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  • Meyer's Tech Brief Questions...

    I have a couple "what the hell!!??" 's....

    I'm looking at diagram "3-34 Electron Extraction Circuit".

    First.... What is the "Step up Isolated Pulsing Transformer (Secondary Coil)". Is this an actual transformer like ones used on doorbells? Or is this Meyer's code for something else, like a bifilar coil?

    Second... LASER ENERGY INJECTION.....! It sounds like something Dr. Evil might say just before raising his pinky to his lower lip. Is laser involvement seriously required for a successful WFC?

    Last... "Wiper Arm (73)" pointed back to negative resonant charging choke. Wha?

    Thanks guys.

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    wfc questions

    The wiper arm I believe is just on a big variable resistor between the negative choke and secondary transformer coil. It helps to restrict current as well as being able to be used to help tune the chokes for resonance I believe.

    The laser he was using was simply red LED's. Conceptually the light energy helps to eject electrons from the water molecules bonding assisting in the collision cascade effect. It was something he was working with later on and isn't necessary for the cell to work. I don't know of anyone that has added this feature so there isn't any evidence that is helps...conceptually, it makes sense and I would love to see it actually assist. I think a better use of the EEC output or at least some of it is to power the red light.

    The pulsing transformer is a primary/secondary setup that may not necessarily be bifilar as far as equal winding turns but it is a 2 coil setup to step up voltage going to the chokes and cell.

    Some others here can probably give you a more accurate answer but that is the idea.
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      So that's it?


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        hello all i im thinking of starting a fuel cell operating like meyers cell using voltage potential and was wondering if anyone knew the voltage potental voltages he was using for the design? In meyers v.i.c i noticed there were more then one voltage multipler so his spikes might be quite large was thinking of using a solid state bedini circuit with the 555 timer with adjustable freq. Do the 555 timers frequecy go up to 10000 hrz?

        any input would is appreciated
        thanks, Evan


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          The Voltage intensifier;

          Dear Evan;
          A 12V to 600V Transformer (Positive square wave bursts about 600V amplitude output) Copper wire perm-alloy transformer with 20 KHz bandwidth. A 555 timer should do you just fine, or a PWM will also achieve this effect. There is a lot of controversy as to the frequency you need to run, but it is my experience that you design the circuit for a desired frequency so the frequencies are endless…but it can be done between 500-1600 HZ and effects are definitely visible even at 60 HZ

          When you have the system properly tuned you should be using about 3 – 5 W’s at 12 V side and be able to light a small needle-flame! Results of 300% are quite reasonable.

          Happy experimenting


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            meyers said himself between 0-10 khz