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IEC Earth Engine First Magnet motor installed in Las Vegas

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  • IEC Earth Engine First Magnet motor installed in Las Vegas
    Member ACCA posted this info at OU.Com , I am asking a friend of the FE community in Las Vegas to have a look.[Gary Vesperman][/size][/font]

    Welcome to "Where Is the Voice of Reason?" FreedomFest 2018 July 11 - 14 2018 Paris Resort Las Vegas. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!

    Inductance Energy Corporation
    Inductance Energy Corporation in 2018 will complete the first commercial installations of the Danzik Magnetic Propulsion Engine The Earth Engine. These patent-pending, 7.5-kilowatt to 25-kilowatt engines produce power through the applied science of magnetic propulsion, delivering 2,500 to over 25,000 pounds of reactive magnetic pressure to produce emissionless power for pumping, compressors, air conditioning, and electrical energy. After eight years of laboratory development, under management of noted engineer Dennis M. Danzik, the Earth Engine is now being installed in four key western States during 2018. IEC will be demonstrating commercial models of the Earth Engine at FreedomFest. .

    Respectfully and curiously submitted

    Chet K
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    Acca posted an update from Mark Dansies site

    Dansie's forum seems to have a principle interacting in their Blog link above [K Walsh]
    I forgot Dansie has an office in Las Vegas
    also being discussed here

    Chet K
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      Great find!

      Great post!

      I have been following the Free Energy movement for about 15 years, and it
      seems like there is constantly some new company or machine coming to a
      market near you that NEVER actually appears!

      This could be because the device was just a scam and never really worked,
      or because the inventor was killed off, or maybe because the patent was just
      bought and shelved by some big oil company. For whatever reason, the masses
      still have yet to see any free energy machines or technologies.

      But this company looks like the real deal. Solid easy to understand science and
      principle, tons of information, contact info and location, big manufacturing
      facilities, and WORKING units already in the field!

      They will NOT be going silently into the night as most before them have!

      What I don't like about this company though is that they still want to sell you
      their electricity instead of just selling you their machine, but I expect within
      a short time frame many other inventors will be duplicating the device and
      selling it or open sourcing it.


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        Acca made a movie

        post number 36 here

        If you want to Change the world
        BE that change !!


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          What's new

          Hi Chet,

          I see nothing unusual or special about the video. All the demonstrated behavior is fully explainable with conventional theory. And there is no connection made to how any of it is used in the machine.

          I listened to the sales pitches from the first post. There were several serious flaws in the science by several people one of whom was "noted engineer Dennis M. Danzik". So I used Google to find out what he was noted for. Certainly was not for excellence in magnetics. I wouldn't trust the guy with a nickel.




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            Perhaps Acca will extrapolate on his thoughts in the Video ,since it seems
            that your opinion is not unique ?

            RE:IEC I had read that there were some concerns about one of the principles.

            IMO setting up a platform at Dansies [revolution green] forum with a goal towards a proper vetting will ultimately yield some very useful info .

            they have much experience with these types of claims and what to look for over there as well as offices in Vegas.

            I am out of town for a few more days but will be touching base next week
            with a few resources out there to get more useful information.

            thanks for taking a look.
            Chet K
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              Does he or does he not

              This reeks of the AU motor, wish there was more to see. Site has little of nothing and a link to "careers at" is missing. Hell of a rotor for sure. The shooting range where the first one is could make it real. Just throw the main breaker and all stays on would tell the story.

              Regardless, you would never own the unit, just pay for the power. So now its not BPA we pay but someone else. Still a screw job either way. I pay wayyyyy too much for power as it is.

              I want to see more but have no links to go for. Any more info out there?



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                Originally posted by thaelin View Post
                I want to see more but have no links to go for. Any more info out there?

                Hi thay,

                Follow links given in this thread, like post #2. The revolution-green is a forum. Hard to use format, but lots of info & opinions.




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                  Any news?

                  Hey Ramset,

                  Heard anything lately? I saw where the top 3 officers of IEC had resigned last week. Also a video of a transparent lexan model spinning at a few 100 RPM, wired to a battery no less.

                  I think these guys are dead in the water sinking fast.



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                    I did receive a lead from Stefan yesterday []
                    will be calling next week to see whats up ?

                    did notice the Drop Bear [TinselKoala] was working to get some testing done
                    at Dansie's forum ..

                    If you want to Change the world
                    BE that change !!


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                      Live broadcast

                      Here's something new.


                      Starts in 3 days. Can hardly wait.



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                        Down to 15 hours, 30 minutes until they go live.

                        Edit: only 4 hours now.
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                          WRT countdown:

                          The counter does not work properly, it shows your local time relative to the start time, which is May 14th 11:00am MST (GMT -7). It should start in about 6 hours (20:00 in Europe).
                          From revolution-green forum.

                          So a few more hour to wait.



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                            Past due

                            I can't find anything regarding the live broadcast.



                            Edit: It appears they have removed the countdown ticker from the EarthEngineLive website. Missed their own target launch deadline.
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                              Maybe today

                              Should be up and live by noon PST today.
                              Quote from this morning on revolution-green forum by an investor, I think. We'll see in about 3 hours.