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    A couple of years ago I wrote this PDF showing how, after 1895, Tesla started using analogies to convey his theories and plans.
    Up until 1895, the year when his laboratory burned down, Tesla was very clear and precise in his articles and lectures. After that date he became silent and when his articles started reappearing they were much more vague.
    During these years Tesla was working on his "opus magnum"; the Magnifying Transmitter that he would build at Wardenclyffe. For the final tests, he went to Colorado Springs in 1899 for almost 8 months. When he returned he was confident he would change the world forever. He and his Magnifying Transmitter.
    Of course, he would still need a significant amount of money and some other minor details had to be filled in....
    His close friend Robert Underwood Johnson editor at the Century Illustrated Magazine pressed him to write an article to secure his knowledge, just in case.
    Tesla agreed and wrote "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy" in which he poured all his knowledge, but not in a clear and straightforward way. He used many analogies, switching quickly from one to another. Making it very hard to decode and retrieve the knowledge that he hid in there.
    I feel very confident that I have found at least 98% of Tesla's hidden message. The document linked above contains an early interpretation, which I think is already 90-95% correct.

    2018 has been a bit rough for me financially, and so I have been looking for ways to generate some income while continuing my Tesla work. I have since published some books on Amazon and those are helping me out a lot.
    Not enough yet, so I still need to write a bit more, which I am currently working on.
    The document linked above was "low hanging fruit" for me. I have updated the entire text and images to reflect my current understanding, added some results from my own experiments and formatted the whole for printing as a paperback.
    I had to make it a full-colour print which increased the printing costs a lot, making the shelve price higher than I would like it to be. But, having said that, I think the book looks amazing.

    So, If you want to support my work , please have a look here on Amazon. For a preview or if you don't want to support my work see this document.

    In case you missed my other publications, they can be found here.


    PS/Teaser: The book I am currently working on, is much more technical. It's about all of Tesla's theories (that have led to the TMT) that I have been able to recover, in the greatest detail.

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    Hi Ernst. I wanted to preview the book by looking at the document you have linked above but it comes up with a 404 error? Can you give a new link please?



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      You can read most of the Tesla Code here on hive.
      I linked to the last post in a series of 16 because it contains links to all previous posts in this series.
      It is a bit older, less complete version of what you will find in the book and by buying the book you are supporting my work ....
      Enjoy the read!
      There is a ton of interesting stuff in there.
      BTW, my newest book, illustrated by Kyle also covers the most important parts of the Tesla Code.

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        Hey Ernst the link keeps coming up with the following error: Error 502 Bad gateway.

        I bought the Science of Tesla's Magic and am on my second read through. Going to be posting some questions shortly in that thread. Great book. Very well done.



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          I have edited the links it should work now, but somehow it does not always. It is a hive problem.
          The first link is also available on steemit.

          Hope that helps.