energy Accumulator

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  • James DeMeo PhD - Cosmic Ether Exists & Orgone Energy Accumulator


    We're honored to have Dr. James DeMeo present at the 2019 ESTC. He is one of the world's leading authorities on Wilhelm Reich, which includes the science of Orgone - a form of energy that is crucial to life, it is able to be cultivated and even used to assist biological systems, which you'll see.

    NOTE: Keep in mind that the introductory special expires in 48 hours. You can get BOTH videos for only $3 more than the full retail price of one presentation!

    His two presentations are: Cosmic Ether Exists: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science and The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations and New Water-Structuring Evidence

    Get your copies here: Cosmic Ether Exists: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science and The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations and New Water-Structuring Evidence by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

    The first is an overview of the ether and then an insurmountable volume of facts and data that cannot be refuted regarding the reality of the ether. These verifications have been going on for a century and continue to this day but chances are that you've never heard of them - possibly because it disproves Einstein's ether-less Theory of Relativity in a very simple and wholesale manner. This presentation is so important that it should be required study for anyone to graduate from high school because the facts presented literally change everything regarding the foundation of physics starting with time and space and everything built upon that.

    The second covers many verifiable facts about the orgone energy discovered by Wilhelm Reich who was Sigmund Freud's #1 student. This presentation is required study for any interested in the forces of nature. The simple orgone accumulator built correctly can violate thermodynamics in a number of ways and the most tangible is the fact that inside of it, even if the door is open, a warmer temperature is measurable, which never comes into equilibrium with the surrounding temperature! If you want to delve into a self-organizing, negentropic device, then this is it and it is very simple to build and demonstrate.

    WATCH THE FREE EXCERPTS ON THE WEBSITE! There are three - two are excerpts from each of the presentations and one has excerpts from a panel discussion at the conference with discussions of the orgone energy. When you hear what Eric Dollard's personal experience was building a small orgone accumulator and experimenting with it, it will simply blow your mind!

    Get your copies here: Cosmic Ether Exists: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science and The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations and New Water-Structuring Evidence by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

    It is highly recommended to get a copy of Dr. DeMeo's books The Orgone Accumulator Handbook and Heretic's Notebook. These are PERFECT companions to the presentations.
    Aaron Murakami

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    I downloaded the DeMeo ESTC presentations and ordered the "Orgone Accumulator" book by James DeMeo as a companion piece. I was present at the conference for his first presentation and it was very well prepared and filled with new information on the Orgone/ether/Life Force concept. I have viewed both videos and read the book - excellent!

    The more interesting aspects of both are a short history bio for Wihelm Reich and the questionable Michelson-Morley interferometer experimental results. Subsequent and more detailed experiments by Dayton and others followed up to the modern era strengthening the case for the dynamic ether model. Contain very detailed results of these experiments, thereby tremendously strengthening the case for the ether concept. Very useful to understand that M-M is one of the underpinnings of the Albert E vacuum model and to realize that the basic results of the initial short experiments by M-M were incomplete and misunderstood.

    From the book one can build a very basic Orgone accumulator from readily available materials for a very low cost. You can test out the effects yourself through very simple experiments. On my to do list, for sure.

    There is much more detail about all this that you will certainly enjoy and perhaps learn a thing or two. The ether is not static but very Dynamic.

    BTW the video needs to be viewed in a very low light setting for best clarity of the slide screen.

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      Dr. James DeMeo's new upcoming book

      Thanks for your feedback Yaro!

      I can't wait until Dr. DeMeo releases his new book in about a month that details dozens and dozens of experiments that show positive results for the aether. That includes interferometer experiments and others.

      I just got back from a road trip that was nearly 4000 miles over the last 2 weeks and had the chance to visit Dr. DeMeo's lab. It was awesome - he has done a LOT of hands on work and is doing some amazing experiments.
      Aaron Murakami

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        It is truly amazing this quackery is never ending.

        Is this the best ESTC can muster? Having built a cloudbuster and accumulator back in the early 1980's anyone with a brain would have moved on.

        Take a look at the cloudbuster... concentric tubes grounded to water.... what is a Joecell? Concentric Tubes in water, parallel plates in water or air (air is after all 100% water vapor) James should have figured that out by now if he didnt believe the HHO Pissthology

        The orgone accumulator is also a set of metallic layers between insulators... Look at the JoeCell... built with Heavenly guidance rather than false theories.

        To invent a new name for what ALSO happens inside a Pyramid is a step backwards, not progress.

        Orgone energy will one day be presented in the same light as Blood Letting for cures and vaccinations for Health. How not to do it.

        It is my opinion that one would be a whole lot smarter to save ones hard earned marks of the beast and buy popcorn than read this claptrap for anything other than crazy theories presented as facts. But of course it does show SHAPE HARMONICS and what layering does.. but look at the salt water hessian bag battery used in the Spitfire...

        The Aether is responsible for INERTIA.

        The Aether is an energy grid or MESH that all matter rests or moves upon.

        Each intersection point within the Aether has an X, Y and Z co-ordinate than can be or MUST be used to navigate the 3D universe. Its the fabric of space. Matter can come and go into it and from it. It must be PARTED to fly faster than light speed.

        This guy James just isnt up to speed.

        The name James is associated with all that is wrong.... for example King James Version. He would think more clearly if he was Jimmy Demeo. Names have meanings and vibrations too.


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          It was Alex Shifflier who wrote the Experimenters Guide to JoeCells and called the Energy, Orgone.

          Without a doubt, the word 'orgone' was the single and greatest cause for Joecells to fail. This is based upon Reich and his observations that YOU factored in the experiment. Also known as the Y factor.

          You cannot ask a JoeCell to make something that doesnt exist.

          Tesla said. the day mankind studies the NON Physical he will learn more in a decade that all of history or some such wordology...

          The Y Factor is the Non Physical Tesla talked about...

          Everything in the universe is made from structures of Light or Plasma. Its a magnetic particle with MORE than 2 poles .... even Keshe agrees.... see his book Structure of Light

          This Necessitates that everything has a magnetic Field meaning the experiment and the experimenter INTERACT.

          Given this IS the case, one should build in this Non Physical phenomena as a MIND Controlled factor to Taylor make liquids and energy. or JoeCells.

          Riech and orgone has been superseded by Magnetic Water Science.

          Orgone should be considered as just a stepping stone along the path of separating Truth from fiction.


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            Wishing I knew then what I know now
            how to make better cloudbustors

            The tubes need to be insulated from each other by as little as one can by other Field Conflicts. Such as Mounts, base and metals. Iron, in itself absorbs these subtle energy frequencies and I see some huge boat anchor for a frame. I used sheets of plywood with holes cut in them for Aluminium irrigation tubes.
            The plywood was fixed to a farm tipper truck. The unit was insulated from the Earth.

            Not until I saw how all the Fields of the Tubes in a JoeCell needed to have the North pole end to the top did I understand Field Harmonics.

            Not until I learned that one's thoughts are a vital component when physically handling each component in construction so as to be able to kick start the Cell cloudbuster each time I connected the water wire by reminding my Wand to do as I have programmed it to do. Harry potter REAL 101

            This was evident in the water into oil video here....
            using the password wizzzard777
            At the 1.05 mark, if you listen clearly, Joe tells Mat to touch the cell and tell it to make oil. Yes I was talking on the phone but everything happens for a reason. Some of the JoeCell secrets will blow your mind if you think this is far out.
            Joe can make them 'generic' and I have one or two. But with the heavy unexpected rate of borrowing of his cells, he makes them so only he can use them... unless he tells you how to turn them on.... Thats on a video too. somewhere amongst the 350GB of transmutations.

            Joecell Water Science can even improve orgone science as its superior.

            You cannot learn this from a book, one needs to go to water school and be taught Field Interactions of Water...... the course could last a whole day if you're a slow learner. Though some do come back again. and its pay by the day school. only way