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  • Here is a video of the best built "Tesla Valve" I've seen on youtube.

    I'm going to show you a video of the machine that it was made for.

    So what I'm trying to convey to you folks is that the faster the rpm the higher the pressure coming out of the inlet is opposing the supply. Hence why you hit a limit when using a big rotor.

    However, if you use a "Tesla Valve", the air pressure coming out of the inlet into the oncoming air supply can meet it inside the valve and speed up the incoming flow.

    How much exactly I'm not sure yet but if you read what the extract I dug out of the US Patent 1,329,559 it looks to act better than a one way diode!

    It will allow the air supply to be more efficient as it will not be met with resistance.

    I believe it could quite easily cause a vacuum. If so, here is a self runner with bags of torque.

    Nikola Tesla - Valvular Conduit Patent extract

    "The high efficiency of the device, irrespective of the character of the pulses, is due to two causes: first, rapid reversal of direction of flow and, second, great relative velocity of the colliding fluid columns. As will be readily seen each bucket causes a deviation through an angle of 180°, and another change of 180° occurs in each of the spaces between two adjacent buckets.

    That is to say, from the time the fluid enters or leaves one of the recesses to its passage into, or exit from, the one following a complete cycle, or deflection through 360°, is effected.

    Observe now that the velocity is but slightly reduced in the reversal so that the incoming and deflected fluid columns meet with a relative speed, twice that of the flow, and the energy of their impact is four times greater than with a deflection of only 90°, as might be obtained with pockets such as have been employed in asymmetrical conduits for various purposes. The fact is, however, that in these such deflection is not secured, the pockets remaining filled with comparatively quiescent fluid and the latter following a winding path of least resistance between the obstacles interposed.

    In such conduits the action cannot be characterized as “valvular” because some of the fluid can pass almost unimpeded in a direction opposite to the normal flow.

    In my construction, as above indicated, the resistance in the reverse may be 200 times that in the normal direction. Owing to this a comparatively very small number of buckets or elements is required for checking the fluid. To give a concrete idea, suppose that the leak from the first element is represented by the fraction 1/x, then after the nth bucket is traversed, only a quantity (1/x)n will escape and it is evident that X need not be a large number to secure a nearly perfect valvular action."
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    • I think it's possible to force an implosion using the Tesla Valve and a decent spark gap.

      Tesla didn't just design the turbine to run on ambient heat. He had other ideas that were even more elaborate.
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      • I just watched this and it seems to make sense now mathematically.

        The valve is the number 9 as turns the diverging nozzle into a converging nozzle one way into the valve which turns the nozzle into a diverging nozzle and the air keeps going around and around in a torus.

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        • I had a short session today with the turbine and received my new CDI ignition controller.

          If you haven't read Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami. It's a must read!

          Here is the document that goes hand in hand with the Tesla Turbine and Aaron's brilliant work:

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          • Tesla Valve Mk2

            I'm open sourcing the Tesla Valve Mk2 next week.

            It is my job to prove to you once and for all that this is the key to unlimited energy and more, using the turbine.

            The vacuum pump does the same job in a different way.

            Both will create a vacuum which makes the water vapour in the air boil, which creates steam. So it was a steam turbine / engine after all!

            Notice how asymmetrical it is and how much organic it is compared with Tesla's Mk1 1921 design.

            The base is going to be made in white ABS on a £200k Stratasys polyjet 3D printer. The lid is going to be the same Veroclear material as the current casing.

            Tesla's 1921 Mk1 Design:

            Look out for the files tomorrow.

            I'm giving this away before I show what happens. Please share far and wide when I show what happens with the unique ways I have dreamed up.

            Tesla has been a master of disguise with this machine.

            I understand it now for I have done many experiments with the machine. The truth will be hard for any of you to imagine right now so you are going to need some eye candy to witness and accept what happens.

            I have figured out what happens with some of it and some of it is mysteriously unknown, as there are a number of ways to use these valves.

            I know next week is going to be very significant for this research.

            Wish me great luck!
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            • Tesla Valve Mk2 Release

              As promised here are the Tesla Valve Mk2 files along with everything else needed for a working prototype.

              I have done STL files that can be 3D printed.

              I have done STEP files that can be CNC milled.

              I have also included the original Solidworks 2018 files.


              The news from the rapid prototyping company is that the two bases have been printed and they are now doing the lids.

              The holes each end need to be tapped using a 1/2" BSPP. The holes are already the correct size 19mm ready to be tapped.

              The will allow you to use off the shelf air line fittings or adapters.

              Please download these files while they are still available and share far and wide.

              This material is completely open source.


              Base part: W: 150mm D: 64mm H: 30mm

              Lid part: W150mm D 64mm H: 10mm

              8 x threaded M4 inserts (added to CAD):

              8 x M4 40mm Cap Head Screws:

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              • The rapid prototyping company just sent me a photo of the bases. I thought they were supposed to be white ABS. Maybe it's the lighting.

                The lids are going to be printed today in VeroClear which is the same material as the casing I currently have. It's similar to acrylic but not as transparent.


                • All being good I should get these valves tomorrow.

                  They need polishing and the fixings fitted.

                  Hopefully I will be able to give them a test and report the results!

                  I am soon open sourcing the "Tesla Cube". The turbine is 35mm cubed with a 1" rotor.

                  The whole design apart from the fixings could be 3D printed.


                  • Tesla Cube Release - Open Source

                    Hi folks,

                    I wanted anyone with access to a 3D printer to join in the research and development.

                    Each Tesla Cube measures 35mm cubed!

                    They can be joined female to male and also female to male to female to male etc.... ENJOY!!!!!

                    Here are the STL files that can be 3D printed.

                    This is energy from the vacuum - LITERALLY!


                    This is how you start the Tesla Cube.... the male will instantly start pumping the female if you have two stage!

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                    • I have released the 1" Tesla Cube into the world.


                      I wonder home much power we can get from a two stage 35mm cubed Tesla Turbine?

                      It is a challenge free for anyone to join!

                      My 5" two stage is almost ready to release into the world!
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                      • Here is a two stage 1" rotor turbine.

                        Both rotors weigh approx 3g and are female.

                        Make the 1st stage female and the 2nd stage male and you have a different machine.

                        The female is light and built for speed and the male heavy and built for torque.
                        The more surface area on the female the higher the rpm. This needs to be done at the same time as reducing the weight.

                        The heavier the male the better, the closer the gaps between discs the better.

                        When you have the two rotors matched the male will pump the female and cause a continuous vacuum inside the casing allowing atmospheric pressure to be converted into velocity by the diverging nozzle and the female rotor will convert the speed into kinetic sending a mass of air to run the male which will pump the female more!

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                        • Very soon you will see the pinnacle of my research so far.

                          This is how you harness nature via open system thermodynamics using vortexes harnessing centripetal and centrifugal force.

                          The fluid takes the line of least resistance so the spiral path becomes very long which increases the velocity of the fluid. The fluid is continuously imparting energy to the rotor via centripetal whilst the other rotor is imparting energy to the fluid and vise versa.

                          The rotors are geared. Transmitter and receiver. They are both transmitters and receivers in this configuration.

                          This is the answer we have all searched so hard for. This is Tesla's "Self-Acting Engine".

                          I wish I had two balanced rotors right now so I could show you!
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                          • Please

                            I can’t see any photos.
                            I don’t see any photos.
                            Just a blank space:


                            • Literally 100's of Tesla turbine videos on youtube but less than a dozen Tesla pumps!

                              Here is my favourite.

                              Soon I will share my two stage Tesla Turbine / Tesla Pump design with you.
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                              • ???

                                I offer this snapshot to illustrate my dilemma.
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