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4th Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack

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  • 4th Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack

    "Water Is Thought To Be Simple, Yet It Is One Of The Most Misunderstood Substances Known. Learn The Latest Breakthroughs In Water Science Including A Peak At SOLID Water At Room Temperature And Other Paradigm-Shattering Discoveries!"

    REVEALED: Dr. Gerald Pollack discoverer of the Fourth Phase of Water shares the Latest Breakthroughs in Water Research!

    Look at a few of the profound revelations you will learn in this presentation:
    • How there is a 4th phase that is different from solid, liquid or vapor.
    • How water can be separated into two types in one container that can be used as a battery - has already been proven to be able to light an LED - there is no electrolyte in the water or dissimilar metals, it is 100% water in two different forms.
    • A glimpse at SOLID water at ROOM TEMPERATURE - that's right, easy to come to an understanding that almost anything anyone thinks they know about water is probably wrong.
    • How water can desalinate itself as well as separating out other particles.
    • A discovery showing how water actually flows through capillaries and assists the blood pumping action since the heart is not capable of pumping all of the blood as is commonly thought.
    • Free water pumping action through a tube at an infinite COP (coefficient of performance) since we provide zero input and any other input comes from external sources.
    • And much more...

    Get your copy now: Fourth Phase of Water by Dr. Gerald Pollack

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    Water is free energy

    Gerald Pollack is a science rock star. I love this program. A bit of sanity and non crisis thinking is helpful during these crisis times. It is a reminder that nature is way more subtle than we can usually imagine.


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      I have seen people claim that most water is H12O6 and not H2O
      and that ring structure is why water expands when it freezes

      I have also seen sharp changes when water gets cold, reverse osmosis systems have all had issues when the water gets to close to freezing. most people don't have 34F water out of the tap, so I wonder if most people have not noticed the issue of some sort of change. water also does not clean dishes very well that cold, and it seems to me that the temperature cut off is sharp and not linear like you might think things just getting cold would do.