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Free Energy Experiment and 6 Hour Tidal Cycle

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  • Free Energy Experiment and 6 Hour Tidal Cycle

    Deleted !!!
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    longer sample

    Can you plot this over a whole month to see a bigger picture?
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      I doubt that the red meter is capable of such accuracy.


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        Hope to read more about it when you get to the point of disclosure.
        Nice to hear from someone interested in the planet scale
        it is refreshing break from the bench.

        One of the conventional theories is a magnetic flux oscillation as the tide.
        In this Nasa video a conventional science
        book illustration depicts the result of the oscillation is a perpendicular
        loop (actually many loops) that produce ions and the waves are the horizontal charge
        carrier a sine motion and the released at the shoreline. Come back to the ions later.

        We can approach altitude (sea level) and tide relationship using equipotential lines.
        the voltage difference derived at 3:39 leaving the vortex flow together with the
        ocean sine wave / standing waves as the tide rolls in and out leaving free ions to harvest.

        Thanks for sharing.
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          Hi Kai,

          Have you considered galvantic corrosion as the potential source?



          PS: Something else I wanted to ask. Why is the voltmeter in series with the load?

          PPS: Sorry, but now that I'm thinking about your setup; you attach the test lead clips to the battery terminals in the temperature meter where normally the AAA battery is inserted. So it is unknown if the temperature meter is powered properly, if at all. If the temperature meter depends on a thermocouple for its sensor, the thermocouple could be supplying a potential to your circuit.
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            Originally posted by String Theory
            The temperature meter uses ca 400 mV of ca 800-900 mV available !!

            Without load the max voltage is around 800-900 mV.

            Without load the voltage drains out ...


            The voltmeter is connected to be able to see what happens to the voltage !!

            I see no errors in how the different stuff is connected - if it was connected backwards there
            would be a error in the display of red multimeter ... Positive and negative is connected correctly ...

            Sincerly - Kai Anders Wold
            Hello Kai,

            A voltmeter is a high impedance instrument. As such, it passes very little current; next to nothing. Read over the operator instructions and manual for your voltmeter or any similar one found on the web.

            Also, what does "ca" 400 mV of "ca" 800-900 mV mean? What does ca stand for?




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              Post deleted

              It appears the OP has deleted his post to which I had replied above. And also one other of his posts. Hope he's not mad.

              Edit: update. OP has deleted all of his posts.

              Here is a copy/paste of the first two of his posts:

              Free Energy Experiment and 6 Hour Tidal Cycle
              Hi here is my current work :

              I discovered that the voltage from the hybrid battery-capacitor is synchronized with the "6 hour tidal cycle in norway" !!

              Experiment details are in the enclosed images !!

              6 Hour Energy Cycle :

              0.450 mV - 18:19 -High Tide
              0.448 mV - 18:33 -
              0.447 mV - 18:50 -
              0.446 mV - 19:02 -
              0.445 mV - 19:20 -
              0.440 mV - 20:52 -
              0.437 mV - 21:31 -
              0.437 mV - 22:06 -
              0.440 mV - 22:29 -
              0.437 mV - 00:09 -Low Tide
              0.438 mV - 00:23 -
              0.468 mV - 05:22 -
              0.473 mV - 05:38 -
              0.474 mV - 06:01 -
              0.477 mV - 06:18 -High Tide
              0.479 mV - 06:53 -
              0.483 mV - 07.16 -

              Sincerly - Kai Anders Wold (Norway)
              Attached Thumbnails
              -experiment-jpg -tidal-cycle-norway-png -tidal-cycles-world-png -experiment-details-jpg

              Wink Hi Mikro
              I have already disclosed the details of the device !!

              Have you looked at the images in my first post at all ???

              You can click on the thumbnails to get them in large format !!

              Here is the secret of the device :

              The hybrid battery-capacitor works as a energy pump !!

              The Load uses energy and the hybrid device sucks in energy
              from the ambient zero point energy sea to refill the lost energy !!

              Picture of how the capacitor works is enclosed !!

              Sincerly - Kai Anders Wold
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                I think it is rude, to say the least, when members just delete messages leaving those who replied hanging and their posts without context. I've been pleased that quoting text in a reply message saves it from the other guy's delete button.

                Obviously Aaron can delete this whole thread, although I hope he doesn't. In fact, if he can, it would be beneficial to restore Kai's thumbnails.



                Edit: it appears this is SOP for String Theory. He's deleted all 6 of the threads which he has started.
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                  Originally posted by String Theory

                  All my four battery types that makes 0.9+ Volt did not
                  make enough amperage to light up the led light on the
                  5v USB Voltage Booster

                  Battery Number 1 :

                  Silver Coin (Catode)
                  Citrone Acid (Electrolyte)
                  Zinc Bolt (Anode)

                  Battery Number 2 :

                  Silver Coin (Catode)
                  Salt Water (Electrolyte)
                  Zinc Bolt (Anode)

                  Battery Number 3 :

                  Silver Coin (Catode)
                  Play Doh , factory made (Solid Electrolyte)
                  Zinc Bolt (Anode)

                  Battery Number 4 :

                  Silver Coin (Catode)
                  Play Doh , home made (Solid Electrolyte)
                  Zinc Bolt (Anode)

                  Picture of USB Voltage Booster Attached !!

                  Sincerly - Kai Anders Wold
                  I have lit led's with less then a volt with Joule Thief's. Give that a try and see if you get better results.