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Tesla Tower In Texas ??

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    I will attenpt to get more clarity from Wesley today

    post number 1314 is a summary here.

    seems a connection to Tariel's work is evolving now

    to note Wesley has visited Tariel Kapanadze and has very strong positive opinions on his work.

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    plenty being bandeed about

    Wesley quote
    end quote

    I am sure more actual testing and Vetting...will evolve .

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    More on Gorchilin [Wesley may not approve ? ,we shall see

    The transformation of transverse waves into longitudinal
    Quote from Link [Fig 5]
    By the way, this dispels the myth that standing waves do not transfer energy

    here a comment from Gorchilin researcher SolarLab [i believe he is working on Parker solar probe project]

    SolarLab made this observation


    Another interesting series of Gorchilin observations involves his work with Slow Waves.

    Медленные волны в катушке индуктивности
    [Slow Waves in an Inductor]

    œедленн‹е магни‚н‹е волн‹ (all 4 pages - circled at page bottom)

    From Page three (3) - is very intriguing (IMO); We get slow magnetic waves

    "After the publication of the two previous subsections, readers had many questions about how to get unusual, from a classical point of view, magnetic waves in a conventional inductor. They have a unique property: at relatively low frequencies (kilohertz), with a more or less constant distribution of the electric field, several magnetic poles appear in the coil. As it turned out, their uniqueness does not end there. If the coil is divided into two halves, one of which will have a left-sided one, and the other has a right-sided winding, then regardless of their connection, magnetic waves will still form. However, depending on the compound, the distribution of the magnetic field (MP) will change, which is best measured using the indicator proposed here in figure (3)."

    "The conclusions from these studies are obvious. Slow magnetic waves are formed due to a completely new and little-studied type of resonance, which does not obey classical laws. For example, more detailed studies have shown that an increase in capacitance C1 by 4 times leads to a decrease in the resonant frequency by 1.4–1.5 times, and not by two, which would correspond to the Thompson formula. This frequency, among other things, is influenced by both the active resistance of the coil, the capacitance and the key, and the supply voltage. Also, in classical resonance, a phase shift between current and voltage of 90 degrees should form, which we absolutely do not observe here (Fig. 7, 8). All this allows us to build electric power generators on completely new principles." ...

    And from Page four (4); Second kind resonance

    "This is a completely different kind of resonance. It does not look like a classic even externally , if you look at it through an oscilloscope screen. Its resonant frequency depends not only on inductance and capacitance, but also on the active resistance of the circuit and the duty cycle of the pulses. The mathematical dependence of these parameters among themselves is very different from the classical Thomson formula [1]. With this resonance, you can get slow magnetic waves in a conventional inductor. In this note, we will offer its mathematical model and formulas for calculation, and we will call it further the resonance of the second kind." ... (Ruslan ?)

    Further analysis => a work that is still in progress...

    end quote

    there is no dedicated thread yet at Stefan's ....discussion in Wesley's topic here
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    a fellow with definate thoughts on the topic

    Research website of Vyacheslav Gorchilin

    The transformation of transverse waves into longitudinal

    to note great care should be taken with translations [link is translated text]

    Wesley typically checks for accuracy .

    Chet K
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    Sommerfeld-Zenneck surface wave

    link provided by Member Blueplanet

    Zenneck wave is a well-known science.
    His teacher was Sommerfeld who was the originator of eigenmode theory in waveguide. So far there has not been anyone capable of disproving any of Sommerfled's theories.

    Experimental tests of the eigenmode theory of auroral roar fine structure and its application to remote sensing
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  • SkyWatcher
    Hi all, hi ilandtan, it is not the humanity that is the problem, it is the very few beings, humans or otherwise, that are the main obstacle.
    Do you really expect intelligent ones in this realm and forum, to think that humanity would reject free power.
    No, we know who is rejecting it, and it is not the majority of humans.
    This technology, could be already in use for some time now, and these few I AM referring to, are reeping the rewards, whilst still charging all of us.
    So there you go, that is how they overcame the money issue, just use it and keep it secret, that it is already being used, possibly even right under our very noses.
    Ever look at so called water towers, they look like the perfect tesla tower to me, but alas, this reality is nothing more than mind games being played and will we ever wake up from this dream, i hope so.
    peace love light

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    striking attribute


    and there is some striking revelation about Zenneck Wave in the picture below.
    Yes it is striking.
    Think about coverage of entire earth.

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    some MEAT on the Viziv history from Wesley



    Excitation of the Zenneck wave is examined for both finite and infinit vertical apertures over a homogeneous conducting flat ground.
    The infinit vertical aperture with a Zenneck wave variation is found to excite only the Zenneck wave with NO radiation field.The finite vertical aperture excites a field which is similar to the Zenneck wave near the aperture but resembles the usual ground wave at large distances.
    Numerical results for various aperture heights are given for frequencies of 1 and 10 MHz. Both homogeneous ground and sea water paths are considered

    From that we know that vertical apertures over a homogeneous conducting flat ground. -Are the one responsible for phenomena known as Zenneck wave with NO radiation field is original uncut German article in English translated by James F. Corum, Ph.D.
    CPG Technologies, LLC
    February 17, 2015
    -we need to remember that this article was translated by the same Corum that is involved in Viziv. So this is the evidence of logical path of the guy who was originator of all of it. He than attracted to the idea big guys with big money.
    What we do here is fallowing his steps to collect all of pieces of puzzle. We may call it also stepping on his thoes


    EDIT to fix translation link

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    More from Wesley and Ivan [speedy25]

    Quote Speedy 25
    Hi Wesley!

    Surface waves-general knowledge :

    1a. same but in PDF

    Review of Electromagnetic Surface
    Waves: 1960 Through 1987 (Naval Weapons Centar)

    Isolation of the Zenneck Surface Wave:



    Ivan thank you very much I did not sort out your links as I'm not at home
    for sometime and somewhere ... trolls should not know it.
    You are great man from the country of Nikola Tesla
    ================================================== ========

    Update:Wesley quote
    and again... wow

    From the perspective of you the readers and viewers this is easy language
    and it saves me many hours of creating additional video introducing phenomena
    of interest.

    I'm dealing not only with you but with some of very fundamental big brains
    having science on daily breakfast as somehow typical meal.

    The problem I have with some of them is that Zenneck Waves in did, have not been seen by anyone who has freedom to talk about it.
    That is why for many of them , Zenneck Waves are theoretical.
    So there is a need for most of you to know and understand what is surface wave
    This video starts from certain point of interest
    For these who are into understanding surface wave please watch this video from the beginning.

    Mechanism of forbidden knowledge :

    Works both ways
    1. creates rapid and collective need , in direction of understanding and explanation.
    2. makes sometime questionable assumptions , fueling both these pro and the against it. ( whatever that "it" is) .
    And the primary question ask is
    -Why do they build this Tesla like Tower?
    -Why it is so secret with so much security around it?
    -What is going to happened when it works and how it works?
    -Will my father lose his job as wires are no longer needed?
    -Will the cars and ships be able to be energy supplied and battery charged as they are in motion?
    -Will it make us to pay less?
    -Is there any way to crack it and get some of it for less or for free/( human nature)?



    corrected link:


    Barlow and Brown define a surface wave as
    " that propagates along an interface between two different media without radiation,
    such radiation being construed to mean energy converted from the surface-wave field to some other form (Reference 7)."

    Since this definition covers a lot of territory, one of the major problems
    with the surface-wave literature is
    the proliferation of different names for what is essentially the same physical phenomenon (References 2 and 8 )

    These waves:
    -inhomogeneous, -
    etc.-are all (at least in some sense) a type of or associated with a type of surface wave.

    Throughout this report we will try to clarify all such terms and use them correctly
    in association with the appropriate physical geometry or guiding process

    From the quote of article (link above)
    we see that:

    1. Viziv used Zenneck Wave as one of the names.
    2. that may be intentional as:
    a- there is little to none publicly available literature about it.
    b.-There is estimated half of a billion dollars at stake from the investors.
    c.- investors must contribute and do not understand to much
    d.- public must do not interfere and do not understand to much

    2. form of phenomena in question can be ironically simple but just in some part of it
    matching one basket of all of mentioned names for Zenneck waves

    3. Viziv might not have patent rights to any of these waveforms so how they can protect their investment?

    By means of scrambling access to the receiver that must match the same algorithm
    to gain access to energy that is already converted to Zenneck wave or any other name they hide it at.
    By simple words:
    You have Viziv transmitter and the receiver is like your satellite dish.
    The satellite signal is out. All you need is to access it. and that is what you are paying for
    - the code.
    But if you just couple straight right into the Zenneck Wave or whatever name you give to it they going to go bankrupt.
    But if you use your own energy from your own water mill and use Zenneck Wave as means of transportation than you can sale it to your neighbors
    or power your own electric car in withing boundaries of your own area of coverage. ( city , county, state)

    Picture :
    Red rectangle: explains controversy about different names associated with Zenneck Wave
    Blue rectangle: explains simple conditions needed for Zenneck Wave and its associated other names for the same, to exist.

    At the bottom of the page #4 please look at propagation phenomena and types of waves:
    -Transverse electric
    -Transverse magnetic TM
    Transverse magneticTM is the wave that is mentioned in :
    by Viziv.
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    and here is how it looks

    thx to Gotoluc for forwarding ....
    please note

    Wesley will have plenty of thoughts and hopefully experiments on Zenneck .

    Chet K
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    Thanks for your input ,greatly appreciated

    Wesley is digging into this and others are forwarding info

    just one link here

    more to come....\\

    Wesley Quote

    literature to dig at:
    Sommerfeld, Arnold, "Uber die Ausbreitung der Wellen in der Drahtlosen Telegraphie" (Tr. The Propagation of Waves in Wireless Telegraphy), Ann. Physik [4] 28, 665 (1909); 62, 95 (1920); 81, 1135 (1926).

    Zenneck, Jonathan, "ber die Fortpflanzung ebener elektromagnetischer Wellen lngs einer ebenen Leiterflche und ihre Beziehung zur drahtlosen Telegraphie" (Tr. "About the propagation of electromagnetic plane waves along a conductor plane and their relationship to wireless telegraphy"), Ann. Physik [4] 23, 846 (1907).

    Goubau, G., "ber die Zennecksche Bodenwelle," (Tr. On the Zenneck Surface Wave), Zeitschrift fr Angewandte Physik, Vol. 3, 1951, Nrs. 3/4, pp. 103-107.

    Barlow, H.; Brown, J. (1962). "II Conditions for the Support of Surface Waves at an Interface Between Two Different Homogeneous Media". Radio Surface Waves. London: Oxford University Press. pp. 10–12.

    Collin, R.E. (2004). "Hertzian Dipole Radiating Over a Lossy Earth or Sea: Some Early and Late 20th Century Controversies," IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, vol. 46, No. 2, April 2004, pp. 64-79. "There is no sign error . . . The famous 'sign error' is a myth."

    Corum, K.L., M.W. Miller, and J.F. Corum, "Surface Waves and the 'Crucial' Propagation Experiment," Proceedings of the Texas Symposium on Wireless & Microwave Circuits & Systems, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, March 31-April 1, 2016.

    Corum, K.L. and J.F. Corum, “Bell Labs and the ‘Crucial’ 1936 Seneca Lake Experiment.” (Published in Nikola Tesla’s Electricity Unplugged as “Bell Labs and the Radio Surface Wave Propagation Experiment,” Thomas Valone, Ed., Adventures Unlimited Press, 2016.) "Any source that can synthesize fields incident at this complex angle will launch a Zenneck wave."

    Barlow, H.; Brown, J. (1962). Radio Surface Waves. London: Oxford University Press. pp. v, vii.

    end quote
    Chet K
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  • Ernst
    Thanks Ramset for this link ad info!

    I have recently been approached by a very big oil/energy company that is considering funding a rebuild of a full scale Wardenclyffe tower. I can not say much more about it as it is in a very early stage and these companies move slow.... But it certainly helps if I can show that Tesla's work is being taken more and more seriously these days.
    If they decide to proceed, I'll let you all know. It would be the biggest news for all Tesla fans around the world.

    Also recently, a friend of mine at the Tennessee Tech University has been rewarded a grant to do similar research as you can read here.

    Ok, my thoughts on the Texas Tower:
    They are using Zenneck (surface) waves which is an entirely different and much more complicated system than what Tesla used. To create a standing Zenneck wave around the globe is a rather complicated thing. But I do not agree with them that building a receiver would be equally difficult. I can see some difficulty with high power levels in combination with the usually high frequencies employed in this type of system (in the 50 MHz range). But I hear them talk about very low frequencies (VLF and ELF?). That would make a receiver much simpler but at the same time rather bulky.
    I suspect they are using a HF Zenneck wave, upon which they amplitude modulate a low frequency signal.
    It could help if we could find some of their patents, if they are already publicly available, that would reduce the speculation.

    Anyway, I am pretty sure from what I heard that this is not the system Tesla envisioned and which has very little to do with Zenneck, as I tried to explain here and of which I demo a very crude version here.


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  • ilandtan
    Well you see how one wire and salt water is a good operational advantage.

    Wardenclyffe was on Long Island (By the Sea) and the building site to the UK was incidentally by the ocean as well. When I put my exciting electrode and receiver in water, nothing... I sprinkled salt.. and voila! Over one wire or through a common medium. If you need difference in potential, to drive a load, and you are offering only one path for connection. Couldn't that other potential be interpreted as a "ground wave"?

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    thank you for the reply

    yes the wireless close range Tesla experiments could be connected some how
    I believe Eric Dollard sent power across the water in SanFrancisco years back.

    I am not familiar with the propagation method claimed by Viziv

    it is even hard to imagine radio or ? transmission signals following the ground around the globe to a level which would allow access at any point [as Tesla claimed] even at sea [boggles my mind]

    Wesley is a scientist ,with much experience in ground work [transmission] .

    his input will be most interesting indeed ,and his interest [taking this serious cautiously ] adds credibility to the claim IMO.

    interesting to say the least.

    Chet K
    Today I will send a note to member Ernst
    I am certain he will have thoughts on this.
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  • ilandtan
    Lets be clear about what I can show.

    I can create Tesla circuitry that can transmit through one wire my estimate of about 1.5 Watts from an exciter circuit of about 6 Watts, and with that one wire, I have gone about 10 ft( I don't think wire length is a limit). But I also substituted the wire for natural medium and was also able to transmit the power through a bucket of water. I feel that I can spread that water out for a distance and have the same results.

    The good thing is that this is all low power, and easily reproducible. My receiving load is a regular 110v G26 base @2.5 watts.

    If you are interested in the specifics let me know.

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