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Tesla Tower In Texas ??

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  • Tesla Tower In Texas ??

    Hopefully more info soon ?

    “The Viziv surface wave systems will improve the quality of life for people everywhere by enabling the delivery of affordable electricity throughout the world,” Viziv Technologies states on its website.
    end snip

    Carl's Corner Texas

    Thx to Wesley at for the info

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    web site

    Viziv Technologies

    and another early article showing construction

    Milford testing facility, tower seeks to send signals worldwide - News - Waxahachie Daily Light - Waxahachie, TX

    seems Wesley from Stefan's forum may be doing a field trip ?

    will keep posted


    Chet K

    PS anyBody reading here from Milford Texas area ?
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      All we need to do is know the frequency... which should be a multiple of 11.772Hz and I can lower my utility bill! Since there is no way to meter it, I will definitely benefit.

      BTW- that picture looks utterly faked IMHO.


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        I also felt this was a fishy image

        Thanks to a member at Stefan's forum for this [think from March ??!4d-96.9422389


        Chet K
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          That is hopeful, I have no doubt this works. I am pretty sure you can do one wire transmission using Tesla coils on a beach (where the salt water underneath provides electrolytes). I did a test with my Tesla coils with a common ground in water, once I added salt, I was able to make my receiver light.


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            Wesley feels this is a serious developement .


            another Vid showing eastern European interests and opinions
            with translation

            some comments here from Wesley [I believe he is actively investigating the
            Milford Texas claims ]
            see post 1098


            Chet K
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              NuPower Crapola

              Thanks for the links RAMSET,

              I found the NuPower guys on the nutty side. This is why: At 13:13, the question is what is keeping everyone from hacking into this source of energy. The reply from the NuPower guy started talking about extracting is hard... because it's subject to the same encryption, decoding that all the (RF)radio frequency is subject to. So he's talking about extracting the power will take decryption... this is RF with power.

              Power and data are two different things. you can separate them, and you can make them share the same transmission, but once you are transmitting, you can tune into the magnitude, even though the data may not be discernible.

              So it comes to no way to stick a meter on it again. So the business is zilch and why the greedy bastards of this world don't want to make it happen. There is no return.


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                lots more from Wesley today


                More about:Viziv formerTEXZON
                Be cautioned when reading material below.
                It is big money powerful names, huge backup, and a lot of secrecy.
                However it is American technology not Russian technology
                And by that there is significant interest in this area.
                Controversy is high and activity of elements in opposition is even higher.
                My comment is in form of scripting and does not yet reveal my position in this area.

                Viziv wireless high efficiency Power transmitting technology.

                1.Viziv is the successor if TEXZON

                2.Texzon Technologies, LLC Request for Part 5 Experimental License ELS File No. 0924-EX-CN-2017

                3. they use Zenneck wave propagation as means of communication with the remote of fix load ( cars , houses)


                5.Milford testing facility, tower seeks to send signals worldwide Milford testing facility, tower seeks to send signals worldwide - News - Waxahachie Daily Light - Waxahachie, TX

                6. Significant activity of Russian trolls is seen here

                7. Address of facility from point# 7: IH-35 in Milford, Texas near Dale Acres Rd

                8.location of tower look at map and picture below ( this information might be misleading occupied by Russian trolls blog)
      !4d- 96.9420111

                9. web site of VIZIV

                10.Baylor University publication about Viziv

                11. Zenneck Wave explanation

                12.Excitation and use of guided surface wave modes on lossy media Abstract:

                13.Application of power multiplication to electric power distribution


                seems he is all in on this one.....

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                  The most relevant question is not if this works, or can be done. I am sure this is achievable. I can setup an experiment to prove it's possible, because I've done it.

                  The most important thing is the money. Which is the crucial cornerstone that brought Tesla Wardenclyffe down. Is this a philanthropic effort, or does someone plan to gain from this "light the world" and hold hands singing Kumbaya? If nobody makes money or doesn't smell the windfalls, it will run out of steam... It would take an evolution in humanity to make it work.

                  That is why the idea falls down, not the engineering... the humanity.


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                    An experiment sounds good

                    Could you Muse a bit more on what could be shown in your experiment ?

                    I am certain that there are plenty interested open source quite Humane engineers who
                    would join in ?


                    This Viziv tech seems a quite specific method/claim, not your average near field wireless Tesla demonstration ?


                    Chet K
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                      Lets be clear about what I can show.

                      I can create Tesla circuitry that can transmit through one wire my estimate of about 1.5 Watts from an exciter circuit of about 6 Watts, and with that one wire, I have gone about 10 ft( I don't think wire length is a limit). But I also substituted the wire for natural medium and was also able to transmit the power through a bucket of water. I feel that I can spread that water out for a distance and have the same results.

                      The good thing is that this is all low power, and easily reproducible. My receiving load is a regular 110v G26 base @2.5 watts.

                      If you are interested in the specifics let me know.


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                        thank you for the reply

                        yes the wireless close range Tesla experiments could be connected some how
                        I believe Eric Dollard sent power across the water in SanFrancisco years back.

                        I am not familiar with the propagation method claimed by Viziv

                        it is even hard to imagine radio or ? transmission signals following the ground around the globe to a level which would allow access at any point [as Tesla claimed] even at sea [boggles my mind]

                        Wesley is a scientist ,with much experience in ground work [transmission] .

                        his input will be most interesting indeed ,and his interest [taking this serious cautiously ] adds credibility to the claim IMO.

                        interesting to say the least.

                        Chet K
                        Today I will send a note to member Ernst
                        I am certain he will have thoughts on this.
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                          Well you see how one wire and salt water is a good operational advantage.

                          Wardenclyffe was on Long Island (By the Sea) and the building site to the UK was incidentally by the ocean as well. When I put my exciting electrode and receiver in water, nothing... I sprinkled salt.. and voila! Over one wire or through a common medium. If you need difference in potential, to drive a load, and you are offering only one path for connection. Couldn't that other potential be interpreted as a "ground wave"?


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                            Thanks Ramset for this link ad info!

                            I have recently been approached by a very big oil/energy company that is considering funding a rebuild of a full scale Wardenclyffe tower. I can not say much more about it as it is in a very early stage and these companies move slow.... But it certainly helps if I can show that Tesla's work is being taken more and more seriously these days.
                            If they decide to proceed, I'll let you all know. It would be the biggest news for all Tesla fans around the world.

                            Also recently, a friend of mine at the Tennessee Tech University has been rewarded a grant to do similar research as you can read here.

                            Ok, my thoughts on the Texas Tower:
                            They are using Zenneck (surface) waves which is an entirely different and much more complicated system than what Tesla used. To create a standing Zenneck wave around the globe is a rather complicated thing. But I do not agree with them that building a receiver would be equally difficult. I can see some difficulty with high power levels in combination with the usually high frequencies employed in this type of system (in the 50 MHz range). But I hear them talk about very low frequencies (VLF and ELF?). That would make a receiver much simpler but at the same time rather bulky.
                            I suspect they are using a HF Zenneck wave, upon which they amplitude modulate a low frequency signal.
                            It could help if we could find some of their patents, if they are already publicly available, that would reduce the speculation.

                            Anyway, I am pretty sure from what I heard that this is not the system Tesla envisioned and which has very little to do with Zenneck, as I tried to explain here and of which I demo a very crude version here.



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                              Thanks for your input ,greatly appreciated

                              Wesley is digging into this and others are forwarding info

                              just one link here


                              more to come....\\

                              Wesley Quote

                              literature to dig at:
                              Sommerfeld, Arnold, "Uber die Ausbreitung der Wellen in der Drahtlosen Telegraphie" (Tr. The Propagation of Waves in Wireless Telegraphy), Ann. Physik [4] 28, 665 (1909); 62, 95 (1920); 81, 1135 (1926).

                              Zenneck, Jonathan, "Über die Fortpflanzung ebener elektromagnetischer Wellen längs einer ebenen Leiterfläche und ihre Beziehung zur drahtlosen Telegraphie" (Tr. "About the propagation of electromagnetic plane waves along a conductor plane and their relationship to wireless telegraphy"), Ann. Physik [4] 23, 846 (1907).

                              Goubau, G., "Über die Zennecksche Bodenwelle," (Tr. On the Zenneck Surface Wave), Zeitschrift für Angewandte Physik, Vol. 3, 1951, Nrs. 3/4, pp. 103-107.

                              Barlow, H.; Brown, J. (1962). "II Conditions for the Support of Surface Waves at an Interface Between Two Different Homogeneous Media". Radio Surface Waves. London: Oxford University Press. pp. 10–12.

                              Collin, R.E. (2004). "Hertzian Dipole Radiating Over a Lossy Earth or Sea: Some Early and Late 20th Century Controversies," IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, vol. 46, No. 2, April 2004, pp. 64-79. "There is no sign error . . . The famous 'sign error' is a myth."

                              Corum, K.L., M.W. Miller, and J.F. Corum, "Surface Waves and the 'Crucial' Propagation Experiment," Proceedings of the Texas Symposium on Wireless & Microwave Circuits & Systems, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, March 31-April 1, 2016.

                              Corum, K.L. and J.F. Corum, “Bell Labs and the ‘Crucial’ 1936 Seneca Lake Experiment.” (Published in Nikola Tesla’s Electricity Unplugged as “Bell Labs and the Radio Surface Wave Propagation Experiment,” Thomas Valone, Ed., Adventures Unlimited Press, 2016.) "Any source that can synthesize fields incident at this complex angle will launch a Zenneck wave."

                              Barlow, H.; Brown, J. (1962). Radio Surface Waves. London: Oxford University Press. pp. v, vii.

                              end quote
                              Chet K
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