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  • A petrol engine that is in good mechanical condition pulls about 20-22 inches of mercury.

    When the Tesla pump reaches supersonic periphery speeds the vacuum will be around 28.5" of mercury.

    This allows water vapour to atomise at room temperature.

    The pump and the turbine are widely misunderstood.

    The pump is a four stroke cycle rotary compression engine.

    The air enters at the centre of the rotor and the faster the rotor spins the spiral path gets tighter and tighter. Once the sonic boom occurs it triggers continuous explosions.

    The water vapour in the air atomises and becomes 85 times as viscous as air, levering the rotor at the periphery (power stoke) before it exhausts.

    No valves, gaskets, oil, camshafts, crankshaft, timing gear etc.... planned obsolescence does not exist here.


    British Patent 24,001 (This is not in US or Canadian Patents)

    "I am aware that it has already been proposed to effect atomising by dropping a liquid on to a plate rotating about a substantially vertical axis and I make no claim to the arrangement."

    British Patent 24,001

    "In the preceding it has been assumed that the pressure of supply is constant or continuous, but it will be understood that the operation will be, essentially, the same if the pressure be fluctuating or intermittent, as that due to explosions occurring in more or less rapid succession."

    US Patent 1,061,206 (Bare in mind the turbine and pump are one patent - look at the part numbers and also look at Fig 1. & 2. the font is different. Really they are Fig 3. & Fig 4.)

    "In the preceding it has been assumed that the pressure of supply is constant or continuous, but it will be understood that the operation will be, essentially, the same if the pressure be fluctuating or intermittent, as that due to explosions occurring in more or less rapid succession."

    Canadian Patent 135,174

    "In the preceding it has been assumed that the pressure of supply is constant or continuous, but it will be understood that the operation will be, essentially, the same if the pressure be fluctuating or intermittent, as that due to explosions occurring in more or less rapid succession."

    No self looping required to run from ambient heat using cold steam cold sink.

    However, Tesla's pump can also use a solid disc and then it is a compressor.

    If the compressed air is recycled into the compressor it will only get more compressed.

    There is no reason why the turbine cannot use this compressed air also if it is under high partial vacuum.


    Canadian Patent 135,174 & US Patent 1,061,142

    "When, irrespective of the character of the fluid, considerable pressures are desired, staging or compounding may be resorted to in the usual way the individual runners being, preferably, mounted on the same shaft. It should be added that the same end may be attained with one single runner by suitable deflection of the fluid through rotative or stationary passages."

    Other relevant references:

    British Patent 179,043

    "In the development of power by thermo-dynamic primemovers, as steam engines and turbines, a low back pressure is essential to good economy, the performance of the machine being increased from fifty to one hundred per cent. by reducing the absolute pressure in the exhaust space from fifteen to about one pound per square inch. Turbines are particularly susceptible to such improvement and in their use for operation of power plants and manufacturing establishments the attainment and steady maintenance of high vacua has assumed great importance, every effort being made to better the conditions in this respect. The gain effected by this means is, in a large measure, dependent on the initial pressure, characteristics of the primemover, temperature of the cooling medium, cost of the condensing apparatus and many other things which are all well-known to experts."


    • For a basic prototype that runs on cold steam check this youtube video out.

      It was started by a vacuum and the cold differential maintains the vacuum.

      The youtuber claims that as long as a temperature difference of 4 degrees C is maintained the vacuum is maintained.

      The only reason the turbine stops spinning is because of the build design, the rotor seizes (probably hits the sidewall and melts).

      It is a replication based on one of Tesla's last articles.

      OUR FUTURE MOTIVE POWER - Everyday Science and Mechanics, December 1931

      "Our Future Motive Power"
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      • kinetic energy out of cold steam ....

        Hello soundiceuk,

        the Video that You put in Your last post shows that ice is removing the "latent heat of evaporation" out of the steam that is generated (being build) in the first bottle in the video.

        Because You, soundiceuk, were proposing to create cold steam inside a Tesla Turbine (a Tesla Pump to be correct as You have mentioned above) - would it be fair to say that You could create an ongoing "sink" or "cold hole" inside the Tesla pump because the design of Tesla would "strip" the cold steam of its "latent heat of evaporation" by transforming it into "kinetic energy", in this case , the turning of the discs ?

        (Meaning the ice in Your above mentioned example video would be the Tesla-Pump discs rotating ?)

        Soundiceuk, I think You are an outstanding engineer !!!

        a baffled


        P.S.: I think I just witnessed a very important moment in the history of mankind.


        • Thank you sparky53 for your amazing understanding and complement!

          I'm so glad you get it!

          Here is part 2 in Nikola Tesla's Cold Steam Engine Masterclass Series.

          I'll now be working on part 3.

          Hopefully my keyed shaft arrives this week and I can actually show the supersonic pump doing the real deal.

          Just in case you've missed it here is Tesla's greatest article whereby he postulates the "cold sink" using the analogy of a giant thermopile.

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          • Here is a video to show one method to create cold steam to run a Tesla turbine.

            As long as there is 4 degrees C temperature differential the vacuum is maintained.

            The Tesla pump going supersonic can do the same job as you will see in the near future. This will then allow a speed controllable turbine to run at 3000rpm 50hz Or 3600 60hz using off the shelf alternators.

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            • There are many Tesla Turbine replication attempts on YouTube.

              This has been great to learn and observe.

              Some say the Tesla turbine has no torque and poor efficiency.

              Well so does a piston engine if you put a hole in the piston.

              If you don’t copy the patent exactly then why would it work properly?

              This one is a new video and is missing the 3 spoked washers which can not be read about in the text as anything but a washer. If you look at the cross sectional diagram from Tesla you can see the 3 spoked washers.

              If you don’t have those you only get partial impact as well as adhesion and viscosity.

              Also the circular grooves and labyrinth seals. If you don’t have those the air will take the line of least relative resistance which is around the rotor rather than through it.

              The Mk2 design has 8 spoked washers and the circular grooves and labyrinth seals are replaced by two tapered heavier end plates which also stops the rotor from crashes and protects the thinner discs of the rotor.

              To me this is like building a piston engine with a hole in the piston and no piston rings.

              You have to make the heat of the fluid do the work by directing it in the right path. Not by letting it go in the path it will do hardly any work!
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              • Myself and Jeremiah have been getting public funding so we can keep this research and development open source and in public hands.

                Here is our first closed system with a Tesla turbine.

                There are two tanks, one warm boiling tank and one cold condensing tank.

                The turbine is in the middle.

                Vacuum is initially applied to act as a starter motor and this allows the system to super conduct water vapour from the boiling tank to the condensing tank.

                The higher the vacuum the better the super conduction.

                The turbine converts the speed of the super fast moving vapour and itís heat into kinetic energy and cold reaches the condensing tank maintaining the vacuum.

                The turbine has very little air resistance even at 22 inches of mercury.

                For example this turbine took 30 seconds to go from 20,000rpm to zero outside of the vacuum chamber.

                Inside the vacuum chamber with no flow the turbine took 20 minutes to go from 20,000rpm to zero.

                The heat differential is similar to volts (electrical pressure).

                The CFM is similar to amperage (current flow).

                The vacuum is similar to negative resistance.
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                • I sent a few a messages to Miles Johnston earlier today and he did what he calls a fast blast, basically a video update.

                  Lots of options have opened apart from getting a supersonic periphery vacuum pump open air system.

                  Now you can distill water with a hand vacuum pump and some glassware.

                  Adding a Tesla turbine you can generate electricity using water and get clean drinkable water at the same time.

                  If you run the turbine at supersonic speeds you can even implode the water. Imploded water is apparently the water of life according to the Implosion Research Centre which is in the city I live in Plymouth, Devon.
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                  • Happy XMAS everyone! 2020 is going to be our year!!!

                    Build a Tesla turbine, pipe the inlet to a well, create a high partial vacuum and have all the kinetic energy you want from the inexhaustible heat in geothermal energy.

                    Our rapid prototype team based in Idaho USA is planning to demonstrate this fact very soon.

                    If you want a more advanced mobile prototype you can build a supersonic Tesla pump and have access to different type of solar energy using the ambient heat as the energy source and atmospheric pressure and vacuum differential as the motive force. Essential both these methods are solar capacitors.

                    Massive thanks to all the supporters especially M&D, Eddy, Miles, Jim, Sue, Red, Merlin, Richard & Emma. We couldn't be where we are without you!

                    We are looking at the possibility of creating the first USA and English Nikola Tesla Replication Centres. These will be public backed research & development centres where Nikola Tesla's patent machines are replicated and used as teaching tools.

                    There is still lots of brainstorming to do on the topic but stay tuned for updates.

                    We have lots of exciting prototypes coming up in January thanks to the public donations we have received.

                    If anyone can support us financially to keep bringing you the latest in real "free energy research and development" then please follow this link:


                    The USA and English team are about to join forces with a forward thinking engineering team from Northern Ireland.

                    Have a great 2020 everyone!!!

                    2020 is the year when the power returns to the people!

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                    • Hello soundiceuk,

                      I think it is very important to support Your research via Your gofundme campaign - for once, what YOU and YOUR COLLEAGUES have accomplished so far is already a BIG LEAP forward in the field of research concerning the Tesla Turbine.

                      And You guys will continue and even intensify the work - I have the greatest respect for what You guys have achieved so far and from the videos (and Your competency) it is more than probable that You guys will achieve even greater break-throughs.

                      On the other hand, I think it is also very important to support Your research, because the work with the Tesla Turbine also includes the application of natural principles : "Adhesion and viscosity"
                      (like You said in Your excellent posts above, soundiceuk)

                      And we know that Tesla was convinced that "Nature's principles are universal".
                      (laws that apply to tiny particles also apply to more macroscopic systems or particles,( -big systems which are ultimately only agglomerates of tiny particles...) )

                      About the most important "Dynamic Theory of Gravity", that Tesla was probably never "allowed" to publish, we know only fragments about today, because he was giving hints about the corner stones of that theory only here and there in some of his articles.

                      One of the hints that he gave, was, that ETHER particles somehow "interact" with matter, and he thought that the spinning earth in space would "drag along" ETHER particles.
                      (Adhesion and viscosity therefore would also apply to ETHER) and thereby GRAVITY and also mechanical INERTIA result on our planet. (or in matter in general)

                      So it could be, that the Tesla Turbine research could have been meant by Tesla to serve as some sort of a "Time capsule" - to send the Information about the importance of
                      Adhesion and viscosity through "time" to some of his interested successors in the future, so that they will be enabled to understand a crucial part of Teslas "Dynamic Theory of Gravity".

                      Very important Information on that Theory and its application for UFO Flight can be found in the book "Occult Ether Physics" by William R. Lyne (get the book while You can, the author is more than 80 years old by now)

                      In the same light, Teslas "Fountain" Patent could be seen : it deals "only" with a water fountain, but actually it covers the facts that a relatively small rotor, (small rotating mass), agitated with a small amount of energy can influence (convey) a fairly large amount of matter (water in the case of the fountain).

                      (and Tesla was convinced that the matter (atoms) that we talk about today, were actually "whirls of ether" (rotating ether whirls) )

                      So I think, it is important to support Your Tesla Turbine research soundiceuk, also because the research can teach all interested folks very important lessons on
                      "Adhesion and viscosity" which might bring us all to one of the most fundmental and important physical Theories ever, the "Dynamic Theory of Gravity".

                      Once we have found and understood this theory we will be able to build "electrical craft" that nullify gravity.
                      (Electrical currents which are also "something about ether" will enable us to nullify gravity and inertia and then humanity will advance with even greater steps...please read the book from William R. Lyne while You still can get it from bookstores ...)

                      I hope that the forum member "ERNST" also reads this post, because ERNST wrote a book about the "Tesla Code" that Tesla supposedly (I say definitely) used in order to send vital informations through time to his successors .... it is very important what ERNST has found out !!!

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                      • You can get a couple of those books from Lyne here in PDF form:
                        There is no important work, there are only a series of moments to demonstrate your mastery and impeccability. Quote from Almine


                        • It is the correct way to buy the book(s) from author William R. Lyne through a book store - that way the author William R. Lyne gets some compensation for his outstanding work.
                          "The worker is worth his wage" .
                          In the book "Occult Ether Physics" from William R. Lyne the author shows several depictions about HOW a UFO must work, and he does a more than excellent job in explaining the electrical flight (physics) all based on Tesla's work.
                          This book is truely a must read for anyone who is interested in the work of Tesla. !!!

                          Anyone reading the book will find the "Energy source" for the craft(s) being Tesla Turbines like the ones that SOUNDICEUK and his american colleagues are doing the research on at the moment.

                          In the book those Tesla Turbines are connected to electrical generators.
                          The electricity from the generators is converted into high voltage electricity by means of certain Tesla Transformers and coils (conical shaped and bi-filar flat coils).
                          The author explains how high voltage electricity can cancel out gravity and Inertia - this is possible because Tesla's dynamic Theory of gravity can explain how electricity and ETHER and Gravity and Inertia all are connected.

                          William R. Lyne has explained this subject like no one before or after him. This is extremely valuable Information. Buy it while You can,
                          the ratings about this book (that You can read in the online book store of Your preference) most probably will convince You to buy.

                          "Aha" - moments guaranteed !!!

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                          • Agree if you can afford to buy his books to do so but I know there are some people here because they can barely afford electricity and this is for those who might benefit from the knowledge in those books but can barely afford an old computer or cell phone to read here.
                            There is no important work, there are only a series of moments to demonstrate your mastery and impeccability. Quote from Almine


                            • Thanks, Sparky for your compliments! From what I read I infer that you pretty much understand the message that I tried to convey, so there is little more that I could add to it. Also, I have not dug really deep into Tesla's theory of gravity. I hope to have the time and resources to do this sometime in the future.
                              Most of SoundIceUK's work is following a slightly different interpretation of Tesla's work than mine. Which is interesting because Tesla believed in universal laws and this makes that his inventions in the field of electricity also apply in other fields. And so these different interpretations may all lead to interesting new facts and should be explored!
                              SoundIceUK knows about my work and I know about his. And he is doing a great job!
                              I am working on a different aspect of Tesla's work and I will need to really stay focused... So my input here will remain very limited.
                              There is one thing that I would like to know
                              That is...
                              Why is your gofundme campaign doing so much better than mine?
                              (guess I don't know how to advertise things)
                              Best of luck to you and your project in 2020, SoundIceUK!


                              • Nikola Tesla's balancing machine in action! One of the biggest problem's people have with the Tesla Turbine is balancing issues. We have demonstrated the easiest solution, it is Nikola Tesla's balancing machine! For more information, please read his patent. Or post a question below. NIKOLA TESLA BRITISH PATENT 186,799 - PROCESS OF AND APPARATUS FOR BALANCING ROTATING MACHINE PARTS Here is the link.