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Looking for original Avramenko article

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  • Looking for original Avramenko article


    For the last 5 years I have been researching Nikola Tesla and shared my findings on my blog. Now I am looking into Avramenko's work on single wire energy transmission, but have a hard time locating one of the original articles and was hoping someone here could help out.

    On Jean-Louis Naudin's website, there is this article in which a French magazine describes 4 of Avramenko's experiments, including the famous "knot-in-the-wire" experiment.

    Interesting stuff for sure, but very brief, which is why the last sentence in the French article really got me, of which this is the translation:

    "If you wish to obtain the theoretical justification for the discovery (24 typewritten pages), you must send a request and pay a sum of 99 USD to the the research center "AURA-Z" (see the magazine's bulletin)"

    I would really wish to read those 24 pages of additional explanation, but have not been able to find them online, nor have I been able to figure out who to contact at AURA-Z about this.

    Do you have access to this content or know who to contact about this, please let me know so I can continue my research!