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Venezuela - tragic stories and power cuts. Can we help?

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  • Venezuela - tragic stories and power cuts. Can we help?

    Incompetent government, 1m percent inflation, power cuts plunging people into darkness:

    There is little we can do in most areas but can we design a simple wind up or wind generator circuit to drive LEDs from a hefty capacitor? Can we design a set up that can be made from old scrapped microwave ovens (nice tranny) and bits and pieces they can find? [Buying from abroad may be difficult or impossible]

    This sort of load which requires negligible power:
    What do you think?
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    are you aware ?

    Are there any churches or relief organizations that you know of working there ?
    member Gotoluc had built a portable power unit for persons who were
    without power in Puerto rico last year [or previous year ??] ,ran off a bicycle ,
    these were to be donated.....

    if you find a trustworthy venue to send them thru there might be
    a possibility to donate some ??
    also saw a fellow with a weighted chain drive system [like old grandfather clock

    do you have a venue ?

    If you want to Change the world
    BE that change !!


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      General Discussion

      The decline and fall into fascism.
      This thread should be moved into the


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        Thanks for these ideas, Chet. No, I have no contacts there but if we can firm up a design, it should be possible to get it to Oxfam or another well known NGO. In my view, the key to a good idea will be if it can be implemented using stuff that is around.

        I'll try and find Gotoluc. He may be on It sounds like he has something useful.


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          Warning to You

          You will be either killed by the fascist regime or the locals!!!
          If you do go use American trained combatants to protect your riding mule.


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            Hi wrtner,

            I don't think the E-Spin bicycle powered Generator is a real solution for Venezuela, as it's too small to make the difference they need.
            Also, the owner (of E-Spin) is presently financially stretched, so I know he can't help at this time.

            The situation in Venezuela is unfortunate and I agree with you that solutions need to come from supplies that can be obtained from within the country to be effective.

            It's great to see your desire to help and wish you and Venezuelan's all the best in finding ways to work through their hardships.
            If I had something that could help I would definitely share, but the reality is I don't have a real solution yet.

            The main problem is the way societies have evolved, they are too dependent on government to keep this fragile infrastructures running.
            This should be a lesson to all that you should not live this way and be independent and prepared for the worst.

            Kind regards
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              You have been warned

              I do appreciate your effort wrtner.
              How to make batteries. Baghdad batteries.
              How to purify water from a cesspool.
              Building cisterns.
              How to identify wild foods.
              Building a non fascist food distribution point.
              Establishing two way communications.
              Routing medical supplies to where itís needed.
              Removing idiots with ammunition and
              returning the government to the people.
              Doctors Without Borders might help.


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                My idea was for one device per household, with a modest wattage. How does the e-spin work? From what I have found, it looks like a bike on a stand with a belt going round the rear wheel and an alternator.