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  • soundiceuk
    Have you ever stopped to think about why when you open a door another door violently slams shut?

    You created a vacuum and the high pressure cold air rapidly flows to the warmer low pressure air.

    This movement shoved a large portion of air out of the door that creates a vacuum which is why the door slams violently.

    Using a Tesla turbine and a Tesla valve we can harness this naturally occurring phenomenon.

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  • soundiceuk
    Ok guys, seriously what are doing messing around with any other technology?

    Tesla has given us the greatest gift possible.

    I am the whistleblower.

    The Tesla turbine runs on air!

    It is single stroke engine!

    Power stroke!

    It's moves atmospheric air pressure to lower air pressure through the turbine.

    In doing so it makes it own vacuum.

    I can provide all the references written by Tesla spreading over 9 patents.

    Tesla left a Hansel and Gretel trail and I happened to find it in my search for the ultimate magnetic bearing design.
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  • soundiceuk
    What a genius invention! Tesla hid the truth between 8 patents.

    The turbine is designed to run on the heat in atmospheric air.

    A vacuum hand primer connected between the one way valve and the turbine is the easiest method used to start the turbine.

    It is like a car engine only with atmospheric air as fuel and it is constantly on power stroke with no moving valves.

    Once a vacuum is created it makes its own vacuum from the volume of air leaving the exhaust ports.

    Basic Principle Videos:

    Tesla One Way Air Diode:

    Tesla Turbine:

    Watch what happens when it gets to 50,000RPM

    Bare in mind it has no permanent magnetic bearings, one way air diode, no vacuum applied to exhaust instead of using compressed air.

    I've got loads more research on this but thought I would start the ball rolling by spreading the news!


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  • Nikola Tesla’s Turbine Secrets - Global Open Source Project

    Hello to you all!

    I am very proud to be able to share this information with you all!

    Nikola Tesla's atmospheric air pressure powered Rotary Air Engine aka "Tesla Turbine"

    Add the air valve from his later patent 1,329,559 and use either of these methods to start the turbine by creating a vacuum.

    1. Manual or electric vacuum pump
    2. Fuel & spark
    3. High pressure air or water, fluid or gas
    4. Glow plug (my idea)

    It's all in the patents.

    Create a vacuum and the one way air valve will only allow atmospheric pressure in.

    The high internal vortex air being only able to exit the exhaust ports which instantly increases the vacuum.

    The magic ingredient is the "almost frictionless bearings. Tesla used air bearings powered by the devices own vacuum! How clever is that!

    Magnetic bearings are also favourable providing they are stable.

    Go to 2:25 in the video.

    It's Tesla's best design for a controllable tornado in a box and he hid it well from the right people but I was able to follow the Hansel & Gretel breadcrumb trail through his patents.

    Happy building folks!!!

    I'm a few weeks away from an awesome set of permanent magnetic bearings for this!
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