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    I'm new to the forum, so please excuse me if I overlooked some posts and present redundant info.

    Im relatively new to free energy, but I have tried to catch up reading documentation.

    Allow me to add some suggestions, no offence to the ongoing process.

    I wondered, what is the formula for the max. COP factor for a given circuit ?

    I found an indication yesterday. Please study at least the last two pages of this document from Tom Bearden:

    To my understanding Tesla stated that creating radient energy is a two step process:
    1. first charge a capacitor to a high voltage.
    2. then discharge the capacitor with a short ( <10us ) unidirectional DC pulse.

    The Muller motor operated from 400V instead of 12V as many do. 12 volts results in a max. COP of 1.7, and it is easily eaten up by losses.

    The COP factor seems to be proportional to the capacitor voltage squared.
    eg. the max. COP at 1000V seems to be around 135.

    I'm aware this higher voltage complicates the circuit, but I guess it is the cost if a high COP is the goal. As I have not built a motor myself, I don't know if it is possible to achieve a COP of 1.7 with 12V drive.

    I think you could also benefit from getting rid of some the iron core losses by using soft iron cores.

    I have made some 500W High voltage generators some years ago, and it seems to me that winding capacity is an important factor too. the lower the better. I can generate approx. 20mm sparks from a 24V drive when running at 16 kHz. I insulated the individual layers of the foil primary with layers of mylar tape to reduce the capacity.

    I have seen a tip using black river sand, "magnetite" ( Peter Lindemann, thank you ).

    I have put neodymium disc magnets into a 0,5 meter long 316L steel tube ( difficult, special tool is needed, and be very cautious not to hurt yourself or destroy the magnets ). The magnets acts like a long spring requiring 230 N to compress. I then rolled the assembled magnet tube on the the black sand on a beach to collect some magnetite sand.

    When the sand has been dried at home, then I used the magnet tube and an extra larger 316L tube to refine the sand. I got around 10% yield, and got about 9 kg magnetite in 2 hours.

    As suggested by Peter you can mix it with epoxy or some other type of resin, you can "cast" your own high quality cores. I intend to try this next when I have planned my next device. Im very thankful for this advice, as cores are expensive and do not always have the desired shape.

    Keep up the great work with your motors ! And thanks for the easy access to free energy documentation.