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Optical illusion or magnetic light refraction?

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  • Optical illusion or magnetic light refraction?

    Every time I look at the above image something seems
    weird about the way the light is flowing around the
    cores and coils.

    Understandably there is shadow play due to two bright lights
    at the left of the coils. Apparently one light situated at the top left
    and one situated at the bottom left.

    But something is striking about the textured light which is created

    look at it again

    this could be just an optical illusion , but the light looks as though it flows and intensifies and forms hard to describe patterns and depth.

    I wanted to throw this out here , to minds whom have more experience with
    magnetics and light and energy.

    Could something be going on here, with magnetic fields affecting the formation or intensity of the light?

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    It seems the first question to answer is whether you have power applied to the coils while taking the picture. If so then compare a picture when no power is applied. If they are the same then I would assume it's just optical illusion but if there is a difference than you may want to read up on Ken Wheeler's book about magnetism - links available here in this forum.
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      Thanks for posting some highly interesting photo's. First let me give you these links.

      Theoria Apophasis is Ken Wheeler and this is his Youtube Channel. However his home page channel is devoted primarily to photography. Nevertheless, here is his home channel.

      In youtube just search "uncovering the missing secrets of magnetism"

      Here's a couple examples of his video's on light.(*highly recommended)
      VIDEO 34 Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism. THE MISSING SECRET OF LIGHT PART 1

      LIGHT ��: SECRETS OF LIGHT in simplex denotation

      Ken Wheelers 3rd Ed can be downloaded for free here.

      Somewhere one of Ken's video's features the color's of phase shift Red/Blue, but I don't think it's in this next video, however you may also find this interesting as well because he gives you an understanding of what is meant by phase shift, and it is important to have some notion of what is meant by phase shift.

      Spatial compression (propulsion transducer) drive: Polarized Time & Gyromagnetic precession

      To seriously comment I would have to devote more time to understanding the specifics, which is pretty much next on my list, and the reason being that clearly what convention say's about light is retarded. Whereas, if you listen to Wheeler explain how things work it will be the truth and the best and most logical explanation you can presently find.

      It is possible that light can be bent so as to form a cloak: All you have to do is look at the documented UFO's videos of cloaked UFO's, which are in the IR spectrum, and there are now at least 4 or more official sourced video's of these. Clearly invisibility is a reality and clearly the military is aware of this and has reproduced it; President Trump said as much and that's also on record.
      My point being, that if you want to understand how that's accomplished then follow Wheeler otherwise you're going to be lied to by idiots, knowingly or not, and which in either event will screw up your thinking. Their ideas about light are formed on bankrupt Einsteinian Physics where, for example, Einstein was said to have proven that gravity distorts space since light travels in a straight line (*not exactly true either) and was bent around our own star, the Sun, because space was distorted by gravity, and which then enabled certain star's behind the Sun to become visible during an eclipse in a so called famous experiment. However this is not proof of space being distorted, nor of light traveling in a straight line, and so what I'm saying is that your instincts are on track and you should follow them.
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        Who built the coils?


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          Originally posted by Pot head View Post
          Who built the coils?
          I believe them to be Thane Heins regenx coils, and probably not connected
          to anything (you can see the end of the unconnected wires for each coil beside them)


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            So to use them would it have the circle of magnets rotating through the opening at C?
            I see an opportunity to expand with this.
            Three phase or more and one a Bedini for charging your bank, etc.


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              BroMikey, if you build these, allow me to buy some.


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                Originally posted by Doogy2Shoes View Post

                Every time I look at the above image something seems
                weird about the way the light is flowing around the
                cores and coils.

                Understandably there is shadow play due to two bright lights
                at the left of the coils.
                Use a photographic light tent.