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The Real Johann Bessler's Wheel!

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  • The Real Johann Bessler's Wheel!

    I'm not sure where to start, made a full detailed explanation of how and why it works, but is in Romanian for now.

    This is a small anymation that shows what is going on inside the "wheel", the secret movement that bessler kept talking about:

    this animation doesn't have the belt and the chains, it just showcases the spinning of the hammers and the ratchet system.

    I will try and attach the cad print screens of the machine, also keep in mind that this is one module, Bessler told us that in order for the machine to work properly it needs more modules, also keep in mind that for the sake of simplicity i've designed this one with a fixed outer wheel , bessler had a counter rotating frame inside the wheel to get the rollers spinning, that drives the belt, that excites the hammers, that moves the ratchet, that loads the springs....etc.

    I will do a full explanation at a later date due to time constrains. But anyone that wants to start building and experimenting with it can o so, in the following drawings i give you all you need to do so.

    Also, i used 2 chains instead of his original design where he uses 1 chain to avoid doing other parts, his design is a bit better in this regard but i wanted to keep certain things a bit more simple.
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    Hey, i post most of the stuff i don on bessler on:

    But i want to make a report here as well so here it goes!

    In this video i made a capture while the simulation was processing, so the details in it are way better then other videos, as the recorded simulation only captures a number of frames due to hdd space and other technical stuff

    You can't see the belt here because i cannot simulate certain stuff, i managed to make a proper chain after 2 days of tests and trails, it's really hard and the high number of parts makes everything really slow. I will change the software in the future but for now it's all i have.

    Anyway, in the past days i've done a number of tests and all i could do considering what is available to me and there is no more doubt, not even a tiny bit that i rediscovered Bessler's Wheel, The one way wheel, self starter!

    There are many implications that i've discussed in previous videos and posts on the other forum but i will tell a few here again.

    The reason that this works is because there seems to be a property to the inertia generated by the centrifugal/centripetal forces, many thers have suspected this and tried to use it but the reason they failed is because they did not made a proper setup for this interplay of forces to manifest.

    Bessler managed to do so 300 years ago, his wheel is not a simple gravity machine, he used gravity as a source of potential that in his machine had the purpose of exciting the hammers (excentric gears in my design) and once this hammers were excited they started moving things around and return to gravity potential what they took back while still keeping some for themselves.

    It's amazing but that is what it is!

    Based on this design there can be a number of designs derived, some that instead of using gravity as a potential can use electric motors and generators but the beauty of this design is that is PURELY MECHANICAL!!!!! and as far as i know no one else came up with such a device, ONE THAT WORKS THAT IS!

    If anyone has the means to build this model or wants to derive other ways to amplify power let me know!

    I gave all this research for free but keep in mind, IT WAS NOT FREE FOR ME! it costed me my youth and any resembles to a normal life!

    300 years mystery finally solved and unlocks a new field of research for all of us!


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      In this video you will see how the wheel behaves in reality!

      Keep in mind that i have not simulated the chains because it eats my computer alive and i did not simulated the belt because this software i'm using does not support it!

      The chains keeps the hammers synchronized and is a MUST the belt drives the rim, it's coupled on the rim so when the crossbar drops down it transfer some of the power into the hammers that start to spin fast!!!!
      i've showed that in other videos on my channel, check it out.

      The hammers generate the inertia, CHECK THE ANGULAR MOMENTUM FORMULA



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        Hello, it's been a while since i've updated this thread.

        I got a 3d printer and i started prototyping for this device, went through a few iterations of some parts. In a few weeks i will reach to a point where i'll know if this works through experience, or not.

        I have a weight module, looks a bit different then the schematics shown in pictures and videos but it's mostly the same thing. The system needs to keep balance in certain aspects and create overbalance in other aspects of it's inner workings.

        Takes much more time then expected but in the past 3 weeks i was also quite slow and also i've waited for parts from china.

        Things are on the right track for now, just slow. A moth ago i thought i will finish by october but now i'm realizing that i dont think i will finish this month either but i will finish it by ate november,

        I believe with all my heart that it will work but until i will build and test it i won't know. Anyway, i'm getting closer to the end of this journey. All i can say i hope all works out cause else i'm not sure what i will do.